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Mailbox has grown unbelievably quickly. During that growth, one performance issue that impacted us was MongoDB’s database-level write lock. The amount of time Mailbox’s backends were waiting for the write lock was resulting in user-perceived latency. While MongoDB allows you to add shards to a MongoDB cluster easily, we wanted to spare ourselves potential long-term pain by moving one of the most frequently updated MongoDB collections, which stores email-related data, to its own cluster. We theorized that this would, at a minimum, cut the amount of write lock contention in half. Dropbox tech blog Dropbox tech blog
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Canon defies same-sex marriage ban 6:30AM A GAY clergyman from Lincolnshire has married his partner, becoming the first ordained priest to break the Church of England's same-sex marriage ban. GlencoreXstrata selling Peruvian mine Breaking news | Stories from Australia and the World Breaking news | Stories from Australia and the World
Advanced attackers go undetected for 229 days Posted on 11 April 2014. | A new FireEye report details the tactics used by threat actors to compromise organizations and steal data. It also highlights emerging global threat actors, their suspected motives, as well as the types of targets and information they are after. Help Net Security - Security World Help Net Security - Security World
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