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Seasia Infotech is a reputed CMMi5 certified company providing Software Development, Mobile Application Development and Digital Marketing services to businesses worldwide.

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Latest event. Enterprise Service Management. Organizational Learning. Artificial Intelligence. Latest Technology. Custom Software Development. Website security. Mobile/IOS App Development. Seasia Infotech New Collections. Graphic Design. Python. QORE: All You Need To Know About The New Programming Language. Healthcare Mobile Apps. Machine Learning. Blockchain. Listings Of Seasia on Big Portals. Coronavirus Pandemic. Cloud Computing.

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Near Field Communication. Data Breach. Ecommerce. Chatbot. Java Development. Games. Seasia Collection. How to Select the Right Pricing Strategy for a Mobile App Project - Mobile development Mobile app. Python vs PHP for Web Applications in 2020 - W3lessons. Building your business presence in the digital landscape has become easily viable and an interesting journey for entrepreneurs where they can easily grab the potential customers.

Python vs PHP for Web Applications in 2020 - W3lessons

Right? It seems an easy and quick process- bring an innovative business idea to the table, share your requirements, get an expert development team, and get your application done from them. Well, it is not that simple how it seems to be! Ask a developer and he’ll tell you the real pain and confusion they go through before coming up with an application. No matter you need to build an intuitive application or a responsive website, the foremost question that strikes a developer’s mind is- which programming language is the most trending and will be suitable as per the client requirements? How To Improve Your Website's UX in 2020- Effective Tips - Capturly Blog. Are the people visiting your website for the first time remain more than 5 seconds or leave before that?

How To Improve Your Website's UX in 2020- Effective Tips - Capturly Blog

Do you have a high bounce rate? Are the visitors able to navigate through your website and find the services or web pages they are looking for? If you are finding trouble in delivering a great user journey and losing customers, there is something wrong with your website, or something major is missing. In short, you need to have a website that not only appealingly showcases your services but even presents the services and content in a way customers are expecting.

If visitors find it difficult to navigate the services they’re looking for, they won’t spend more time over your website and will definitely look for some alternatives, and invest in the services offered by one of your rivals. During the complete user journey, one prominent factor that leads to better customer engagement is User Experience (UX). Popular UI/UX Design Trends to Watch Out in 2020. Every year, we encounter new trends in every industry while outdating the earlier ones.

Popular UI/UX Design Trends to Watch Out in 2020

This is all about uplifting the user experience and staying up to date with the industry standards while staying ahead of the competitors. Remember the time when we had to struggle to zoom in the images on a website while the content wasn’t clearly displayed on a web page? Well, at that time, none of the web design company was aware of the mobile-friendly websites and only struggled with a PC view of their website.

And with time, we experienced an update in the UI and UX design services where the website designers implemented responsive web design where only one website version worked perfectly overall kind of mobile devices- from smartphones, laptops, PC, tablets, and so on. Popular UI/UX Design Trends Below I am listing the major UI/UX design trends that every website design company must be aware of. Let’s get started! Mainstreet - ERP App Development - Seasia Infotech. Latest Groundbreaking Technologies By Apple for iOS Development. 7 Exciting Web Design Trends for 2020. Online Uniform Builder - Revolutionize Your Sports Kit Design.

Top 10 Web App Development Companies in Australia. Custom Wordpress Development Services. What are the Top 10 Hybrid App Development Companies? Is it a Wise Decision to Invest In a Food Delivery App? Is it a Wise Decision to Invest In a Food Delivery App? Unleashing the True Potential of AI Applications to Optimize Business Profits. Why is Serverless Architecture Preferred for Mobile App Development? Whenever we talk about an app’s user experience, it solely depends on two factors- user interface (UI) and app performance.

Why is Serverless Architecture Preferred for Mobile App Development?

Delivering a great user experience to the customers is the app designer’s job, but app performance relies on the hosted server. Till date, maintaining and installing the server was managed by the companies which are using it. But the introduction of IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) simply changed the traditional method. Cloud service providers built servers and began to give access through the Internet. But wait. Enterprises still invested a huge cost and resources in order to scale, provision, and manage these cloud servers. This simply transformed the traditional way of how servers were managed by introducing a serverless architecture. What is Serverless Architecture? As per the name, serverless architecture doesn’t mean that it has no servers. React JS, Angular JS & Vue JS! Which front end technology must be used for App development?

The first question that strikes every business before they develop an app is which web app development framework is best for them?

React JS, Angular JS & Vue JS! Which front end technology must be used for App development?

With a wide range of available frameworks that have their own set of pros and cons, it becomes really difficult to choose the framework that perfectly suits your business requirements. A few years back, the major debate amongst industry influencers was whether to choose Angular JS or React JS framework for developing applications. Artha - Redefining the Luxury Spa Experience - Seasia Infotech. Adopting The PACE Powered Framework For Supply Chain Transformation. BIFOOT - Share the Joy of Riding a Harley-Davidson - Seasia Infotech. How to Create your own WordPress Theme from Scratch. Role of iOS Applications in Boosting your Business. You would be surely aware of the fact that building a mobile application could be the finest way to engage your target audience.

Role of iOS Applications in Boosting your Business

But still, you would be baffled why we are emphasizing an iOS application rather an application for different platforms. With enhanced hardware support, iOS devices are perfect for businesses that are launching their dynamic applications or games for superior user experience. Furthermore, community support and better development the environment are perhaps the reasons that depict the need to build an iOS application. Here are some strong reasons why you should prefer hiring iOS Application Development for your business application development purposes. SecurityAs per the recent survey, it was found that iOS applications are more secure and robust than the ones that are built on other platforms. The developer needs to ensure that their application is secure, delivers optimum performance, and has an adequate user experience. Web Designing Trends That Also Improve The SEO Of Your Website. Best Practices to Enhance Your Mobile App User Experience. 7 Graphic Design Blunders You Should Avoid in 2019.

Do you get impressed when you see a logo or a banner of a brand at the first peep?

7 Graphic Design Blunders You Should Avoid in 2019

Well, then you would surely get a surprise when you know the hidden story behind them! The logo on your website and the overall graphic design has a lot more to do rather just depicting your brand identity; it showcases the history and reliability of your brand. A little blunder in designing your website could be the sure shot reason for increased bounce rate and lower conversions. So, did we mean that your logo or brochure design is the reason for the decreasing number of leads besides offering top-notch services and products? Undoubtedly, yes! The first impression is always the last one especially when you have to build your online presence.

So you would be probably having little idea regarding the aspects that we would be covering in this post. . # Improper Color Combinations. How to Easily Back Up WordPress Using Plugins. Probably, you are already aware of the fact that having a WordPress site is not a big deal nowadays although protecting it from hackers and corruption is indeed the one.

How to Easily Back Up WordPress Using Plugins

If you’re a person who is experiencing the same issue, then welcome here. I’m going to highlight the same thing in this post, come let’s move forward with me. Let’s Begin Let’s assume that you’ve built a well-designed WordPress website by putting up your best thoughts and efforts into it but suddenly one day you find that it’s been hacked, crashed or corrupted. Woohoo!! Seasia Infotech listed as Best Mobile App development company.

Mobile apps have taken over the world already, there’s no doubt.

Seasia Infotech listed as Best Mobile App development company

As of January 2019, there were 2.6 million apps in Google Play Store, over 2 million apps in Apple App Store, 670.000 apps in Windows Store. The process of designing, programming, building and launching an app is called mobile app development. Apps must be useful or entertaining to users, have excellent design, certain set of features, and, of course, be stable and functional. How Blockchain is Changing the Landscape of Technology. Blockchain technology has been around for more than 20 years, and still, there are many people who’re not aware of what it is.

How Blockchain is Changing the Landscape of Technology

However, this technology has seen resurgence in the last couple of years. Blockchain technology has started to penetrate mainstream industries after the integration with companies like UPS, Deloitte, JP Morgan Chase, Walmart and IBM. In fact, many well-reputed companies have begun to use blockchain technology to advance their business processes and systems further. Top 12 VS Code Extensions Every JavaScript Developer Should Use. These days whenever it happens to web development, Visual Studio Code comes as one of the top-most favorite choices of IDEs. Besides being absolutely free of cost and open-source, it also has an immense community supporting it. In fact, with the use of VS Code, every developer can get access to numerous extensions with the use of just a single click. Well, extensions are outside resources that help you enhance the built-in abilities of the VS Code. In this section, we will have a look at the top 12 extensions to enhance our JavaScript developing skills.

One of the most exceptional things about Visual Studio Code is the capability to enhance its capabilities by the addition of outside extensions. VS Code Extensions by Category For this post, I’ll concentrate on VS Code extensions particularly targeting JavaScript developers. Seasia Infotech Keeps Up With Its Legacy of Always Delivering Exceptional IT Services. Seasia Infotech stands out of the league when it comes to delivering top-notch IT services to cater to the diverse needs of businesses globally. The CMMI Level 5 Certified Company is known for its consistent services that are intended to boost the revenues of the clients seeking reliable services. The US-based IT giant was started back in the year 2001 with the aim of serving with top-notch IT services and that too at affordable expenses. Seasia has a bunch of technology enthusiasts that are proficient in delivering result-oriented services for various domains like Healthcare, IT, Education, and Government Sector. One can expect better reliance from Seasia Infotech, which is always striving to analyze the exact client needs and offer the best.

Services Offered by Seasia Infotech Seasia is a renowned name in the global markets as the company emphasizes quality services that boost businesses in different ways. Cloud Computing Impacting Business In The Near Future. Cloud computing is one of the most significant and greatest developments in the field of Information technology. Yes, you heard it right; it is!!! This cloud computing has brought a massive revolution in the area of the IT industry. Well, cloud computing has now gradually revolutionized the way in which any business or person is doing computing.

Basically, cloud computing is the use of online computing resources which are usually used as a service by numerous autonomous and independent users on the Internet. With the use of this technique, a user can get the software, infrastructure, and storage through a cloud, which later on, minimizes the expenses of a business. Tips for Building a Fabulous One-Page Website.

Are you planning to enter the digital trading world and about to build a website to bump-up brand awareness? Well, you can influence your audience with a stunning one-page website! A one-pager website is perhaps the optimum choice for the ones that need to engage the audience with a fresh design that catches their attention at first glance. Easy to load to, hassle-free navigation and striking animations are enough to increase your conversion rate. Trending Approaches to Improve Search Engine Optimization in 2019. Your online presence in today’s era is the crucial element in augmenting the brand awareness of your business. One just can’t deny the fact that their website or mobile application can eventually lend a hand in the right promotion of their services and products for enhanced revenues! When it comes to online promotion, numerous search engine techniques are being used to enhance the visibility of the brand.

But, the thing that requires adequate consideration is the fact that you can’t expect the strategies of 2018 to work in 2019! Yes, you need to precisely choose your marketing tactic so that you can get the best results out of your digital marketing campaign. 8 Web Design tips for Beginners in 2019. Hello Folks, welcome to this post. Factors Which Are Affecting The Loading Speed Of Your Website. 7 Highly Effective Web Design Tips For Your E-Commerce Website.

Seasia Infotech - Website & Mobile Application Development Company. Can a WordPress Web Development Company Cater your Business Needs? - Seasia Infotech. What Should You Need to Know about Costs for a Website Design? 8 Tips To Improve Your Website Design ⋆ ZAAAX Design. 10 Marketing Strategies To Promote Your Brand. List of World's Top Mobile App Development Companies - SoftwareWorld. What is the importance of mobile apps? Mobile applications simply explained, are software programs that are specially developed for smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices to enhance their functionality and edutainment value. Mobile applications are developed around utilities like sports, fitness, news, shopping, navigation, etc. With more and more people spending more time online, particularly on their mobile devices to read the news, buy goods and services, book their travel, manage their finances, etc. no business today can afford to be off this digital bandwagon.

Seasia Infotech- A Reliable iOS Development Company. What Skills do you Need to get into UX Designing? Planning to step into the UX designing? 5 Tactics To Help You In Boosting Your Organic Social Media Reach. When we talk about social media reach, Facebook is the first platform that comes up in all our minds. Let me tell you something which will blow your minds away. Factors To Consider Before Choosing an IOS Application Development Company by seasiainfotechusa. Web App Development Trends to Follow For a Robust End Product - ArticleWeb55. Clutch listed Seasia Infotech as Proficient Web Development Company. What was the scope of their involvement? Appfutura listed Seasia Infotech as an efficient Software Development Company. 10 best practices for using DevOps in the cloud. 5 Strong Reasons to Avoid Free Web Hosting. Top Python, PHP and Java development Firms for June 2019 – A Research by

Hire Blockchain Application Experts India. Seasia Infotech in the Top List of as a Promising Laravel Development Company. Moodle. Hire Woocommerce Developers India. Web App Development Trends to Follow For a Robust End Product. 3 Pillars to Build a Strong Quora Marketing Strategy. World's Top Mobile App Development Companies - List of Mobile App Developers.

7 Common Mistakes in Logo Designing That You Should Avoid. Free Music for Soundtracks and Effects. WordPress Development in 2019 with Gutenberg. How you can Design an Engaging UI/UX for a Progressive Web App. Essential Security Plugins: A Guide from a Renowned WordPress Development Company. Hire the Best Website Application Development Company. WordPress Now Comes with an Advanced Security Features. The Trending plugins of 2019 that you should include in your WordPress website. 5 Ways to Optimize Mobile Apps For Better Performance. How to Fix WordPress Not Sending Email Issue. 5 ways to Boost Conversion Rate with the Right Web Design. Security Guidelines for WordPress Website in 2019. Blockchain Technology Uses - Learn how these Businesses would Transform Forever. 5 Essential Designing Tips to Develop a Mobile App with a Great User Interface. Top Wordpress Web Development Company - small biz ads.