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The State of High Performance

The State of High Performance
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Chris Kresser – Health for the 21st century According to regular HTML validation errors in HTML on were fluctuating between 50 (minimum) and 270 (maximum) during the last year. Why is this information so valuable? Search engines love valid HTML documents because of the simple reason that "it makes their job easier". For example if you don’t close some tags or if you simply don’t deliver HTML in orderly fashion, it makes the parsing process of your HTML document harder, which draws additional resources from the search engine. Therefore, search engines tend to favour documents that contain 100% valid HTML.

Seth's Blog On Being Sean Stephenson Interview: Motivation Speaker, Author, and Therapist Struggle is something we all deal with throughout our lives. It tests us in every way imaginable and can drive us past our physical and mental limits. But few can argue that they have gone through as much as Sean Stephenson. When Sean was born, he was quickly diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called osteogenesis imperfecta; the condition is commonly known as “brittle bone disease”. This pretty much means that he was born with incredibly weak bones that would break even at the softest touch. But Sean didn’t let all these obstacles destroy him. Sean Stephenson is the definition of “anything is possible,” and he uses his own personal struggles to teach others how to improve every aspect of their life and block out the things that hold them back from success and development. I recently had the pleasure to interviewing Sean during his trip to L.A. We began our conversation with Sean by asking what he’s been up to these days and he responded by telling us about the three hats he wears.

Mark's Daily Apple Welcome! If you want to lose weight, gain muscle, increase energy levels or just generally look and feel healthier you've come to the right place. Here's where to start: Visit the Start Here and Primal Blueprint 101 pages to learn more about the Primal Lifestyle. Subscribe to my free weekly newsletter to receive 10 eBooks, a 7-Day Course of Primal Fundamentals, and more - all for free. Thanks for visiting! It’s Friday, everyone! Growing up in Orange County I was always active. Keep reading… Why Corporations Are Psychotic Senator Bernie Sanders echoed the sentiments of many last week when he called for a constitutional amendment to repeal the notion of corporate personhood. This issue jumped into public consciousness last year after the Supreme Court, in its decision, effectively allowed unrestrained corporate influence in American politics , based partially on the idea that corporations are legally "persons" with constitutional rights. Sanders, in calling for the constitutional amendment, declared: "This is an enormously important issue, and how it is resolved will determine, to a significant degree, the future of American democracy." What is it about corporate personhood that so concerns Sanders and many others? That question could be answered many ways, but perhaps this is most concise: Corporations are psychotic. If corporations are indeed "persons," their mental condition can accurately be described as pathological. Well, not really. Actually, no. The Tea Party and Corporate Power

Biohack Yourself | Transcend Your Limits The Daily Boost The Complete Illustrated One Page Bulletproof® Diet The Bulletproof Diet Roadmap is the best place to start if you’re unfamiliar with the diet or if you’re looking for an easy reference to the best foods for your body. This one-page download will help you: Easily navigate all aspects of the Bulletproof Diet on a single page (for free!)Get bonus tips on meal timing and fasting protocol Download the Bulletproof Diet Roadmap This one-page guide will help you navigate all aspects of the Bulletproof Diet on a single page Using the Bulletproof Diet Roadmap The Roadmap offers a number of food options on a spectrum of green (eat as much as you want!) Using the Roadmap is simple: Eat the stuff in the green zoneNo calorie counting. The Bulletproof Diet Roadmap also includes details about: When to eatExactly what foods and beverages to includeHow much to eat, including recommended serving sizes When you download the Bulletproof Diet Roadmap, you get a bonus printable: The Bulletproof Diet Cooking Methods Roadmap

Stupid Easy Paleo - Easy Paleo Recipes

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