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Adolescent Identities & Sociocultural Influences

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Children’s & Teen Choice Book Awards Finalists & Winners. Amelia Bloomer Project – Recommended Feminist Literature for Birth through 18. Printz Award: YA Excellence. *YALSA has launched the new Teen Book Finder Database, which is a one-stop shop for finding selected lists and award winners.

Printz Award: YA Excellence

Users can search this free resource by award, list name, year, author, genre and more, as well as print customizable lists. This new resource will replace the individual award and list web pages currently on YALSA’s site that are not searchable and that are organized only by year. The Michael L. Printz Award is an award for a book that exemplifies literary excellence in young adult literature.

2017 Rainbow Book List « Rainbow Book List. 2017 Rainbow Book List The Rainbow Book List Committee proudly announces the 2017 Rainbow Book List.

2017 Rainbow Book List « Rainbow Book List

The Rainbow Book List is a bibliography of books with significant gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or queer/questioning content, which are aimed at youth, birth through age 18. The list is intended to aid youth in selecting high-quality books that were published between July 2015 and December 2016. 2018 Walter Awards: Diversity. Six Ways to Build Your Teen's Identity. In many ways, American teens have never had it tougher.

Six Ways to Build Your Teen's Identity

Perhaps a surprising statement, given the United States' obvious affluence compared to the rest of the world. If you're a parent today, you know what I mean. Social pressures are more pervasive and destructive than ever before in American history. Parents often feel helpless to equip their teens with the tools to navigate – and steer clear – of harmful relationships, attitudes and behaviors. Ideally, the process of equipping our kids to live and thrive in an often Christian-hostile world begins as soon as they are born. Neighborhoods influence use of African American Vernacular, Stanford research shows. By Clifton B.

Neighborhoods influence use of African American Vernacular, Stanford research shows

Parker In a new study, linguistics Professor John Rickford and colleagues examined how the neighborhoods where people live affect their use of African American Vernacular English. (Image credit: L.A. Cicero) Changing the World, One Word at a Time! What are the best books about identity for teenagers? Alan Gibbons, author of Hate The Crew by Bali Rai.

What are the best books about identity for teenagers?

What are the best books about identity for teenagers? Social Media, Social Life: How Teens View Their Digital Lives. The danger of a single story [ TED Talk : Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie ] It’s never been easy being a teenager. But is this now a generation in crisis? Mollycoddled and cosseted or stressed and over-pressured. Energised and engaged or bored and turned off. Young people have so many labels and stereotypes slapped on them it’s a wonder these are not visible on their endless selfies. What is undeniably true is that the evidence suggests that rates of depression, self-harm and anxiety among young people are at unprecedented levels. Youth unemployment is more than 13%, the cost of higher education is rapidly rising, a drought of affordable housing coupled with low pay is keeping many young people sealed under the parental roof and trapped in what one report called “suspended adulthood”. The ubiquity of the internet and social media, with its dark underbelly of hardcore pornography, body shaming and cyberbullying, is encroaching on their wellbeing, while a relentless focus on academic high-achieving is turning up the pressure in the classroom.

She says many of the issues facing young people have not changed. Abena is 18. Television University. Adolescents Today: Pressure in the Wrong Places. Follow @TimElmore Everyone I know has an opinion on “kids today.”

Adolescents Today: Pressure in the Wrong Places

A New Look at Adolescent Girls. "How Do I Evolve From Confusion and Chaos to a Capable, Strong, Compassionate Woman?

A New Look at Adolescent Girls

" Age 15 For a complex set of reasons, most of what is known about adolescent girls focuses on the problems they face. The fact that many adolescent girls are showing remarkable strength, resiliency, and "hardiness" during the stressful time of adolescence needs to be explored. Instead of focusing on the storm and stress of adolescence, a new understanding of adolescent girls that affirms their strength and resilience needs to be developed. Although the current day risks and stresses in the lives of adolescent girls must be understood, they should not be the defining factors in discussions of adolescent girls.

To this end, the American Psychological Association's (APA's) Presidential Task Force on Adolescent Girls: Strengths and Stresses was created by Dorothy W. PSYC 2070 Ch. 13 Flashcards. Multicultural Education in Your Classroom. America has always been referred to as a melting pot, but ideally, it's a place where we strive to invite everyone to celebrate exactly who they are.

Multicultural Education in Your Classroom

As the US population is becoming increasingly diverse and technology makes the world feel increasingly smaller, it is time to make every classroom a multicultural classroom. What is Multicultural Education? Multicultural education is more than celebrating Cinco de Mayo with tacos and piñatas or reading the latest biography of Martin Luther King Jr. It is an educational movement built on basic American values such as freedom, justice, opportunity, and equality.

It is a set of strategies aimed to address the diverse challenges experienced by rapidly changing U.S. demographics. 5 classroom management tips to help make your students’ return from spring... Here’s how can schools, and teachers themselves, can use classroom management... A few STEM skills that all students need to know. We examine the concept of the teaching profession as an art form.