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Technology Trends That can Assist Healthcare Organizations to Optimize EHR. EHR integration is just a beginning to make your healthcare organization more receptive and patient-centric.

Technology Trends That can Assist Healthcare Organizations to Optimize EHR

The real part is EHR optimization because it includes a whole set of processes that require your attention after integrating the EHR into your existing system. Since 2008, the adoption of any EHRs has more than doubled or from 42% to 86%, and this percentage keeps on increasing over the period. However, with the increasing adoption of the EHR, the dissatisfaction with EHRs also continues to rise speedily. This dissatisfaction can lead to physician burnout that leads to patient safety-related issues.

Many findings have pointed out that the EHR concept, with all its benefits for the healthcare industry, can also be a reason for losing productivity, settling for sub-par systems, and dampen the physician-patient relationship. The EHR technology also faces problems like slow connection speeds, insecurity of data, and unreliability. Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare App Development. Valiant efforts are made worldwide in the healthcare sector for improving health conditions and ensuring the well-being of patients.

Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare App Development

Here, healthcare mobile applications lend a helping hand and act as a bridge between patients and healthcare professionals. Customized healthcare or mHealth apps can ease the burden on healthcare organizations and enable patients to get high-quality diagnoses and treatment conveniently. Statista has expected that the mobile health industry will cross $60 billion this year thanks to the rise of the popularity of healthcare apps. Another report suggests that around 80% of physicians use mobile apps for offering patient care.

Concepts like telemedicine and doctor-on-call can be implemented effectively with the help of customized healthcare apps. Talking about the healthcare sector, what if you could predict healthcare trends and improve your patient-related services accordingly? Top Taxonomical Aspects for Fintech Industry to Watch in 2021. The thriving financial sector undergoes a radical transformation.

Top Taxonomical Aspects for Fintech Industry to Watch in 2021

In the wake of cryptocurrency and digital payment solutions, fintech startups have started leveraging advancements of technologies to offer services in the niche segments of asset management, insurance, lending, and even open banking. Diversification and complexity of Fintech startups require functional and non-functional characteristics to understand their offerings thoroughly.

Recently, Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance has given a taxonomy of financial services based on eleven different perspectives. How Does Fintech Impact Your Business in 2021? The fintech revolution is neither a fairy tale nor science fiction.

How Does Fintech Impact Your Business in 2021?

It has started changing the shape of the financial across the world. Quick P2P loans using fingertips, payments through cryptocurrency, and virtual financial advisors- all these aspects and many other things have become a reality thanks to fintech development services. These user-friendly aspects and radical changes in the traditional way of transactions can drive the growth for FinTech startups. The thriving finance world is no bed of roses. How to Find the Right Payment Gateway for Your Digital Wallet Solution. Choosing the right payment gateway solution is a crucial decision for any online business.

How to Find the Right Payment Gateway for Your Digital Wallet Solution

Whether it is an eCommerce company or a fintech company, a B2C company, or a B2B enterprise, choosing the right payment gateway can make digital wallet solutions or a business website robust, reliable, and secure. In this blog, we will discuss the key factors to consider for selecting the right payment gateway for your online payment solution. Top Reasons Why Developers Combine Vue.js with Laravel to Build Robust Applications. You may argue after reading the title- how can we relate Vue.js and Laravel?

Top Reasons Why Developers Combine Vue.js with Laravel to Build Robust Applications

Vue.js is a progressive JavaScript framework whereas Laravel is a PHP framework. This is true, but from the developer’s perspective, both these platforms serve various objectives to each other and act as a compliment. Let’s understand this in detail. But, before digging deep into the Vue.js and Laravel combination, we will go through a brief introduction of them. We will start with Vue.js. Top Reasons to Make Flutter the Future of Cross-platform App Development. Google introduced Flutter back in May 2017.

Top Reasons to Make Flutter the Future of Cross-platform App Development

The aim behind this release was to make it easier for developers to build the best apps possible with new features and seamless performance. Since then, this SDK (Software Development Kit) has gained traction among the developer’s community worldwide. Top Business Benefits of Fintech App Development Outsourcing. Fintech or financial technology plays a pivotal role in making online payment prevalent across the world.

Top Business Benefits of Fintech App Development Outsourcing

The term has evolved from a buzzword to a growing trend in recent years, as people have switched from traditional to digital payment. The fintech sector has garnered over the US $55 billion investment to date. How Fitness Mobile Apps can Help in Improving Your Fitness Business. The recent COVID-19 outbreak has moved the health and fitness domain to the forefront globally.

How Fitness Mobile Apps can Help in Improving Your Fitness Business

But even before the emergence of the pandemic, people have started paying more attention to fitness amid the sedentary lifestyle to avoid serious complications in life. However, many people fail to spend time to go to the health club or fitness gyms for workouts due to a hectic schedule. There, customized fitness apps. How a Mobile App can Empower Your Healthcare Business in 2021. The COVID-19 outbreak has brought the thriving healthcare sector into prominence again.

How a Mobile App can Empower Your Healthcare Business in 2021

On one hand, people become more conscious of health and fitness to survive the pandemic phase, and on the other hand, technology lends a helping hand in making healthcare services accessible even to remote places. Concepts like Doctor on Demand and Telemedicine are gaining ground swiftly thanks to the rise of healthcare app development. Mobile Healthcare Solutions – Top Challenges and How to Overcome Them. The most heavily regulated healthcare sector is ready to embrace digital transformation. Unlike other industries where transformation happens relatively smoothly and swiftly, the healthcare sector lags behind a bit. However, this is the right time for healthcare organizations to stay ahead of the competition by bringing automation and transformation in their services. A report from Xcubelabs has revealed that the digital health market is expected to reach $536 billion by the year 2025. How E-wallet Improves the Real Estate Industry.

The mobile wallet combines the richness of mobility and the advancing digital payment solution. In line with an increasing number of eWallet users worldwide, various industry sectors opt for integrating mobile wallet-based payment functionality in their apps or websites. The eWallet industry is thriving and many new players or startup owners want to leverage the benefits of this trend with the help of eWallet app development. The retail giant Amazon is one of the pioneer companies that have made it easy for mobile wallet users to transact during online shopping. Today, various sectors including the thriving real estate industry have started offering a wallet-based payment facility.

Though the pace of adopting the digital payment solution is slow in the real estate sector, it can have a great impact on the sector. 8 Must have Feature & Estimated Development Cost of Fintech App. Fintech app development has remained one of the hottest technology trends in 2020, and the year 2021 is no different. We will witness the rise of fintech apps as they will get mainstreamed across various industry sectors thanks to the evaluation and prominence of online payment methods. The trend of making payments online or cashless transactions has opened the doors of new opportunities for fintech startups. As per the Statista report, 75% of consumers have adopted some form of money transfer or payment service in the year 2019.

This trend is here to stay for a long time and reshape the future of fintech apps. Top Challenges of Real Estate App Development & Solutions. Advancing technology has brought disruption in many industry sectors and the real estate sector is no exception. The advent of technology has brought radical changes in the way real estate developers, customers, and brokers operate. Be it a commercial property, residential property, or industrial property- the real estate app development has made the expansion of technological advancements possible to every type of property. What’s more, the thriving real estate sector keeps on generating the property data, which not only provides information to every stakeholder but also creates value for realtors. Also, the number of connected devices that generate data from different sources has also increased over the period, and the real estate app for Android or iOS enables real estate developers to make the most of this data.

Thanks to the customized real estate apps, realtors can get actionable insights and predictive analytics. Top 7 Reasons Why Your eCommerce Business Needs Mobile App in 2021. The thriving eCommerce sector witnesses a paradigm shift from laptops to smartphones amid people’s changing preferences. These days, people want to browse and buy products using smartphones on the move. A customized mobile eCommerce app can enable eCommerce business owners to capitalize on this trend by transforming interactions between the company and its customers. Recent research has revealed that almost one-third of all customers engage with the eCommerce business through mobiles. Top Industry Sectors that can Benefit from Mobile Apps in 2021. What features would the ideal real estate search mobile app have? Buying a property, especially a new home can be a conundrum for many people.

Top Factors to Consider Before Developing a Video Conferencing App. Social distancing and remote working have become new norms in 2020 as the world struggles against the pandemic. Individuals and entrepreneurs face a lot of troubles because of these norms as they affect the way we live and work. 7 Must-Know Mobile E-Commerce App Development Trends for 2021. Top Fitness App Development Trends to Watch in 2021. Before the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, the fitness industry was witnessing a steady growth pattern. Be it health clubs or fitness apps, all were equal. Why Choose Node.js for Your Next Web App Development Project. Top Mobile App Development Trends to Watch Out in 2021.

It all started in 1994, when IBM Simon, the first-ever smartphone launched preloaded with apps like Address Book, Calculator, NotePad, and Sketch Pad. How to Create an E-Commerce App that can be Loved by Thousands? When you develop an eCommerce app, you can get the advantage of both- thriving mobility platform and a booming eCommerce sector. Think With Google: Micro-Mobile Moments with New Design Portal for Mobile Apps & Websites. What Technologies Are Used To Build Fitness Activity Tracking App? Staying fit has become a norm in this pandemic time. Though it is not a new trend, evolving technology has introduced smart ways for tracking fitness activities.

10 Unique Features must have in your fitness tracking app. Top 3 Factors that make NativeScript An Ideal Framework for Mobile App development. Enterprise Mobile Application Development: Benefits, Types and More. Time to Shift to Swift- The future of Enterprise App Development. 5 Factors that Make AngularJS An Ideal Framework for Web Development. Ten Factors that Make E-Commerce App Development Successful. Top Benefits of Hiring Offshore App Developers. In-House vs. Outsourcing- Which is Better Option for Software Development?

Fitness App Development - Why App Development Company is Preferable over Freelancers? Mobile App Development Cost - Key Factors to Consider. 7 Things You Must Do to Succeed with Enterprise Mobility. 9 ways to gain more customers for your on-demand services. Five Fabulous Reasons why You should Integrate Video in Mobile App. 8 Things you need to know before building a mobile app. Kotlin Vs Flutter: Which Should You Choose For Cross-Platform App Development? Healthcare App Development - Scope, Importance, and Cost Revealed. How On-demand Delivery Apps Benefit Courier and Logistics Companies? Top 5 Benefits of Android App Development for Businesses. 4 Areas Where Mobile Application Streamlines Enterprise Operations. Top 10 Mobile App Ideas for Successful Startups.

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