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Wolfram. They Tried to Outsmart Wall Street. Basics - Gut Instinct’s Surprising Role in Math. Tikhonov regularization. When the following problem is not well posed (either because of non-existence or non-uniqueness of where may be ill-conditioned or singular).

Tikhonov regularization

In the latter case this is no better than the original problem. In order to give preference to a particular solution with desirable properties, the regularization term is included in this minimization: TNT Home Page. An Intuitive Explanation of Fourier Theory. Steven Lehar Fourier theory is pretty complicated mathematically.

An Intuitive Explanation of Fourier Theory

But there are some beautifully simple holistic concepts behind Fourier theory which are relatively easy to explain intuitively. There are other sites on the web that can give you the mathematical formulation of the Fourier transform. I will present only the basic intuitive insights here, as applied to spatial imagery. Annals of Mathematics: Manifold Destiny. On the evening of June 20th, several hundred physicists, including a Nobel laureate, assembled in an auditorium at the Friendship Hotel in Beijing for a lecture by the Chinese mathematician Shing-Tung Yau.

Annals of Mathematics: Manifold Destiny

In the late nineteen-seventies, when Yau was in his twenties, he had made a series of breakthroughs that helped launch the string-theory revolution in physics and earned him, in addition to a Fields Medal—the most coveted award in mathematics—a reputation in both disciplines as a thinker of unrivalled technical power. Yau had since become a professor of mathematics at Harvard and the director of mathematics institutes in Beijing and Hong Kong, dividing his time between the United States and China. His lecture at the Friendship Hotel was part of an international conference on string theory, which he had organized with the support of the Chinese government, in part to promote the country’s recent advances in theoretical physics. Annals of Mathematics: Manifold Destiny. Two-dimensional manifolds were well understood by the mid-nineteenth century.

Annals of Mathematics: Manifold Destiny

But it remained unclear whether what was true for two dimensions was also true for three. Poincaré proposed that all closed, simply connected, three-dimensional manifolds—those which lack holes and are of finite extent—were spheres. The conjecture was potentially important for scientists studying the largest known three-dimensional manifold: the universe. Proving it mathematically, however, was far from easy. Most attempts were merely embarrassing, but some led to important mathematical discoveries, including proofs of Dehn’s Lemma, the Sphere Theorem, and the Loop Theorem, which are now fundamental concepts in topology. A First Course in Linear Algebra (A Free Textbook) Updated for Fall courses, Version 3.30 now available.

A First Course in Linear Algebra (A Free Textbook)

A Second Course in Linear Algebra will begin soon at the skunk works page. Download First-Time Visitors: All of the content of A First Course in Linear Algebra can be easily browsed in the online version. This page has links for latest PDF versions of the text and related supplements. Current Version: 3.30, 2014/08/27. Ulam spiral. Ulam spiral of size 200×200. Black dots represent prime numbers. Diagonal, vertical, and horizontal lines with a high density of prime numbers are clearly visible. The Ulam spiral, or prime spiral (in other languages also called the Ulam Cloth) is a simple method of visualizing the prime numbers that reveals the apparent tendency of certain quadratic polynomials to generate unusually large numbers of primes.

MimeTeX quickstart. Announcement: If latex is installed on your server then see mathTeX , the successor to mimeTeX. It's based on real LaTeX and renders higher quality images than mimeTeX. If latex is not available on your server, continue using mimeTeX. Copyright © 2002-2011, John Forkosh Associates, Inc. LatexRender & TeX Converter. TEX Converter is for 32 bit Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP Programs that you'll need MiKTEX TeX4ht Useful book The Latex Web Companion by Michael Goosens and Sebastian Rahtz Amazon USA Amazon UK Internet Bookshop TEX Converter is freeware written by Steve Mayer.

LatexRender & TeX Converter

Scientific Library. This file documents the GNU Scientific Library (GSL), a collection of numerical routines for scientific computing.

Scientific Library

It corresponds to release 1.16+ of the library. Please report any errors in this manual to More information about GSL can be found at the project homepage, Whats Special About This Number? What's Special About This Number?

Whats Special About This Number?

If you know a distinctive fact about a number not listed here, please e-mail me. primes graphs digits sums of powers bases. Welcome to CalcEnstein - The Ultimate Web. The Mystery Of The Ale. TNT Documentation Page. Theme and Variations (Netscape version) Starmaze Intro. Spidron System & Main Page. Scilab Home Page. Play with PI. Untitled. Numerical Recipes in C. Numerical Recipes™ is a series of text and reference books on "the art of scientific computing" that is famous for its engaging text and lucid mathematical and algorithmic explanations.

Numerical Recipes in C

Numerical Recipes Electronic is the online version of the 2007 Third Edition in C++. more about Numerical Recipes Click on one of three interface choices to access Numerical Recipes: Rollover™ : Compatible with any O/S and browser, and installation of FileOpen plug-in not necessary. Rollover is kinetic, edgy, and very cool. Mathematical Symbol. By Douglas Weaver Mathematics Coordinator, Taperoo High School with the assistance of Anthony D. Smith Computing Studies teacher, Taperoo High School. Introduction. Math Link. Modern Algebra. BEATCALC. Main Page - Knot Atla. LAPACK Users Guide. E.

LAPACK Users Guide

Anderson University of Tennessee, Knoxville Z. Bai University of Kentucky and University of California, Davis C. Bischof Institute of Scientific Computing, Technical University Aachen, Germany. How to Read Mathematic. Golden ratio - Wikipedia, the free encyclo. Line segments in the golden ratio. Geometric Paper Folding: Dr. David Huffman. Nov 1996 David Huffman has been creating some very complex and original folded structures. He works with both straight and curved folds, using mathematical techniques that he has developed over many years. Folding Paper in Half Twelve Time. Folding Paper in Half 12 Times: The story of an impossible challenge solved at the Historical Society office.

College Algebra Homepage. Clickable Map of Mathematic. Category Theory. Ars Mathematica. Approximation theory - Wikipedia, the free. American Mathematical Society: Mathematic. A Different Kind of Multiplication.