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Seasia Infotech is a reputed CMMi5 certified company providing Software Development, Mobile Application Development and Digital Marketing services to businesses worldwide.

How Can Instagram Stories Help You Win Followers? - Seasia Infotech Blog. Are you sure that you’re getting the maximum out of your Instagram stories?

How Can Instagram Stories Help You Win Followers? - Seasia Infotech Blog

Ever experienced the boost in the numbers and engagement after posting, your countdown offers, behind-the-scene photos, and the 10-second videos? Well, this all sounds terrific, but if you aren’t doing this yet, don’t fear – we have some tips and encouragement that can either get you started or amplify whatever you are doing. And the best part is, smaller businesses can take advantage of Instagram stories in better ways than how grander businesses cannot. 1.

It’s easier for you. The splendor of Instagram Stories is that you can create quick photos and videos that don’t have to compete the quality of those in your eternal feed. With the casual nature of these stories, your followers won’t really expect much of your post to be a black tie affair. 2. Bigger businesses test everything. But you don’t have to settle for this hassle. Stick it in your Stories. 3. An expiry date communicates exclusivity and urgency. 4. 5. Improve the Performance of your Web Application with Code Quality. There are numerous ways to implement code as there are proficient developers to implement it, which is one of the aspects that make software development a fun profession.

Improve the Performance of your Web Application with Code Quality

This also means that there are many opinions about what makes a high-quality, virtuous software. What one developer values in regards of code quality can be poles apart than what other developers’ value? A simple instance of this is a method written very efficiently, using a crisp syntax and a code in the minimum possible lines. While a code can be processed as high quality by one developer, it may be seen as concise and obscure by another, who prefers having a code laid in a more long winded yet easy structure. Modern Ideologies of Web Application Development. The recent trends in the web application development are way different than what they used to be in the olden days.

Modern Ideologies of Web Application Development

Past development ideologies don’t make any sense in front of the new ones that have sprung up, however not all on the new slew are important. Let’s explore the ideologies that matter in the realms of the modern web development and are essential to build successful applications. Ideology 1: Building a quality application A quality application is beyond specifications. Rather, it is an application that adapts to the changing faces of technology and is fit to be used for the present and for the future. Ideology 2: Being efficient doesn’t mean creating complex, non-workable applications quickly This is a dark area and the answers may not be quite obvious. Speeding up the development process for complex applications might jumble up its specifications; worst case, it might turn the app completely impractical! Ideology 3: Always put the user first This one is no-brainer. IOT Application Development- The Next Big Investment Destination. The Internet of Things is greatly changing the way we live, work and entertains.

IOT Application Development- The Next Big Investment Destination

According to forecasts by analysts, the number of the connected devices is expected to reach 60 billion by the year 2020. The notion of a smart home is not something we cannot have a clear depiction of. The introduction of smart appliances, lighting and parking is collecting pace, so soon we can speak about the revolution in the industries and spheres of life. Many organizations realized the potential of IOT long ago and started investing in this innovative thing. Among these organizations are giants like Apple, that built the Home Kit IOT platform to implement home utilizations in an iOS atmosphere, and Microsoft that launched the platform Azure Internet of Things which is used by over 5 million companies worldwide. What Virtual Reality Means To Marketing? VR Technology has always been a cool and fun idea.

What Virtual Reality Means To Marketing?

We all have seen it in movies and televisions, where the driver consumer thirsts for the level of immersion that leads the characters experience while using it. Finally that fun idea has turned into an actual reality. Since the splash of functional VR has hit, website development companies have been taking a hard look at the virtual reality to see what exactly VR means for marketing. Let’s dive deeper into this subject: Why Should You Consider Agile For Mobile App Development? The mobile app market is growing at an epidemic speed.

Why Should You Consider Agile For Mobile App Development?

In this age of smartphones, these applications are making everyone’s lives easier with their advanced features and usability. However, they need to be integrated with the latest technologies for improving the user experiences. The life expectancy of an application heavily relies on this factor. Agile methodology has simplified the processes of mobile application development with its unconventional solutions. The Difference between Web Application Development and Software Development. Web application development and software development are two extensively used idioms that people often tend to mix up.

The Difference between Web Application Development and Software Development

While software engineering or design is basically the process of creating any software product, web application development pertains to the coding required to produce any form of website or software for the web or private networks. Software development is a broad term with various fields and proficiency, integrating together the various forms of web application development. What is Clean Code and Why it Matters?

Clean code is a reader intensive development style that produces software that is easy to read, write and maintain.

What is Clean Code and Why it Matters?

Developers are often tempted to consider their work complete when the application operates as expected. But we are not merely writing code for computer consumption. We all know that programming is the art of telling another human what one wants the computer to do. Clean code is about knowing that your audience is not just a computer, but real-life humans! With this norm in mind, let’s review some simple reasons to why clean code matters. 1. An author is someone who practices writing as a career. Benefits of Using Video Content on Your Website. The Difference between Java and JavaScript. People often assume that since JavaScript has Java in its name, they are related to each other.

The Difference between Java and JavaScript

While other programmers groan at this coupling, many even feel that the name muddling is part of a marketing ploy. The history of the two programming languages did intersect for a brief moment in time during the early days of Netscape. Modern Ideologies of Web Application Development. Rethinking Mobile: Mobile App Development Trends for 2017. The Sporadic Growth of Mobile Payment Gateways. Regardless of the outpouring of the mobile phone usage and the pioneering payment technologies that have surfaced with this mainstream usage, consumers still remain hesitant to embrace the latest payment technologies entirely.

The Sporadic Growth of Mobile Payment Gateways

In fact, as per a survey, it was concluded that only 52% of the North Americans have used mobile payments till date; with just 18% using them often. The reason? Mobile and the latest payment technologies are shattered when it comes to security and invention. However, there are evidences to support these concerns: ISACA, a non-profit organization that works for the development, adoption and use of universally accepted knowledge and practices for information systems conducted a global survey in 2015 that encompassed 900 member cybersecurity experts to inspect the prevalent security risks for its Mobile Payment Security Experts. Regardless of these concerns, there is no stoppage in the growth of mobile usage. Vulnerable payment technologies. Software Development Company in India. Avoid Getting Scammed While Hiring a Web Development Company. If you are preparing to foray into the world of web development, you should be aware of the deceitful companies that charge sky high rates but deliver websites that produce poor results.

We often hear many business owners to fall victims to web scams by being lured into the promise of an inexpensive website. Cheap websites consists of outmoded, reprocessed codes that are not really recognized by the search engines. It is during a change or update that they realize that they have been cheated. In long run, business owners end up paying more because the faulty work can be fixed only by hiring another web development company. Every so often, business owners fall for companies that do not make products themselves but charge a huge amount and get a discounted website prepared by a freelance developer.

The Most Common Pitfalls in Mobile Application Development and How to Avoid Them. Mobile applications are among the most vital factors that contribute to increasing the chances of success for a business. This is for of the reason that mobile applications provide a direct access to a large base of users worldwide. Mobile applications help in paving way for businesses to tap into the audience and boost revenue generation. However, the process of mobile application development can prove to be a complex process, especially when it becomes daunting when you try to develop an app that satisfies the requirements of both your organization and the users you are targeting. And all this is not constrained to this only; mobile app developers often make mistakes that make all efforts go fruitless.

Red Flags to Consider when Hiring a Web Designing Company. We all have read and heard about hundreds of stories of people who hired professional web designing companies (as they claim to be) to design and develop their websites but ended up with websites that were of inferior quality. Some incidents were also about how they got cheated and the developers ran away with their money. Then there are also instances where people hired friends or relatives for designing/ developing websites and the results they got were lethal. Startups or small enterprises usually make such grave mistakes when planning to mark their business online. But it is always advised to weigh the pros and cons of hiring just about anyone to develop something that represents you and your work on the web. Twitter Tactics for Increasing Engagement.

Success on Twitter is associated with strategic thinking on how to leverage Twitter as a part of your comprehensive online marketing and social media efforts. Twitter is no more about collecting a herd of followers, but about engagement, likes and retweets! It is an intimidating social platform, with so much noise and so many experts on every topic known to man.

So, how can you stand out? Though it may seem that you need some cultured strategies to dominate on Twitter, but if you ace some simple strategies, you can knock into a community of compatible followers who will drive traffic to your website and support your efforts. Regardless of whether you are a tiny minnow or a big fish in the Twitter pond, practicing the below mentioned tactics can help you make it bigger and generate more traffic to your content: 1. What Is Conversion Rate Optimization and How Can It Enhance Your Business? The term Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) has been taking the web by a storm and has become really important for the businesses to ensure that sales targets are achieved constantly. Let’s start with a little introduction to what basically Conversion Rate Optimization is: When talking about conversions, we talk about the people on your website taking specific actions that you would like them to take.

But what kind of actions would they be? The conversion could be any action like: Signing up to whitepapers or newsletter with name and email addressesMaking purchasesDownloading the applicationRequesting quotes or call back or any other niche service your business provides. Which Location Based Technology Should You Choose For Your Next App Development. Bootstrap: Get Your Web Development Done Right. How Mobile App Development is More Than Mere Coding? Ultimate Guide to A/B Testing with WordPress.

Significance of Outsourcing Mobile Application Development Company. How Can a Good Website Development Company Help You With Your Start-Up Business? The Evolution of Web Application Development Companies. Instructions to Find the Best Software Development Company in India for Your Business. is a leading presentation/slideshow sharing website. Outsourcing Mobile App Development: Changing the Game Universally. Today, there are the myriad of mobile apps for shopping, gaming, traveling, payment and many more. It might makes you feel held back by seeing the ballooning dependency that we have developed on apps.

Fundamental Stages in the Web App Development Process. How the Pharmaceutical Industry Can Gain from Mobile. Whys and wherefores to choose php for web application development. Challenges Faced By Startups in Mobile Application Development. Instructions to Find the Best Software Company for Your Business by Jennifer Ravon. Web Application Development: A Viewpoint or a Methodology? How the Pharmaceutical Industry Can Gain from Mobile. The Next Challenge: Connecting the Pharma Industry to the World. Everything You Need to Know about Cost-Effective Web Applications Development. Whys and Wherefores to Choose PHP for Web Application Development. Hire Best Web Development Company in India. Digital Revolution with Mobile Apps in Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Industry. Developing a Useful Business Mobile App: What to Consider?

Developing a Useful Business Mobile App: What to Consider? Importance of Decision Making Process in Web Development by Seasia Infotech. Offshore Custom Web Application Development Company India. Which Platform Makes Better Ecommerce Websites: Magento or Woocommerce? Website Development in India. Web Application Development for an Innovative and Purposeful Online Presence of Your Business. Web App Development in India.

Ways to Repurpose Old Content Over and Over Again. Why Choose Joomla for Website Development? Seasia’s User Centered Approach for Mobile App Designs. WordPress versus Drupal: Which CMS is better for you? Improving Customer Relations through Mobile Applications. Do You Know The Difference Between Internet And Inbound Marketing? Google AdWords Ad Extensions: A Streamlined Overview. Untitled. Web Development Company vs. Freelancers. Let’s Unveil Apple’s Latest Software: IOS 10 - Seasia Infotech Blog. Hire Digital Marketing Consultants (SEO, PPC) India. Seasia Infotech.