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Sans titre. Sans titre. Our Readers Show Off Their Most Impressive Architectural Models. Our Readers Show Off Their Most Impressive Architectural Models In many ways, architectural models are strange objects.

Our Readers Show Off Their Most Impressive Architectural Models

On one hand, like drawings, models are a representation of something else—a building—that might exist already but in most cases is so far only hypothetical. On the other hand, they are miniature constructions in themselves, which can be appreciated for their craftsmanship and intricacy. Perhaps this is why architects find models so fascinating; they can be simultaneously admired as an object in themselves and as a vision of something greater. Earlier this year, we asked our readers to send us images of their most impressive models, and the response clearly showed this fascination. Showing Off Your Design The goal of any architectural model is to sell a design. Contemporary Neighborhood Library / Mario Serrano + Samantha Sheppard Pinecote Pavilion by Fay Jones / Garrett Wineinger + Laura Leticia + Angelika Sophi.

Miniature Houses on Cork Cliffs Float Inside Handmade Wooden Frames. (137) Pinterest - Allegra Stucki HS 2016. Design by Mobo Architects (left) and Sergio Crotti (right) © Migrant Garden. (119) Pinterest - Villa Nefkens, Wageningen by Mecanoo. (119) Pinterest - FLOATING GARDENS / SPAWELLNESS. Pingle) (115) Pingle) (115) Dezeen. The Royal Academy of Arts in London is exhibiting a design for a city island, populated entirely with buildings designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano.


As the centrepiece of Renzo Piano: The Art of Making Buildings, a retrospective currently on show at the RA, the "imaginary island" brings together 102 of Piano's projects from the past 50 years. Buildings such as The Shard, Paris Courthouse and the Whitney Museum of American Art are organised in the form of a fictional metropolis, complete with roads, mountains and trees. Renzo Piano Building Workshop designed and built the scale model over a period of two years. It comprises 88 of Piano's completed projects, along with 14 that are currently under construction. Many of these are positioned along a central avenue that spans the full length of the island, north to south. Other buildings positioned along the avenue include the Mercedes-Benz Design Centre, the B&B Italia offices and the not-yet-complete Academy Museum of Motion Pictures. Models and Party Planning. In the very near future, we are going to throw a party at my office to recognize and celebrate a myriad of milestones, achievements, and honors.

Models and Party Planning

It’s been just over four years since we relocated to our new office and it was our intention then to through an “Open House” party where we would invite our friends over to check out the new space. Well, we got busy and put things off and here we are … 4 years and no-party later. I have taken it upon myself to force this issue and in addition to all the other things I’ve got going on, decided that I would put on my party planning hat and get to work preparing for a party this coming fall and now that I’ve let that cat out of the bag, it’s got to happen (or I’ll give myself a bad employee review). How to deal with all the models we have lying around the office is among the tasks that I’ve set for myself.

I don’t want to throw them away (yet) but something has to be done – they are everywhere and are taking over the place. Enjoy! Cheers, Paisajes portátiles 02 Raul lázaro ESCUELA DE CEBRAS. Paper City – Il construit une ville miniature et animée entièrement en papier. Philippe de gobert - Toolbox musee Bourdelle 40x40x20 cm. Pinterest. Pinterest. Pinterest. Musique, Street art and Toulouse. Pinterest. Pinterest. ETH Zürich - Prof. A. Caruso. Micro-Scale Modeling: How to Construct Tiny, Intricate Worlds From Ordinary Materials. Micro-Scale Modeling: How to Construct Tiny, Intricate Worlds From Ordinary Materials Joshua Smith, a miniaturist and former stencil artist based in South Australia, constructs tiny, intricate worlds for a living.

Micro-Scale Modeling: How to Construct Tiny, Intricate Worlds From Ordinary Materials

His work, which exhibits astonishing observational and representational skills, focuses on the "overlooked aspects of the urban environment – such as grime, rust and decay to discarded cigarettes and graffiti," all recreated at a scale of 1:20. Smith, who has been making model kits for around a decade, only recently chose to move away from a 16-year-long career creating stencil art.

With his creative talents now focused on model-making, and all those skills which accompany the craft, ArchDaily asks: how do you do it? AD: Take us through your modeling process! JS: First of all I find the building I want to replicate, either in person or using Google Maps Street View. What scale do you work in? How long does each artwork take to produce? It depends on the build. CREO and JAJA to Design Home for Children with Autism Near Copenhagen.

CREO Arkitekter and JAJA to Design Home for Children with Autism Near Copenhagen CREO ARKITEKTER A/S and JAJA architects have won a competition to design a new home for Children with Autism near Hareskoven, one of the large forests near Copenhagen.

CREO and JAJA to Design Home for Children with Autism Near Copenhagen

The project will be the future home for eighteen children, ranging in age up to 18 years old. "The proposal creates an inviting and intimate atmosphere that makes it feel like home... It fulfills all our aspirations in creating a model of future homes for children with special needs," commented the jury. From the architects: The proposal is based on the existing building of two wings, which form a distinct arrival situation while shielding the residence from the road and its neighbors. The new spatial program is significantly larger than the current situation, and so to keep the scale along the residential street and maintain an open access to the green surroundings, we propose a building on two levels. Situation Upper Level. Calvin Seibert Sculpts Impressive Modernist Sandcastles. “I always had an affinity for architecture which I attribute to growing up in a neighborhood and town that was constantly under construction.

Calvin Seibert Sculpts Impressive Modernist Sandcastles

Our house was the first on the block. I think that in a way I was more interested in the abstractness of the foundations and the initial framing then in the completed structures themselves. Things I made back then had that incompleteness about them. As I became more aware of architecture in the wider world Brutalism was one of the styles of the moment. Architecture, Art et histoire: Hybrid Building Design moderne. Is architecture an art?

Architecture, Art et histoire: Hybrid Building Design moderne

This question has no simple answer, having been debated from ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman times up through Medieval and Gothic construction to Modernism as well as other contemporary design periods and movements. This series of models – created in the process rethinking a barn as a home – suggest that art and architecture exist in tension, opposition and dialog … all at the same time.

The artistic techniques employed by architect Julian King in this case have helped his client (a retired writer) to visualize spatial experiences in three dimensions (with paired two-dimensional drawings) and allowed King as the designer to explore and develop a hybrid remodel of a Tuscan barn in Italy – a modern dwelling that draws both literally and metaphorically on the models that preceded its reconstruction.