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Using A Zoom H4n As An On-Camera DSLR Mic. The microphones built into portable digital recorders typically sound pretty good, and if you use a recorder to capture the sound for a DSLR video shoot, you may be tempted to mount the recorder directly on top of your camera and use it as an on-camera mic.

Using A Zoom H4n As An On-Camera DSLR Mic

But here’s the problem… The mic input on a DSLR camera needs a mic-level audio signal, and the headphone output on a portable digital recorder is line-level. Mic-level signals are very low, and line-level signals are very loud. If you just used a normal 1/8″ to 1/8″ mini-plug cable to connect the two, you’re likely going to get a nasty sounding distorted recording. Prise en charge des processus VR. Capture 360° living photos with PanoMoments by Dustin Kerstein. Risks and challenges We know PanoMoments aren’t going to be for everyone.

Capture 360° living photos with PanoMoments by Dustin Kerstein

There are times when existing 360 capture methods are the better choice. PanoMoments are just a new option in your creative arsenal, and it’s for that reason we are doing this Kickstarter. We truly just want to see what other people will create, and we’re almost there. The remaining platform development work is already spec'd / designed and is actually quite straightforward. Untitled. Upload 360 degree videos - YouTube Help. How to make any photo work as a 360 photosphere on Facebook. Facebook recently rolled out the ability for anyone to upload a 360 panorama or photosphere that can be clicked through on desktop, viewed with certain VR headsets, or viewed by moving your device around on mobile.

How to make any photo work as a 360 photosphere on Facebook

Flickr introduced a similar feature last December when it launched Flickr VR. I’ve been using that to upload 360 panoramic screenshots from ActiveWorlds, so was looking forward to doing the same on Facebook. Unfortunately I quickly discovered Facebook wasn’t automatically recognizing the screenshots from AW. Some googling revealed that Facebook requires images to have this meta tag to work: <GPano:ProjectionType>equirectangular</GPano:ProjectionType> I can view that this is missing from the raw metadata in Photoshop, but Photoshop doesn’t let you directly edit the raw meta data.

Congrats! As a sidenote, if you’re interested in capturing 360 photos in the real world, new versions of the Android camera app have the feature built in. Convert Panorama. EleVRant: 360 Stereo Consumer Cameras? There’s a bunch of mono spherical cameras coming to the consumer market soon, with automated stitching and easy workflow.

eleVRant: 360 Stereo Consumer Cameras?

But what about stereo? Why are there no consumer stereo spherical cameras, and what might we look forward to seeing once they do exist? What will be the standard for consumer VR video capture? Spoiler: the ultimate conclusion is that 1. stereo is hard, 2. sacrifices must be made, and 3. that it will look less like this… …and more like this: But this is research, so we need to go at it from the direction of most efficient camera setup based on geometry and technology and algorithms, no matter how much I am tempted by an a priori “everything is phones, everything will be phones, phones.” 1.

First, let me reiterate that Mono is easy. With stereo, you cannot simply make the perfect calibration for your camera setup. Some cases are theoretically possible to deal with algorithmically. You must make choices and there’s no right answer. 2. It is not very consumer-like at all. 3. Adobe Premiere Pro CC tutorials. VR video editing goes meta with Adobe’s Project Clover. VR content creation is going meta, my friends.

VR video editing goes meta with Adobe’s Project Clover

The concept of creating VR content within a virtual environment isn’t new. Collection of 360° Video Rigs. 360° video is growing by leaps and bounds.

Collection of 360° Video Rigs

There is no doubt about it. And it’s fascinating to see all the different approaches to capturing 360° video. So I surveyed the current 360° video rigs being offered and then organized every serious option into this epic listing. The results are telling… Collection of 360° Video Rigs. Collection of 360° Video Rigs. Converting a fisheye image to panoramic, spherical and perspective projection. Irista. Orangkucing Lab. Freedom360 Broadcaster 3x - Freedom360. The Freedom360 Broadcaster 3x mount captures 360×180 video using 3 modified GoPro cameras with lenses of at least 180° FOV.

Freedom360 Broadcaster 3x - Freedom360

All USB ports are accessible for external powering, HDMI ports are accessible for frame grabbing, and SD card slots are accessible to retrieve captured footage all without removing the cameras. 3/8″ -16 threading is found both on the top and bottom increasing versatility. Included in the package: Freedom360 Broadcaster 3x Mount3x Standard Brackets3x Special Brackets for cameras modified with a backbone ribcage onlyProtective pouch with rain cover (made by ThinkTank) Suggested accessories: Carbon-Fiber monopod (15-20mm tube diameter on the (thin) camera end, light stand, microphone stand, boom pole or similar rigging.Mini tabletop tripod (acts as a stand for the carbon-fiber pole)Super clamp (suspend the carbon-fiber monopod from the ceiling)Counter weights (1.5-2.5kg), depending on your shooting requirements.

Orangkucing Lab. Orangkucing Lab. Back-Bone Dealer Map. Domemaster Photoshop Actions Pack. Initial Release Nov 30, 2012 Version 2.3 – Update Released December 18, 2015 About the Software The Domemaster Photoshop Actions Pack is a collection of custom Adobe Photoshop actions that were designed to speed up the fulldome content creation workflow.

Domemaster Photoshop Actions Pack

The actions provide tools for converting images from several common panoramic formats such as angular fisheye, equirectangular, and cube map panoramas, and general utilities for fulldome production. Download the Tools. iZugar Studio - Z4X video system. Z4XC - Take 360 video in the most challenging scenario May 28, 2016 KC Lai Z4X kit set This challenger is at your service!

iZugar Studio - Z4X video system

You can make seamless 360 video in compact space very easy now with the Z4X rig, and no more nasty broken seams everywhere when shooting inside a car or jet fighter. Working with four mini 194 lenses shall give you more freedom to shoot your next 360 master pieces. The Z4X Armor mount was made with aluminium. Stitch360: How to Stitch Background & Foreground in AVP (Pt1) How to fix stitching problem after add Effects VR 360 video without additional plugins part2. Tracking 360º Equirectangular Clips in PFTrack.

To use equirectangular 360º footage in PFTrack, you will need a Spherical Track node.

Tracking 360º Equirectangular Clips in PFTrack

Create the node and connect it to the clip. The Spherical Track has one input, which requires a 360º equirectangular image. The node’s six outputs represent one camera for each planar face of a cube map generated from the input panorama. One of the consequences of 360º panoramas is that there is no ‘behind the camera’ so the operator holding the camera is always visible in the clip. To prevent this from interfering with the tracking, you are going to create a mask to exclude the operator. Click the Mask button to open the mask panel. Leave the Feature Tracking parameters unchanged. Click Start to start tracking. Once tracking is completed you can review the tracks by playing or scrubbing through the clip. Now it’s time to convert the tracker motion into camera motion. Click Marquee and select some features that have been tracked on the ground. Making360. Panotour - Avancé - Livepano en vidéo 360 — Autopano.

Render Virtual Reality Videos with Cinema 4D: Create YouTube 360° & VR Video using C4D and CV-VRCam [Video Tutorial] - Cineversity Training and Tools for Cinema 4D. VR video player with Youtube 360 playback. VR video player with Youtube 360 playback. Experience and Share Virtual Reality on the Web. VRapp is a web-based VR-platform, based on the most modern web techniques:No download needed, just go to or an url providedEnabling immersive storytelling with VR toursVR tours consists of multiple photo or video “VR bubbles”In-VR navigation, simply by looking at points-of-interest in VR-menuAllows user to experience one or more storylines in a VR tourNo need to remove VR headset to navigate!

System to make viewing VR great using all smartphone screen sizes from 4” to 6” Works on multiple platforms (iOS, Android, mobile, tablet, desktop)Disclosing platform on Samsung Gear VR (Oculus OS) on roadmap.Branded VR environments for businesses. works from iOS8 (Safari) and Android KitKat (Chrome). Try Firefox for Android when Chrome doesn’t work. 360 Rumors: Facebook Posts Detailed Instructions for Editing and Uploading 360 Photos. Facebook's Head of Immersive Imaging, Eric Cheng, posted a detailed article about editing and uploading photos to Facebook.

Uploading: Facebook recognizes 360-degree photos based on the EXIF metadata. Specifically, it looks at the Make and Model. If the Make and Model correspond to a known 360-degree camera, it will present it as a 360-degree image.Some editing programs can strip the metadata. Facebook recommends the exiftool program to reinsert the correct metadata, which allows batch processing (editing a group of files instead of having to edit each file individually).If you stitched the image yourself or used an unrecognized camera, you can still get the photo recognized as a 360-degree image by using the exiftool.

Editing: For editing photos, e.g. cloning out the tripod, you need a panorama editor.