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I love Haskell. My first encounter with Haskell started out about eight years ago. Like many people in those days, when I was in high school I spent a lot of time playing around with code on my computer. Reading and understanding open source projects was a main source of knowledge and inspiration for me when I was learning how to program. When I came upon the bzip2 homepage and consequently Julian Seward’s homepage I found a short note about Haskell and how it was a super fun and interesting language to write a compiler for. Dropbox tech blog Dropbox tech blog
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Four of five rescued from downed chopper Thu Jan 09 05:16:11 EST 2014 FOUR people have been rescued but a fifth is still missing after a US Navy helicopter went down in the Atlantic, the Coast Guard says. Memorial service for Qld mum and daughter Breaking news | Stories from Australia and the World Breaking news | Stories from Australia and the World
The futility of all vendor predictions Posted on 7 January 2014. | Many vendors have finished making public their lists of top threats for the coming year. Protecting yourself against those predicted threats invariably means buying their products. Help Net Security - Security World Help Net Security - Security World
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