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Missing Word Cloze - Online Exercises - English Grammar and Vocabulary. Play this quiz now! Songs and Activities for English Language Learners. Songs can be an effective way to introduce or reinforce a grammar topic.

Songs and Activities for English Language Learners

Click on the topics below for companion songs and activities. (In a blog article posted Oct. 4, 2016 at, I list some of the benefits of using songs to teach grammar that I’ve observed in my own classroom.) Adjectives in the Song “True Colors”Adverb Clauses in the Song “Baby, I’m Yours”Comparisons with LikeFeel LikeGerunds as Objects of PrepositionsGerund or Infinitive after begin, start, continue, like, love, hate, can’t standGet to Do SomethingGotta: Informal Spoken English for Got ToInfinitives as AdjectivesI’ve Got It and I’ve Got ‘EmMust Have + Past ParticipleNoun ClausesParticipial PhrasesReflexive PronounsShould Have + Past ParticipleThird Person Singular: Mistakes in the Song “Memories” by Maroon 5Used to + a Verb in the Simple FormUsed to vs.

WouldVerbs of PerceptionWanna: Informal Spoken English for Want ToWish + Simple Past: Making a Wish About the Present Verb Tenses: 2. 3. 4. Engelsk grammatik. En annorlunda uppgift - första, andra tredje! English Grammar Exercises. Some and any - Kimstudies. Reading Comprehension Worksheets. "Your reading comprehension materials are the best I've found on the web.

Reading Comprehension Worksheets

They are so thorough and comprehensive! My students and I have learned a lot from them. Thanks so much! " -- Susan B., Carter, KY. 03/21/12. The Difference between Fun and Funny. A common mistake for students learning English is the difference between Fun and Funny.

The Difference between Fun and Funny

What is the difference between Fun and Funny? Both can be used as adjectives (words that describe something) Funny = it makes you laughFun = when you enjoy yourself and have a good time (*But Fun can also be a noun – see below) A comedian is…. FUNNY (because he makes you laugh) Going to an amusement park is … FUN (because you enjoy yourself and have a good time) Irr%20verbs. Grammar exercises: word order. Free English Tests and Exercises Online for ESL, TOEFL, TOEIC, GRE, SAT, GMAT. SVOMPT - word order in English. SVOMPT rule is one of the most important rules in English.

SVOMPT - word order in English

If students learn to follow this rule, their English will improve dramatically, and they will be understood. Once a student knows some words and follows the SVOMPT rule, we can say that he/she can speak English. I love Darren Crown’s explanation of the origin of the SVOMPT word order. In his humorous book “Angličtina na rovinu” he writes that English was first used by a primitive tribe whose members did not want to use their brain too much and thus they created a word order which is always the same – Subject, Verb, Object, adverbs of Manner, adverbs of Place and adverbs of Time.

Word Order in English Sentences. English Grammar Lessons for Teachers and Students. TurboEnglish - Getting It Right! - engelsk grammatik. Nedan följer en lista med länkar till 21 korta videofilmer på Youtube.

TurboEnglish - Getting It Right! - engelsk grammatik

Bingo-writing - Kittys engelskoppgaver. Velg ut det bingoskjemaet du ønsker å bruke.Del ut skjemaet til elevene.Om ønskelig kan dere snakke om ordene/setningene i rutene før elevene begynner å skrive.

Bingo-writing - Kittys engelskoppgaver

Word order. Grammar exercises: word order. Word order English S-V-O, place and time. English Sentence Structure: 4 Types of English Sentences. Simple Sentence A simple sentence contains one independent clause.

English Sentence Structure: 4 Types of English Sentences

What’s an “independent clause”? It’s one subject followed by one verb or verb phrase. It expresses a single idea. Examples of simple sentences: I‘m happy.Robert doesn’t eat meat.My brother and I went to the mall last night.This new laptop computer has already crashed twice. Notice that a “simple sentence” isn’t necessarily short. Compound Sentence A compound sentence has two independent clauses joined by a linking word (and, but, or, so, yet, however).

Sentence Structure: Learn about the four types of sentences! Are You Ready To Learn About Sentence Structure?

Sentence Structure: Learn about the four types of sentences!

Thank goodness for sentences and sentence structure. Sentences are nice little packages of words that come together to express complete thoughts. They make it easy to understand ideas and learn information. Without sentences, we'd probably all be walking around like a bunch of babbling idiots. :) On this page, you're going to learn about simple sentences, compound sentences, complex sentences, and compound-complex sentences. The ing-form, a foxy education. Present Continuous. [am/is/are + present participle] Examples: You are watching TV.

Present Continuous

Are you watching TV? You are not watching TV. Complete List of Present Continuous Forms USE 1 Now Use the Present Continuous with Normal Verbs to express the idea that something is happening now, at this very moment. PowerPoint Jeopardy Templates Downloads, Educational PowerPoint Information. Why should I use PowerPoint in my Classroom Today's students need a diversity of experiences in the classroom.

PowerPoint Jeopardy Templates Downloads, Educational PowerPoint Information

PowerPoint activities used in moderation can help provide that diversity. When teachers first started using PowerPoint in the classroom, some of them went overboard and used PowerPoint as part of every lecture or every activity on a daily basis. Using classroom PowerPoints in this way can lead to student boredom. Teachers need to look at PowerPoint as more than digital "lecture notes" and instead look at new ways they can use this classroom technology to enhance student learning. Games for Learning English, Vocabulary, Grammar Games, Activities, ESL. English Grammar lessons. BATTLESHIP: IRREGULAR VERBS. Much to learn, you still have. – Joda. Despite the evidence that the number of irregular verbs is declining in the English language, there is no danger they will disappear, and the struggle will continue.

There are many attempts to find a shortcut in learning irregular verbs, yet with all the options and “magic tricks” available, learning these verbs requires much memorization, drilling and practice. Today I will show how I use the Battleship game to drill and practise irregular verbs in a fun way. Before the game: Each player will need two 10×10 grids – one with irregular verbs in each square, and one blank grid. Click the Grids to download them. The players then mark where they want to place their ships by circling rows, horizontally or vertically.

Each player’s fleet consists of the following ships: Swedish proverbs. "Comes time comes council. " Falu red houses are a common sight Sweden. "Don't complain about lack of wind – learn to sail. " The picture depicts Swedish midsummer. Proverbs from Swedish-speaking parts of the world. The Idiom Connection. English Grammar Online - free exercises, explanations, vocabulary, dictionary and teaching materials.