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Collage and paper cutting ideas

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Da Vinci's Wings: 1st Grade Buggin' Out for Matisse. Too much glue. Want to introduce your students to texture?

too much glue

Try a texture collage project. Collage and Construction in Grades 1-4 by Lois Lord, 1970 edition. I found great instructions in the book Collage and Construction in Grades 1-4 by master art teacher/author Lois Lord. You’ll need large paper for the background format, glue, stapler and scissors, plus ‘materials of contrasting texture’: Rough textured materials include corrugated cardboard, burlap…used sandpaper, wood shavings, egg-crate dividers, excelsior, and orange, onion and potato sacks.Contrasting soft -textured material include pieces of fabric such as velvet; scraps of fur; cotton; bits of sponge; and feathers…Materials with smooth textures include shiny metallic papers bought or salvaged from Christmas wrappings, chewing gum, and other packets. Lucky you – you get to actually watch Ms. Not only to I love Ms. You may have noticed Ms. White glue in spill-proof paint cup at San Diego’s New Children’s Museum.

Inchies. Inchies are small matching artworks that make one artwork together.


The name is derived from the original size of the inchie, one inch (2.54 cm). By choosing a theme, a material or a colour, you ensure that your inchies match nicely together. Inchies can also be used to learn certain skills, like embroidery or sew on a button. Variatons are endless. The base is an MDF board or canvas on a frame.

Of course those squares don't really have to be an inch. This artwork is made on a canvas frame. On the artwork above you'll see inchies that are covered with different materials: wallpaper, lunchbag paper, embroidery linen, rope and teddybear fabric. This artwork's theme is 'shells'. Basic supplies: Art actually: paper sculptures. I just have to share the paper sculptures my Kindergarten and 1st graders have been making!

art actually: paper sculptures

They loved learning about abstract art and did such a great job creating an abstract composition! These are 100% out of recycled materials.

Paper construction

Molas. Molas are a form of reverse applique using many layers of fabric.


In a later lesson we will sew simple molas out of layers of felt. In the mean time let's make one out of construction paper so that we can better understand the reverse applique process.  Flowers, birds, fish and suns all work well as mola designs. The top layer is yellow with a bird shaped hole cut out of the middle. Whenever I need to cut a hole out from the middle of a paper, I pinch the paper and make a tiny cut on the fold. Now lets begin to put the design together: For more extensive information on molas visit Learn about the Kuna people of Panama by clicking here.Learn more about this art form by clicking here The most common mola motifs are; birds, fish, animals and flowers. I have created some simplified patterns based on common images from real molas. Feel free to download or print them or use them as inspiration for your own ideas.

Art With Mr. E: Paper Sculpture Creatures: 1st Grade. These are my teacher examples.

Art With Mr. E: Paper Sculpture Creatures: 1st Grade

I don't know if I've ever posted pictures of my teacher examples because I mainly want to show off my student work! I was just having too much fun with this project though & thought I'd share!! You will see the blue guy again down of my students must have really liked my example. ha ha They start with a TP roll, a pipe cleaner, and full access to the scrap box. Half way through the class I start having students bring their little monster/creatures up to glue googlie eye balls on. Teaching / 5 different 3D paper projects using just paper, scissors, and glue! Art actually: paper sculptures. Paper Chain People. Paper Chain People Craft While putting together these Christmas paper chains, I decided to create several more paper chain templates of people, animals and fun shapes.

Paper Chain People

My kids love making accordion fold paper chains – I guess sometimes the simplest kids crafts can also be the most satisfying! Check out all of the printable crafts on Craft Jr.! Kids Crafts, Printables & Kid Friendly Recipes. 15. PAPERCUTTING / toilet paper and paper towel roll art. Art Lessons I want to try / Tar Beach dream quilt -3rd or 4th.