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Renato Athaydes. Comparing JVM alternatives to JavaScript Written on 17 Apr 2019, 09:11 PM (Last updated on 21 Apr 2019, 07:56 PM) I am mostly a backend developer, but every now and then I need to do some frontend work.

Renato Athaydes

Even if just for personal use. For that reason, I’ve been following developments in the JavaScript world from a distance, but I dislike much of what I see. The thing I dislike most is how complex the toolchain for a professional JavaScript application has become. The MDN page on JavaScript actually shows how to use HTML and JS as it was intended - no build tools, no frameworks.

The JavaScript toolchain of today has all the complexity of backend toolchains, and then some. This Pluralsight JS development environment course suggests you need 32 tools to build your application (e.g. babel, chai, cheerio, eslint, mocha, webpack…). Reuse for better Software delivery – Pareture. Thoughts on software reuse TLDR: When undertaking a new project it is a good rule to err on the side of reusing things.

Reuse for better Software delivery – Pareture

I think that we (IT professionals) should always seek to centralise the good things we do, at least to the extent that we can influence. By this, I mean to largely reduce the variability in the way something is being done in an organisation. We understand common use at many levels. Franchise restaurants across the globe have largely the same menu, decor and kitchens for a consistent experience. Don’t repeat yourself (DRY); an architecture principle which is simple, useful and quite popular. The Difference Between SQL’s JOIN .. ON Clause and the Where Clause. A question that is frequently occurring among my SQL training‘s participants is: What’s the difference between putting a predicate in the JOIN ..

The Difference Between SQL’s JOIN .. ON Clause and the Where Clause

ON clause and the WHERE clause? I can definitely see how that’s confusing some people, as there seems to be no difference at first sight, when running queries like these, e.g. in Oracle. Design patterns in modern JavaScript development – Levelup Your Coding. Building Resilient Applications: Introduction – Patrus Transportes. What is resilience?

Building Resilient Applications: Introduction – Patrus Transportes

If we look for the definition in the dictionary (Google) we will see: In physics: the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity. Figuratively: the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. Programming: doing it more vs doing it better – Kevin Martin Jose. A few years ago, very early into my programming career, I came across a story: The ceramics teacher announced on opening day that he was dividing the class into two groups.

Programming: doing it more vs doing it better – Kevin Martin Jose

All those on the left side of the studio, he said, would be graded solely on the quantity of work they produced, all those on the right solely on its quality. Smoke-test your app with CircleCI and NodeJS (catching bugs quickly) Avoid embarrassing bug reports by catching bugs in production early with Smoke Tests.

Smoke-test your app with CircleCI and NodeJS (catching bugs quickly)

It's a simple way to deploy with confidence. In this article I'll explain what a Smoke Test is and why you should implement one to catch bugs early in your website, API, or application. 9 tips for moving code to microservices. Many shops are looking to break big existing monolithic applications into containerized microservices running on distributed architectures.

9 tips for moving code to microservices

Docker and Kubernetes are the most popular technologies that can make this happen, but others are sprouting up as containerization grows more popular, and you might soon find yourself looking to make this move. There are many good reasons to do so as part of an ongoing digital transformation project. "The benefits are numerous—from increased team productivity to easier automated testing, rapid and flexible deployment models, and higher overall resiliency," says Ev Kontevoy, CEO and co-founder of Gravitational, creator of the open source Gravity project, which converts complex cloud applications into single-file Kubernetes appliances. But there are potential pitfalls too, Kontevoy says, including "the need for careful planning and higher R&D investment upfront. " Crafting a Command Line Experience that Developers Love. If you're setting out to build a highly usable developer tool, it goes without saying that a proper CLI to interface with your API is paramount.

Crafting a Command Line Experience that Developers Love

As Zeit and Heroku have been setting the tone for these types of developer tools by doing extensive research into best practices when it comes to a command line “experience”, we started our quest by digging in to their findings. Since the Stream CLI is currently in public beta, the methods and philosophies we found from our research, as well as those we unearthed ourselves are fresh in our minds and we wanted to take a few minutes to outline what we found to be best practices among other CLI tools and developers’ needs when it comes to building a proper CLI. Bien marier tests utilisateurs et gestion de projets. Prisma, un outil ORM pour le développement des applications modernes, pourra-t-il remplacer les outils ORM traditionnels ?

L’arrivée des ORM pour les langages de programmation a apporté un certain nombre d’avantages dans la manipulation et la modification de données dans la construction des applications.

Prisma, un outil ORM pour le développement des applications modernes, pourra-t-il remplacer les outils ORM traditionnels ?

Décrouvez le programmation projectionnelle. Les premières builds officielles du navigateur Edge basé sur Chromium sont disponibles, Microsoft indique les services Google qui ont été supprimés. En décembre dernier, Microsoft a annoncé son intention d’adopter le projet open source Chromium dans le développement de Microsoft Edge sur desktop afin de « créer une meilleure compatibilité Web pour nos clients et réduire la fragmentation du Web pour tous les développeurs Web ».

Les premières builds officielles du navigateur Edge basé sur Chromium sont disponibles, Microsoft indique les services Google qui ont été supprimés

Contrairement aux rumeurs, Microsoft n'a pas l'intention d'abandonner complètement le navigateur par défaut de Windows 10. Dans un billet de blog, Joe Belfiore, vice-président de Windows Corporate, a expliqué que Microsoft va remplacer son moteur de rendu EdgeHTML et son moteur JavaScript Chackra par Blink et V8 de Chromium. Ce sera donc un changement technologique sous le capot et l'interface de Microsoft Edge sera conservée. Arbre de décision pour trouver la méthodologie d'étude utilisateurs adaptée au besoin.

January 31, 2019. Count(*) performance improvements in PostgreSQL- Cybertec. How I'm Automating My Productivity With This Smart Home Combo. Part of "Nailing Productivity" series Have you ever used timers to enhance your workflow? I have. What’s a branch and How to Make Sure It’s Covered - Typemock. What’s a branch? Learn the fundamentals of a good developer mindset in 15 minutes. Difficult to make even small changes Breaking functionality of software by making changes Introducing a new bug by fixing another one Implementing code that is unnecessary. A JavaScript-Free Frontend. Slimvoice - A Webapp Without JavaScript is a series where I document how I rebuilt my app, Slimvoice, using as little JavaScript as possible. I've tagged this series with JavaScript to present JavaScript alternatives and encourage those who reach for a SPA for every project to give it a second thought.

I built the first version of Slimvoice on Angular 1 with a Node.js backend and MongoDB in 2014 (those were all the rage back then). In 2015 I decided to completely revamp the UI and redesigned and rebuilt it in React. In hindsight, all of that was crap. With the new version I wanted to prove that it was possible to deliver an amazing user experience with a great design while drastically reducing the complexity of the code, maximizing reliability, and minimizing the cost to the end user. The Website Obesity Problem is not getting any better for the web at large. A JavaScript-Free Frontend. Random Forests for Complete Beginners - Sudden CPU Spikes : programming. Why Go (Golang)? Why use Go over other languages? As a software engineer, the technology landscape is constantly changing. Programming languages come and go, older languages receive new libraries and frameworks to bring them up to modern standards & methodologies.

Will the new languages pass the test of time, or just be remembered as the next hipster fad. With so much flux and change, it can be a difficult decision to select technologies to build your product and platform with. Speed up PHP Using OPcache and Memcached. The Twelve Factor App — A Very Brief Summary – Toni-Leigh Sharpe. Break functional and orchestration responsibilities for better testability. Elastic, Cost Efficient CI/CD with Jenkins and Milpa. If you work as a developer, there is a good chance you know and use Jenkins, the leading open source automation server for CI/CD. The classic Jenkins setup involves a master and usually several agents: the master is responsible for coordination and provides the user interface (via a web UI and API), and the agents are designed to run the CI/CD jobs the user configured.

The master and the agents in most cases run in separate virtual machines or containers. This distributed setup is great for scalability: as your team and the number of builds and jobs they want to run grow, it is easy to add another agent node that can perform more work. The ability to scale to meet workload demands makes public cloud a great fit for Jenkins environments where capacity requirements vary over the course of the day or week. The Difference Between Public and Private in Java. Gmail devient le premier fournisseur principal de messagerie à prendre en charge les rapports MTA-STS et TLS, pour améliorer sa sécurité. Actuellement, quand deux relais de messagerie doivent échanger des mails, la sécurité du transport des messages est généralement assurée par un chiffrement des échanges en TLS. Cependant avec TLS, le serveur expéditeur ne peut pas indiquer sa politique de chiffrement et le serveur destinataire ne peut pas la vérifier.

Quant aux certificats, ils peuvent être vulnérables : autorités de certifications (CA) multiples dont certaines ont été compromises, certificats falsifiés ou faibles, etc. Ce qui peut favoriser des attaques de type « Man in the Middle ». Authentication & authorization in microservice architecture. Evaluating Test Effectiveness with Mutation Analysis - Generating Software Tests. An Absolute Beginner Learns React. The Zero Bug Policy - Kevin Sookocheff. Social Network for Developers. Les fat arrow function en Javascript. Autre nouveauté apportée par ES2015, les fat arrow functions n'en ont pas l'air mais constitue un gros changement dans notre façon de développer.

Si nous voulons être très grossier dans notre explication — mais cela donnera une base à notre article — nous pouvons dire que les fat arrow functions sont une nouvelle façon d'écrire les fonctions anonymes. My Favorite Teachers In The JavaScript Community. There are so many resources in the world of tech that it's hard to sort through and pick the right resource for you. There are so many courses, blogs, and podcasts to choose from, so I've put together a list of some of my favorite teachers in the JavaScript, and frontend development, community.

The Unreasonable Effectiveness of SQL. IT Operations Technology Stack – Worldsensing TechBlog. Compiler Performance and LLVM. The Art Of The Bug Report – Ministry of Testing. How You May Have Come Up With React. What is idempotence? - LispCast. Design Patterns in Java. Handling Authentication and Authorization in Microservices — Part 1. Best practices and tools that will elevate your Infrastructure as Code.

April 4th – console.log. How to Secure Continuous Deployment for Applications in the Cloud. JS.weekly() => #35 – JS.weekly() Introduction to Functional Programming. Devops Week News - Issue #131. How to keep your docker installation clean? – SoftwareMill Tech Blog. Domain-Oriented Observability. Automate your Deployment on Heroku. Coding 2.0: Why bother testing your code? Kubernetes basic glossary – Kamil Lelonek  -  programming blog. Resource: Security Monitoring and Attack Detection with ElasticSearch, Logstash and Kibana.

8 Manoeuvres to Make You the Perfect Git Citizen. Why do engineers not care about application monitoring? Free-programming-books/ at master · EbookFoundation/free-programming-books. How do you scale node.js APIs - Social Dribbler. Improving Bug Triage with User Pain. What is DevOps and How Can it Benefit Your Organization? Le coup de gueule du jour… – JS, ma vie. Why Analytics Projects Fail And What To Do About It. PHP 8 va proposer un compilateur Just In Time qui devrait produire une amélioration des performances en vitesse.