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How to Get the Desired Traffic to Your Blog - Vin Boris - Medium. The internet is full of blogs of every niche!

How to Get the Desired Traffic to Your Blog - Vin Boris - Medium

There are IT blogs, food blogs, fashion blogs, home décor blogs, lifestyle blogs, and what not! They are trending, useful, & accessible everywhere. Blogs have created such an aura that every writer or company is tending to post blogs more and more on the internet. Rather than publishing your own book or something else, blogs are a better escape from these traditional time-consuming methods and get your word out in the public. Blogs are a less time-consuming effort with some huge exposure for writers through the internet. If that is the case, there must be something fundamentally wrong with your approach. . · Write on Trending Topics First of all, write something effective & meaningful that has a potential to go viral on the internet.

Know your audience well enough, & write something relevant to them. Also add statistics, beautiful infographics, and rich storytelling ways via videos to your content style. Top 5 IoT-Centric SEO Marketing Strategies -SoftProdigy. Internet of Things (IoT) is making a huge impact on our lives.

Top 5 IoT-Centric SEO Marketing Strategies -SoftProdigy

More or less, it is surely controlling our behaviour. Whether it’s shopping, travel, or your health devices, you can catch a disguised sight of IoT everywhere! “The number of IoT devices that are active is expected to grow to 10 billion by 2020 and 22 billion by 2025.” (Source) Surprisingly, IoT has shifted its gears and has found its way into the manufacturing industry too. Google Ads VS Adroll Ads: Why Google Ads Aren’t Always Enough. You are probably here reading this article because you are exploring various options to market your business.

Google Ads VS Adroll Ads: Why Google Ads Aren’t Always Enough

Right? We welcome you here to an article that is going to focus on the comparison of Google Ads and AdRoll Ads! Come and join us to learn further! Google Ads. 3 S’s Of E-commerce: Know Them before Starting Business. Are you thinking about opening your own e-commerce store?

3 S’s Of E-commerce: Know Them before Starting Business

Mobile Commerce: A More Convenient Way to Earn Profits. Mobile commerce is not a new bird!

Mobile Commerce: A More Convenient Way to Earn Profits

We have all been there and done that. More than desktop websites, people use their mobile phones to browse through stuff online and make purchases. That is why they rightly say – everything is just one tap away now! And it is not just online shopping but other kind of businesses or commerce as well that take place on mobile phones. Delivering food online, booking a cab, booking hotel rooms, booking movie tickets, and what not! SoftProdigy: Mastering the Subtle Art of Serving in Information & Technology by Alex Huber. By Alex Huber Custom developer SoftProdigy is not only an award-winning service provider company, it is your partner in the journey of transformation and business success too.

SoftProdigy: Mastering the Subtle Art of Serving in Information & Technology by Alex Huber

Since its existence in 2006, SoftProdigy has been serving numerous businesses in the digital markets for more than 13 years now. It has turned out be a great-great technical journey started by some inspired people, who later became inspirations themselves! And the journey is still on because we are always on the path of learning and improving. At SoftProdigy, we deliver top-notch web designs, digital marketing services, android & IOS apps development solutions, and quality content creation services to all sort of enterprises, startups, and big and small businesses. User Interface, User Experience Design Solutions. What Adds the Right Pinch of Interactivity and Aesthetic Appeal to Your Website or Apps?

User Interface, User Experience Design Solutions

Do You Know? Perhaps, you don’t know what makes people feel like using your app or website again and again because you don’t know anything about UI design and user experience design. Put yourself in the shoes of a modern internet freak and think about the kind of websites or apps you would like to use. Gone are the days when text-only websites were the talk of the town. The development of innovative web/app development technology has revolutionized the entire digital world.

This is exactly where Interactivity and aesthetic appeal offered by any website or app comes into play. 5 Basic Website Errors You Must Lookout For in Your Website-SoftProdigy. Website error?

5 Basic Website Errors You Must Lookout For in Your Website-SoftProdigy

Ah! There can be some glitches that a user may encounter while visiting a website which tend to increase the bounce rate for the website. Users will start leaving the website as soon as they experience a website error troubling their search efforts. Top 6 Reasons to Choose ASP.NET Framework for Web Development. Every company is trying to find innovative web development services to beat the competition and create a niche for themselves.

Top 6 Reasons to Choose ASP.NET Framework for Web Development

This is indeed indispensable to make a mark in the market. Moreover, global exposure can only be attained if world-class and advanced technologies are incorporated while serving clients across the world from various industries. There are many web development solutions available in the market but ASP.NET has been on the top position due to its versatility. ASP.NET is a web development platform which provides a programming model to build dynamic websites and applications. E-commerce Website Design, Development Services. If wealth is lost, nothing is lost.

E-commerce Website Design, Development Services

If character is lost, everything is lost. At SoftProdigy, we bring these words of wisdom to life with our strict professional approach towards our work. Since 2006, we have maintained our corporate character by delivering the promised perfection in the domain of e-commerce website development to be regarded as the industry leader. Global e-commerce industry continues to grow on financial front. This financial growth is expected to touch the figure of 2.357 trillion by the end of 2018 fiscal year with more than 9.9% global population expected to embrace e-commerce platforms for shopping. Creative Graphic Design Company. Be original, make or do something original and stand out! That’s the order of the day! That’s the best advice for you. In case you are unsure about the importance of graphic design in your website, app, etc. you certainly need to act upon it to make your presence felt in the corporate world.

YouTube Video Optimization Tactics With SoftProdigy. Tips To Consider Before Performing Keyword Research for Your Ecommerce Website. With the proliferation of ecommerce websites, there has been a tremendous rise in the sales and traffic of the online stores, both of which are a deciding factor in the fate of your business. While running an ecommerce store, your key goal is to make more sales as compared to a ‘normal’ website where your primary aim is to gain more traffic. In order to make more sales, all you need is targeted traffic and leads that convert! While an effective SEO strategy can prove to be a game changer in your website’s traffic, a good keyword research can be the foundational tactic to convert your prospects into customers. Let us dive deeper into the factors that play a crucial role in performing keyword research for an ecommerce website, as suggested by experts delivering strategic online marketing services: · Search Volume. Top 10 Tools for Blockchain Development -SoftProdigy.

Blockchain is not only restricted to cryptocurrencies due to its versatile nature. It has brought a wave of newest technologies in the systems of record. Blockchain software development services can take your business to newer heights. This technology is said to experience massive growth in the coming years. This technology has hidden potential and to explore it, we are going to shed some light on the top 10 tools for Blockchain development, which are paving way for its further growth. 1.

4 Key Reasons AI-based Chatbots Can Prove Beneficial for Businesses in 2019. Top 10 On-demand Mobile App Development Ideas of 2020. Undoubtedly, the on-demand economy has grabbed the spotlight in the realm of mobile app development. There are some really formidable reasons behind it. First, the on-demand economy lets end-users receive goods or services in the wink of an eye. Second, there are enough business owners and entrepreneurs who can scale their business to a highly profitable level by using the power of the on-demand economy.

With every hybrid mobile app development company trying to lead the pack of IT companies on the global level through creating Uber-like apps, there is all for gains. Jetpack Compose: Google’s New Step towards Modifying Open-Source UI Development. Benefits of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing- SoftProdigy. 5 Largest Bitcoin Blockchain Breaches till Date- SoftProdigy. There is a large number of organizations using blockchain for carrying out several business functions. With this, the need to hire blockchain developer is increasing at a fast pace. Blockchain’s amazing support for recording transactions over a distributed network of computers is the reason for its widespread popularity. Blockchain technology has been known as “unhackable” because of its secure servers and unalterable transactions that have made this technology secure against hacks.

However, recent Bitcoin blockchain breaches, unfortunately, show that hackers can easily access blockchain and it can be hacked. Let’s have a look at the largest Bitcoin blockchain breaches that took place till date: 1. Before the hack, Mt. 2. What is TikTok and How to monetize it? TikTok is an iOS and Android mobile app for creating and sharing short videos. It is a leading short video platform in the United States, Asia and many other parts of the world. Before we get into how to monetize this extremely popular app let’s get some understanding about the app itself. Blockchain Development Services: Advantageous Offered By Top Three Blockchain Development Tools.

Blockchain has emerged to the top of the technology invention league in no time. This robust ecosystem is a block of chains used to power much more than just Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. This technology revolution has resulted in the rise of Blockchain development companies throughout the world. Lots of business bigwigs have already realized the potential of the decentralized ecosystem. 8-Step Cheat Sheet for Successful Email Marketing- SoftProdigy. Among the huge range of marketing techniques, email marketing remains a lucrative one, especially for small businesses.

It has been a powerful lever for lead generation for almost twenty years. Email marketing is serving well within the arsenal of inbound marketing tools. Importance of Effective ORM for Business Growth- SoftProdigy. FB Cheat Sheets - Unique Marketing Features for Business Growth-SoftProdigy. Top 8 Tips to Optimize Your Online Sales during Ramadan. SoftProdigy Named a Top Developer by Clutch.

Top 5 Laravel Best Practices Followed by Experts -SoftProdigy by Alex Huber. Top 10 ICO Marketing Firms in USA- ICO Direct Marketing Guidance. 10 PrestaShop Practices to Enhance Security of your E-store. The concept of e-commerce stores has rapidly grown over the years, nearly crowding the digital space with countless e-commerce stores! With so many options available for the customers, they are usually baffled on which option to choose.

7 Steps to Successfully Complete a Blockchain Project - SoftProdigy. Blockchain is a type of database, which is more powerful and secure than the traditional databases. 7 Reasons Why You Should Hire Google AdWords Expert. Have you been wondering why you should hire a Google AdWords expert? LinkedIn Hacks for Generating Leads- Best Strategic Online Marketing by Alex Huber. By Alex Huber Custom developer Like every entrepreneur, you must have defined business goals, which include a wider audience reach, increased sales, valuable customer service, brand awareness, etc. Reasons Why Every Business Should Go for LinkedIn Marketing. Reasons Why Laravel Is An Effective Framework For Robust Applications - Article By SoftProdigy.

Itproportal. Laravel: A Highly Preferred Framework in No Time. 8 Reasons Why You Should Choose Xamarin Mobile App Development. A number of applications have been around and the competition among mobile apps gets cut-throat. Every business is stuck in managing their resources and to suffice this growing need, everybody is seeking an application that stands out from the crowd. In order to plan and allocate business resources, mobile applications have become a prerequisite. In that case, to do justice with the growing needs, all we need is the right set of tools and the right approach. With this aim, Xamarin was introduced, which changed the world of application development in a major way! How hiring an online marketer would rock your Easter celebration? How Search & Spider Engines Work. 3 Tips to Successfully Market Your App. ICO Marketing- How to Strategize Your ICO Effectively. Bespoke LinkedIn Marketing Services. Top Notch ICO Marketing Services - Best ICO Marketing Agency.

Valentine’s Day: Boost Your E-commerce Sale Just like Love in the Air! Learn New Facebook Advertising Tricks for Business Promotion. Blockchain and Mobile App Development: Top 3 Reasons They Make a Perfect Match. Benefits of Hiring a Professional IT Services Company. Get the Best in open source with Joomla Developers India - Responsive Designs by Custom Web Development Solution. Understand Before Executing Website Migration in Laravel - Hire Laravel Developers by Custom Web Development Solution. 2 Ways Steem Has Changed the Landscape of Digital Marketing. The New and Improved Social Media: Changing the Digital Marketing Game. Node.JS 10 and npm 6 Released with improved Security Related Features - Article By SoftProdigy. How to Boost Your Online Sales During Christmas Holiday Season. How to Boost Your Online Sales during Christmas Holiday Season. Blockchain: A Revolution for Marketing & App Development. 6 Online Marketing Strategies For Every Entrepreneur. Expert Tips to Boost Sales This Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

3 Problems Blockchain Solves for Restaurant and Food Delivery Industry. Social Media Marketing Cheat Sheets for Business Growth-2018. Open Source Development with Joomla Developers in India. Here’s how Blockchain Can Change the Future. PrestaShop: Why it is The Best Choice for Ecommerce Startups. Google AdWords Expert & Specialist-Google AdWords Specialist. Outsource Joomla Web Design, Development Company India. Website Developers, Wordpress Development Company India. Google AdWords Expert & Specialist. WordPress Design and Development Services. Xamarin Mobile App development Services India. User Interface, User Experience Design Solutions.

Hire Facebook Advertising Expert & Marketing Specialist India. App Store Optimization & Marketing Services. Enterprise & Integrated Web CMS Development Company. Static, Interactive Infographic Design Services. Hire Facebook Advertising Expert & Marketing Specialist India. First Ever World Blockchain Cryptocurrency Summit to Be Held in May 2018. Why Build your Big Enterprise App with Laravel?

Innovations You Must Embrace To Make Customers Happy. Know What Shoots Up Newsletter’s Conversion Rate Like High Blood Pressure. Enhance Your Sales With SEO This Easter weekend. Spectacular Woocomerce Developers. 7 White Hat SEO Techniques You Should Use in 2018 for Business Growth. This is How Artificial Intelligence Will Impact SEO in 2018. Cost Effective Website Migration Services.