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US Presidential Speeches Tag Cloud - Chirag Mehta : The Sietch & All In Perspective. Websites as graphs - an HTML DOM Visualize. Crazy Egg & visualize your visitor. Crazy Egg & visualize your visitor. Because every user has a stor.

Installation - Cover. Art of Science Competition / 2006 Gallery. In the spring of 2006 we again asked the Princeton University community to submit images—and, for the first time, videos and sounds—produced in the course of research or incorporating tools and concepts from science.

Art of Science Competition / 2006 Gallery

Out of nearly 150 entries from 16 departments, we selected 56 works to appear in the 2006 Art of Science exhibition. International Networks Archive \\ Remappin. The following six maps deal with an array of major current world issues, from the serious to the seriously frivolous. They were developed for the INA by Jonathan Harris of Flaming Toast Productions. Quake II for red-blue 3D glasse. You're going to need: Linux (or some other OS if you know how to compile Quake II itself and the X11 software renderer) - I'd love to make a Windows version but I know nothing about programming graphics under Windows Quake II source from id Software's FTP or one of the mirrors ( my modifications (red-blue-quake2-0.1.tar.gz) red-blue "3D" glasses (like these) original Quake II game content (the *.pak files) - the engine is under the GPL, the game content is not!

Quake II for red-blue 3D glasse

Then perform the following commands: unzip tar -xzf red-blue-quake2-0.1.tar.gz cd quake2-3.21/linux/ make cd debugi386-glibc/ mkdir baseq2 cd baseq2/ ln -s .. Verschiedene Weltkugeln - by Images of the social and economic world. Here is an ordinary map of the world: Click on image for a larger version Roughly speaking, on a map like this, the sizes of the countries of the world are in proportion to their actual sizes on the surface of the planet and their shapes are the same as their actual shapes.

Images of the social and economic world

(This is only approximate though, since some distortion is inevitable when you go from a spherical planet to a flat map.) What the Internet really looks like. The Fourth Dimension Using Col. MLI Home → Mathematics → Visualizing the Fourth Dimension Using Color But what about dimension 8½?

the Fourth Dimension Using Col

Color can be used for more than exploring special relativity. Assigning color to every point on a surface is a way to envision higher dimensions. Let's start with a simple example: a disc with concentric colors. PeriodicTable/Posters/Pos... Smoot Cosmology Group. AS&Image Library. SunBurst Page. Sorting Algorithms Demo. We all know that Quicksort is one of the fastest algorithms for sorting.

Sorting Algorithms Demo

It's not often, however, that we get a chance to see exactly how fast Quicksort really is. The following applets chart the progress of several common sorting algorithms while sorting an array of data using in-place algorithms. This means that the algorithms do not allocate additional storage to hold temporary results: they sort the data in place. International Networks Archive / Map of th. International Networks Archive \\ Remappin. The following six maps deal with an array of major current world issues, from the serious to the seriously frivolous.

International Networks Archive \\ Remappin

They were developed for the INA by Jonathan Harris of Flaming Toast Productions. The maps may not be reproduced or rebroadcast without express written consent of the INA. If you are interested in using the maps, please contact us. Click maps to enlarge them. Ymmetry - October 2005 - gallery: jan-hen. Designer Jan-Henrik Andersen, in conjunction with particle physicists, developed a visual language that describes the interrelationships between the elementary particles, both known and hypothesized. by Elizabeth Wade Few facets of nature are more mysterious than the quantum world.

ymmetry - October 2005 - gallery: jan-hen

Particles that appear and disappear from nothing, interactions governed by probability, and intrinsic uncertainties are enough to baffle even the most experienced scientist. Making these ideas even more difficult to grasp is the fact that no one can ever hope to see a particle—in fact, particles may not even have "looks" at all. Undeterred by these challenges, industrial designer Jan-Henrik Andersen set out to create a visual guide that anyone, from particle physicists to high school students, could use to navigate the quantum universe. "The idea was to transform physical properties into visual properties," Andersen explains.

All the forms should be generated by one simple visual element. Thomas/computer/programs/useless/... Software War. COLONY 337: A turn-based MMORPG / MMORTS game of robot combat.

Software War

Robots collect skills, experience, weapons and inventory to become more powerful. Teams of robots work to capture territories to control resources. Music, photography and more.. Animusic - Pipe Dream. DVD Info & Clip. Disk Inventory X. A visual exploratio. Parklines - data visualization &visual cu. Levitated Daily Source, the. An Atlas of Cyberspaces - Topology Map. The Internet Life. Innovis Home. Data visualization &visual design - inform. Backchannel by stamen. - Juice Analytics. Much of what makes a great product manager is empathy and a desire to serve others.

- Juice Analytics

Tulsi demonstrates these qualities better than most I’ve come across. As you will see below, her passion for design as part of product management is only surpassed by that for her customers, products and causes. Oh, and there is usually much laughter involved. Enjoy and feel free to reach out to her at Even after years of product management experience at several companies, I still get frustrated when folks frequently say “So, you are a Project Manager”. With this in mind, let’s begin this discussion by describing what a Product Manager is. As Catherine Shyu, Product Manager at Send Grid puts so nicely: “Much of a Product Manager’s responsibility is to juggle multiple streams of conversation and move them towards closure.”

Successful disruptive and innovative brands like Basecamp, Airbnb, Fab, and many others have proven that features alone don’t improve the sales. Enterprise Decision Management - a Weblog. The relationship between algorithmic developments and hardware improvements has led to the immense speed-up in optimization codes over the last few decades.

Enterprise Decision Management - a Weblog

There has long been a debate over which improvement has done the most for forward progress. Hardware developments seem to have taken two main routes: the supercomputer and at the lower end, the multi-processor, multicore chip. The supercomputer has become even more “super”, but the special algorithms once developed for vector processing are no longer used. However, we should not ignore the role played by algorithm development in the recent past. Without it, the vector and parallel supercomputers could have conferred almost no advantage on linear programming (simplex) based methods. Jon Udell: Screencasting of tacit knowledge. Newsmap.