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Addie wagenknecht

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Skincare and Opsec Forever – Read, Write, Participate. Beauty vlogs and cyber-security tips actually make a pretty good couple Step 1: Uncap under eye concealer.

Skincare and Opsec Forever – Read, Write, Participate

Step 2: Discuss threat modeling. Step 3: Dab on under eye concealer. Step 4: Switch from passwords to passphrases. Cosmetics tutorials and cybersecurity may seem like strange bedfellows. But in the world of YouTube — where beauty vlogs are abundant and reliable cybersecurity advice is scarce — they actually make a pretty good couple. Borrowing beauty vloggers’ DIY aesthetic and focusing on the real-world applications of infosec (e.g. thwarting nosey partners), I filmed tutorials that everyday users might find appealing.

You could squander precious time watching twice as many videos: one on applying korean sheet masks, and one on the merits of password managers. Or, you could multitask and watch videos that tackles both 👇 Lesson One: My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard (and why that might be an issue). Lesson Two: Passwords and how to not suck at getting hacked. Digital Interface: Addie Wagenknecht’s Alone Together - BOMB Magazine. Addie Wagenknecht: Alone Together, bitforms gallery, 2018.

Digital Interface: Addie Wagenknecht’s Alone Together - BOMB Magazine

Left to right: self portrait—as a young women after a hundred years and 12 seconds, 2017; self portrait—snow on cedar (winter), 2017. Courtesy bitforms gallery, New York. Photo: John Berens. “Technology is seductive when what it offers meets our human vulnerabilities. And as it turns out, we are very vulnerable indeed,” writes psychologist and theorist Sherry Turkle in Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other (2011).

Addie Wagenknecht, self portrait—loneliness is what we can’t do for each other, 2017. At first glance, the mid- and large-sized works on linen canvas appear to be abstract-expressionistic paintings, with a familiar ultramarine hue. Patented in 1960 by the French artist Yves Klein, the blue pigment dubbed International Klein Blue (IKB) represents a landmark in the history of Minimalism. Alone Together — Addie Wagenknecht. Artist Statement: The roomba navigates around the artist body because it is designed to do so, to an extent, it is relentless until stopped.

Alone Together — Addie Wagenknecht

Her body prevents the roomba from accessing areas of the canvas while simultaneously transferring the labor of the production from the female to the AI. This gifts the artist with the privilege of rest rather than physical labor. The conundrum is that AI, machine or device, is a promise to optimize- the ability to perform basic tasks. Contrarily this doesn't encourage stillness on the woman's part, the AI simply creates more labor in exchange for its cohabitation of the domestic space. The artist body actively claims the canvas, the artifact of her presence is thus void of color. Addie Wagenknecht: "Alone Together" Opening January 5. Addie WagenknechtAlone Together Addie Wagenknecht Roomba painting process documentation.

Addie Wagenknecht: "Alone Together" Opening January 5

Opening reception: Friday, January 5, 6 – 8 PMbitforms gallery, 131 Allen Street, NYC Gallery hours: Wed – Sat, 11 AM – 6 PM & Sunday, 12 – 6 PM bitforms gallery is pleased to announce Alone Together, Addie Wagenknecht’s second solo exhibition with the gallery, which features a new series of paintings rendered in International Klein Blue pigment. The works speak to the artist’s longtime preoccupation with gendered labor, power structures, and technology. Wagenknecht’s latest paintings expand upon themes in the artist’s prior series Black Hawk Paint (2008- current) and Internet of Things (2015), exploring dynamic action painting with small-scale drone aircraft and networked functionality using Roomba-based sculptures and wifi hardware that respond or jam networks within the space. Addie Wagenknecht Self portrait as a young woman after a hundred years and 12 seconds, 2017. Instagram.

Ghost — Addie Wagenknecht. Private Data Is the Ultimate Luxury Good. Image: Addie Wagenknecht What if an SD card was worth more than a diamond?

Private Data Is the Ultimate Luxury Good

In a society where information is paramount, how do we value something we cannot see? What do we hold precious in an age that has become increasingly beholden to data? Psk series is a series of jewelry—rings, necklaces, bracelets—with the diamond or gem that would typically be featured replaced with something far more valuable per square millimeter: data. Co-creators Addie Wagenknecht and Pirate Bay co-founder Peter Sunde want the jewelry to reflect the literal distributed modes of creation and exchange, which challenge people’s concept of value in traditional economies. As Wagenknecht told me, "What we often don't realize is so many markets, if not all, ride on artificial scarcity. Psk series taps into cultural norms and anxieties of the desired object, the covetable product that no one else has or will own. Consider Facebook and its efforts to spread internet connectivity beyond wealthy countries.

Bitforms gallery.