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Thisispaper — What we save, saves us.

Thisispaper — What we save, saves us.

BETA - unbuilt architecture Visual Graphic Archivo Diario by Melinda Santillan and Marco Rountree Cruz If you’re the kind of person who pays attention to Pinterest, you may have spotted the playful image above making the rounds there as of late. But we can pretty much guarantee you don’t know the story of the two Mexican artists who created it — and the blog it’s pulled from, Archivo Diario — which turns out to be one of the more amusing tales we’ve heard in awhile. We were lucky enough to meet Marco Rountree Cruz and Melinda Santillan at a party thrown this fall by Jennilee Marigomen of 01 Magazine, and we decided to keep in touch with the Mexico City–based couple, who launched Archivo Diario three months ago both as a way to force themselves to create something new every day and to try their hand at working together (Cruz being a successful installation artist and Santillan more of an art director). Melinda Santillan: We started Archivo Diario because were interested in working on an editorial project — something like a magazine or blog — but of course it’s a lot of work. Shower Plant

Miss Moss Jenny Sabin’s ‘My Thread Pavilion’ – A molecular take on Nike Flyknit’s technology On Saturday, I attended the opening of Jenny Sabin’s My Thread Pavilion for Nike’s Flyknit Collective. Sabin’s work focuses on the intersection of art, architecture, design and science, often starting at a molecular level and building into works of a much grander scale. Employing this process, Sabin started by gathering data from the Nike FuelBands of a select group of New Yorkers. After analyzing and mapping the information gathered, she created a visual structure by weaving together threads into cylindrical segments, which were stitched together to form the Pavilion. The result is a large, hive-like dome. The Pavilion was constructed using two different types of thread, one that is solar active and the other reflective photo luminescent. My Thread Pavilion was created as part of Nike’s Flyknit Collective—a group of six artists from around the world commissioned to create works of art based on Nike’s new Flyknit technology.

News Sam Harris, the New Atheist philosopher who, with his colleagues, managed to artfully package trendy atheism with old-school Islamophobic bigotry is now trying to publicly debate anarchist intellectual Noam Chomsky. The topic at hand: is the United States as evil as Islamic terrorism? Harris, for his part, has previously criticized Chomsky's argument that the United States … Continue Reading ›› Deadline for submissions is May 1, 2015. The University of Victoria is now accepting submissions for their May 2015 conference. Previously untranslated excerpts from Martin Heidegger’s “Black Notebooks” Studies in Social Justice, an open-access journal, is now accepting submissions for their special issue on psychiatric knowledge. Last year, Heidegger’s “Black Notebooks” were released in Germany and caused a stir both in Germany and abroad after passages came to light containing strong anti-Semitic language. You’ve got until January 30! The most widely read stories on in 2014.

Odd Man ARCHIVO DIARIO SUPERIOR MAGAZINE | FASHION DESIGN MUSIC ART & CULTURE Frantic Wallpaper: Hyper-Matrix by J o n p a s a n g Well… it’s not exactly wallpaper and more like robotic wall foam, but this kinetic installation designed by J o n p a s a n g is so immersive that the motor-controlled blocks of styrofoam become the surfaces that surround an audience. These impressive, blocky wallscapes are giant pixelated fields that are combined with projectors and marketing to promote the carmaker Hyundai at the Yeosu Expo in Korea. Also be sure to check out the making of video down below.

SUBTILITAS EMPTY KINGDOM | A Home For Media Artists Zhou Fan by okmarzo November 30, 2016 Feast your eyes on mind melting landscapes from Zhou Fan aka Chou Fan. The artist is based out of Shanghai, China, who typically paints with acrylics. We previously featured another one his bizarre yet beautiful illustrated series back in May 2010. View More… EK Podcast: Jenny Suen Interview by emptykingdom November 14, 2016 Hello lovely listeners! View More…