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21st Century Information Fluency. Find dance competitions near you! My Library. The Why and How of Using Facebook For Educators – No Need to be Friends At All! If you are one of those out there that believe that Facebook has no place in the classroom, then, well maybe this post isn’t for you.

The Why and How of Using Facebook For Educators – No Need to be Friends At All!

But please first take a look at just a few reasons why you should reconsider: The fact is, the majority of your students and their parents are probably already on FacebookEven when schools have a policy against being “friends” online, there are tools you can use that won’t violate policyDespite what you may hear, there are strong privacy options that you can set up so only those that you want can access your informationWe have an obligation as educators to model appropriate online behavior and learn right along our students.

Sign In. Buying Power for Business. Home. Alexander McQueen Oversized Sunglasses. Appleseed Recordings. Mainland high school new jersey. SchoolWorld. SchoolSites Templates: SchoolSites comes standard with a vast library of flexible design templates that allow districts and schools to quickly and easily add their own content, font styles, colors, images, graphics, navigational links, attachments, and personal touches.


We are constantly designing new templates; therefore, contact us today to view our entire template library. 49 Great Designs to Choose From Click on a category to view design choices... The Unquiet Librarian: Buffy J. Hamilton#iPad_Project_2010-11_Resources (1043) Rebecca Alber's blog. Tame The Web. iLibrarian. A Librarian’s Guide to Creating 2.0 Subject Guides. October 1st, 2007 by Ellyssa Kroski The New Web has brought with it some amazing tools for creating online subject guides. SubjectsPlus: Manage your Subject Guides and More (Thus Plus) Growing Home Co-op. Cultivating Sustainable Farms, Livelihoods and Communities. Joquetta's LiveBinder Shelf. Author of binders: joquetta Email this Shelf Post to Twitter or Facebook Embed this Shelf To email this shelf, click in the box below which will select the shelf url for copy and paste: Share this Shelf Embed a Public Shelf on Your Website:

joquetta's LiveBinder Shelf

Pathfinder Tools. Organize your resources in an online binder - LiveBinders. Home - New Tools. Teachers as Technology Trailblazers. Classroom 2.0.

NH-S High School Library. FrontPage. Course: Twitter - Making the most of Tweets. The JISC Regional Support Centre for the Southeast is one of 13 RSCs covering the UK. It's our job to support the development of e-learning and Information Learning Technology in FE, Sixth Form and Specialist Colleges, Adult and Community Learning, Work Based Learning and aspects of Higher Education. We cover teaching and learning, management, staff development, technical IT and business support. This course is freely available for use by the clients of any RSC but copyright and usage restrictions apply (see below). Unless otherwise stated, all content provided in this course from RSC SouthEast is copyright of RSC SouthEast .

All rights are expressly reserved. Comment on, edit, and fill PDF files, Word documents, images and more. For Teachers. The Library of Congress offers classroom materials and professional development to help teachers effectively use primary sources from the Library's vast digital collections in their teaching.

For Teachers

Find Library of Congress lesson plans and more that meet Common Core standards, state content standards, and the standards of national organizations. Discover and discuss ways to bring the power of Library of Congress primary sources into the classroom. Go to the blog Subscribe to the blog via e-mail or RSS. Using Primary Sources. An Educators Guide To Twitter. ChemEd Courses. New Jersey Association of School Librarians (NJASL) : Welcome! Curriculum. Common Craft - Our Product is Explanation.

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NeverEndingSearch. MEDICAL. Death of PowerPoint ( by Prometis LLC on Prezi. Reading Rants! Out of the Ordinary Teen Booklists! Online tools and applications - Go2web20. Cherry Hill East Library: Collaborize Classroom - Online Education Technology for Teachers and Students. MARCMaker and MARCBreaker User's Manual. General Introduction This manual was written for anyone who would like to create basic MARC bibliographic records for library materials without having to use a MARC-based system.

MARCMaker and MARCBreaker User's Manual

It describes the basic MARC data elements that should be in a record and provides information about some of the available tools used to create MARC records. Many of these tools are available online free of charge. Social Software for the Rest of Us (or Librarian 2.0) €œLibraries should be seizing every opportunity to challenge these perceptions, and to push their genuinely valuable content, services and expertise out to places where people might stand to benefit from them; places where a user would rarely consider drawing upon a library for support.

Social Software for the Rest of Us (or Librarian 2.0)

"—Paul Miller, from “Web 2.0: Building the New Library," Ariadne 45 (October 2005) ( previous post noting that libraries should be playing a pivotal role in the development of Web 2.0/Library 2.0 services, leads me to ponder what first steps the uninitiated might take—as well as the personal side of the social software universe. I touched on it briefly at CPL last week, but there was just so much to talk about that day.

Text, Images, Music and Video. Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies: Home Page. Librarian Connection EarlyWord: The Publisher. 43 Book Trailers Sites to Inspire, Instruct, and Share. The Best Info About Book Trailers I’ve followed the book trailer phenomenon for a couple years and wanted to do a post.

43 Book Trailers Sites to Inspire, Instruct, and Share

In 2003, it was just beginning; in 2006, there was lots of experimenting; in 2009, it seems here to stay and writers should take it as a given that they need a book trailer for trade books. Here’s some of the best about book trailers from around the web. 42 Sites for submission14 Ways to approach content10 Ways to combine audio/video5 Case studiesMuch more. . .CLICK HERE to Learn More. Podcasting - Kristin Fontichiaro. The Myna audio editing tool by Aviary is a free, web-based tool with built in audio loops.

Podcasting - Kristin Fontichiaro

It's my new favorite for student podcasting projects. They are currently beta-testing a version for teachers which easily gathers all student work for assignments in a single location. Ta-da List. - ASP, JavaScript, CSS and HTML made easy. Federal Government Grant Services. Kids Feel the Power of Poetry in Performance. This may sound like an English teacher's pipe dream, but it is becoming a common experience in classrooms across the country.

Kids Feel the Power of Poetry in Performance

In lower-income neighborhoods in cities like New York and Chicago, students are competing with words and then settling in for discussions of metaphor, assonance, consonance, and allusion. Slam poetry, a blend of literature and performance that culminates in live competitions called slams, is transforming these students from reluctant, shy, or diffident learners into passionate artists. It is helping teachers not just teach writing but also build confidence. And, with the help of videoconferencing, it is connecting students across the country, inspiring them to compete at a high level and envision a future beyond school. A major force behind this evolving movement is Global Writes, a nonprofit organization in the Bronx that works with local arts organizations to place professional poets in schools to coteach weekly with classroom instructors.

EyeWitness to History - history through the eyes of those who lived it. Cherry Hill High School East. Microsoft Outlook Web Access.

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Cherry Hill, NJ Nightlife Directory of Restaurants, Bars, Entertainment, Bands, Hotels. Morris County Concierge Service l Errands Chores & More. Terms of Service Business Hours 9:00 a.m. 5:30 p.m.

Morris County Concierge Service l Errands Chores & More

Monday-Friday. Nicholas P. Scutari (D) Broadway - #1 Site for Broadway Shows, Theatre, Live Entertainment, Tickets & More! Supporting Inquiry from the Library of Congress - Overview - For Teachers. VIPLINK Home. Cherry Hill Public Schools. PhatFiction - home - Diff. PHAT Fiction : Engaging Hip-Hop Literature in the Public Library(*phat=popular, hip and tempting fiction). Book Profiles. LibGuides for School Libraries - Examples and Reviews. Schoollibrarywebsites - home. The burn journals trailer english project watch 2 video.

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