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50+ Most Creative Sticky Notes. עיצוב AA13 / בלוג & Architecture / השראה / מגמות. ARAM - London's best modern furniture store since 1964. Cooperative Design. TheDesignerPad - The Designer Pad. Modern Design Great Gifts.

Thisispaper Magazine. Kibisi. Better Living Through Design » Your Design Guide to Home & Style. MindSpárkle Magazine. MindSpárkle — ежедневный онлайн журнал, рассказывающий о новых веяниях в мире дизайна и моды, архитектуры и фотографии. Мы ценим высококачественное исполнение креативных идей, поэтому освещаем только лучшие работы со всего мира. Стань частью проекта Если ты тоже хочешь поделиться интересными идеями или проектами, присылай их нам по электронной почте.

Home organizers, cleaners, kitchen, travel, pets, garden & more. RETRO MODERN DESIGN. Products. XLBoom. Minimalist design celebrated and curated by Minimalissimo. Designspiration — Design Inspiration. Mmminimal - Tastefully Simple. Le Blog Retro Futur. Industrial design Inspiration Search Results.

You should follow Designspiration on Twitter and Facebook for site news. — Shelby Designspiration Search Color Mediumsmalllarge Discover Ads via The Deck View all jobs.

Industrial design Inspiration Search Results

The dieter rams Pool. A design blog for lovers of all things cool and beautiful. Go Go Gadget! Danny Kuo product design. Minwoo Lee Design. Index. H.I.T 2012 Degree Show. - STUDIO LAVIANI. Emmemobili. MATTER. - STUDIO LAVIANI. Davide Radaelli Design Studio Milano. K a m k a m. Contemporary Household Objects & Judaica. Outofstock. Masahiro Minami Design. Senko Lampshade This is a lamp shade Senko made by a translucent ceramic. saruyama Saruyama is a coat hanger of solid wood. 100 years before the birth of DORAEMON Doraemon appeared from Nobita’s drawer.

Masahiro Minami Design

The TSUCHINOCO is a brand of children’s goods which made from reinforced corrugated fibreboard. yutanpo This is a hot water bottle of porcelain. Pizzly bears This is a wooden horse for kids whose motif is a polar bear and grizzly bear. Butterfly from Japan There is a big shoe here.If you get close to it, you can recognize that it consists of a lot of butterflies. Lindo Cup Lindo is developed in Shigaraki, a famous ceramics area, made of transparent porcelain clay. vehiclen This is a vehicle for children with cute eyes. A place board of YOSHINO cider I thought that I want to eat meal on such Japanese cedar.

Funazushi This is a package design of “Funazushi” which is a traditional food in Shiga prefecture of Japan. Convesso The soft textures of a Japan cedar fit the backrest of a sofa. Munseungji. Design furniture. Discover the surprise of sleeping suspended among the clouds or resting your head on the trunk of a tree.

design furniture

You can open and close the Lago wardrobes or lose yourself among the trees in the clothes closet. But you can also look for a bed that suits your needs in terms of taste and size, and learn how to mix products, interior elements, materials and colours to create the bedroom of your dreams. Download the new APP for iPad now. Design, Architecture & Designers at STYLEPARK. Contemporary Furniture and DesignArt. Wzornictwo przemysłowe - Industrial Design - Mindsailors Design Studio - Studio Wzornictwa Przemysłowego Mindsailors. MUT Design. Pic Arm Chair by Po Shun Leong. Home Collection. Diesel with Foscarini. Design Studio S. Artemide. 2014 Design Novelties Light + Building Environment and Landscape 2014 Architectural, Outdoor, Nord Light Novelties Master's Pieces IN - EI Issey Miyake Collection The Acoustic Light Innovation Tradition The Good Light Videos Augmented Reality.


COORDINATION. Mikhail Belyaev — Product Design. NOLLT. Welcome to Herbst Produkt. Sculptural Lighting by Graham Marjanovic. HIROOMI TAHARA. ID Magazine Served. SoundMilk™ on ID Magazine Served. Fischzug 1A. Es gab schon lange kein Update mehr, dabei ist wieder einiges passiert.

Fischzug 1A

Allerdings auch negative Dinge. Zwei Wasserschäden haben die Wohnung derzeit in ein Schlachtfeld verwandelt und daher pausiert die Berichterstattung zwangsweise. Mit etwas Glück wird noch in diesem Monat aber alles fertig. Stilsucht. Dima Loginoff Design. Bakery Design. Fabio Azzolina architetto. Design Lessons From India's Poorest Neighborhoods. "Jugaad" is a Hindi term referring to the ingenuity of citizens living in resource-constrained environments, a concept from which New Yorkers might derive some enlightenment.

Design Lessons From India's Poorest Neighborhoods

Enter Jugaad Urbanism: Resourceful Strategies for Indian Cities, an exhibition created with the help of curator Kanu Agrawal that opens at New York's Center for Architecture next week. The exhibition is "design by the people, for the people, of Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and Pune," says Agrawal, and showcases everyday innovations of slum-dwelling residents and the designers and architects who work around them. Agrawal, a Delhi native, studied at New Delhi's School of Planning and Architecture and worked with the acclaimed Achyut P. Lorenzo Duran - - StumbleUpon. L’artista spagnolo Lorenzo Duran si avvale delle foglie come tela per le sue incisioni.

Lorenzo Duran - - StumbleUpon

Dopo il lavaggio e l’essiccazione, rimuove con precisione chirurgica ed estrema cura i segmenti in eccesso, usando una tecnica simile a quella del tradizionale paper cutting. Quest’ultimo passo è ovviamente il più difficile vista la fragilità del materiale scelto, il risultatò di questo processo è una serie di affascinanti disegni geometrici incredibilmente belli e dilicati. Grazie a Francesca per il suggerimento. via: Eyen Modular Lighting by Asobi. Design & Style. Stylish Urban.Pod Compact Vehicle For Convenient Driving in Busy City Traffic. The URBAN.POD compact vehicle has been designed for you to explore the urban jungle in style.

Stylish Urban.Pod Compact Vehicle For Convenient Driving in Busy City Traffic

It’s a small 1+2 city car aimed at both young and experienced drivers that want to explore the city with style and safety. It is primarily built from bio-degradable plastics (bio-plastics), which can be made from several natural sources like vegetable fats and oils, corn starch, sugar cane etc. This compact vehicle also offers several solutions to increase the safety of the passengers and decrease traffic with car-to-car sensors for optimal traffic.

The images of this vehicle pretty much describe its design, stylish, futuristic and cute car. Designer : Paulo Encarnação. Fuori Salone Milano 2012: De Padova le novità Yuva, Keel, Railway - Design & Style. In occasione della Milano Design Week 2012, nello showroom di Corso Venezia, le novità della collezione DePadova sono sempre protagoniste all’interno della scenografica installazione, che invita ad entrare in un grande libro aperto, con pagine sinuose che rivelano e svelano le novità.

Fuori Salone Milano 2012: De Padova le novità Yuva, Keel, Railway - Design & Style

Nell’allestimento curato da Jo Ann Tan, tutto diviene realtà: sfogliare le pagine per trasformare le superfici in volumi, ricreare la sensazione tridimensionale per ritrovarsi in un vero e proprio catalogo firmato De Padova. I nuovi prodotti sono al centro della narrazione e creano relazione con tutto quello che li circonda, producendo allo stesso tempo mutamento e innovazione. È con questa idea che anche quest’anno De Padova si affaccia al Salone Internazionale del Mobile con la freschezza del cambiamento che viene dal carattere deciso e distintivo dei prodotti che suggerisce. Accanto i complementi Keel, di Form Us With Love, progetto che nasce dall’osservazione delle barche a vela.

אלוהי הפרטים הקטנים. Matali Crasset היא מעצבת מוצר, מעצבת פנים, תכשיטנית ואמנית, אבל יותר מכל – מטלי קרסט היא אייקון עוד קודם שפתחה סטודיו לעיצוב כבר הספיקה Matali Crasset לעבוד עם כוכבים כפיליפ סטארק ו-Denis Santachiara.

אלוהי הפרטים הקטנים

קרסט, בוגרת Les Ateliers de Paris, יוצרת אובייקטים גמישים ומשתנים על פי הצורך: Dynamic Life למשל היא ספה מודולרית שהמשתמש בה יכול לשנות את גובהה, את מספר מקומות הישיבה שלה ואף את מיקומי המשענות בה. ReDesign - מגזין בנושא אדריכלות, עיצוב ואמנות. PRODUCTS. METAPHYS lighting "hono" electric candle 2005 Good Design Award 2006 Red Dot Design Award 2006 JIDA Design Museum selected 2007 Japanesque modern Collection Candlelight sways in invisible faint flow of air. The mysteriousness may be the charm of the candlelight. The first canadian webzine dedicated to global design. American Streamlined Design The World of Tomorrow David A. Hanks + Rosalind Pepall, April 16, 2007 Eskimo, Hair Dryer, Model 787, 1935-1940_Denis Farley_Montreal_Canada American Streamlined Design: The World of Tomorrow. This is the most comprehensive survey ever mounted on this style, inspired by the aerodynamic lines and the sleek curves of 1930s aircraft, trains and ships.

עשרה מעצבי-על שאינם פיליפ סטארק « זבוב על הקיר. בעבודותיו של המעצב האוסטרלי ניוסון, ניכרת אהבתו לים, לשמש, לחיספוס. סגנון העיצוב שלו מסגיר את הרקע שלו בפיסול. מוצריו עשויים בעיקר מפלסטיק והם משובבים וחדשניים. למג'יס למשל, הוא יצר שולחן סלוני בצורת גלשן ומייבש כלים בצורת משחק מחשבה. ליצרנית העיצוב פוד הוא עיצב כסא שנראה כחייזר הפוער פה וליצרנית הריהוט בי.אנד.בי. הקרקס של הארכיטקט והציירת: צ'ארלס וריי אימס. Stylish Urban.Pod Compact Vehicle For Convenient Driving in Busy City Traffic.