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Care homes can be lonely and cruel places. But they can also be inspiring too. My old man said follow the van, and don’t dilly-dally on the way.”

Care homes can be lonely and cruel places. But they can also be inspiring too

We are seated in a circle, singing. The woman next to me is lusty, her voice clear and her hands tapping out the rhythm; the man opposite in his wheelchair looks slightly dazed but he mouths the words. Care homes should allow pets – they are the difference between coping and crumbling. Here is a nightmare of mine about the future: I’m in my late 80s, most of my friends have pegged out, I’m sick and weedy, can hardly walk, but still have my old dog, the only remaining love of my life.

Care homes should allow pets – they are the difference between coping and crumbling

I’m consigned to a care home – but no dogs allowed. Then what? If I insist on keeping my dog, I’ll be called “intentionally homeless”, the council will no longer be obliged to house me and I’ll end up a vagrant. You’ll find me on a pavement outside Sainsbury’s, in a mound of duvets and rags, with the beloved dog beside me, and a bowl for donations. Care home launches pureed fine dining experience for older people living with dysphagia. A care home in West Byfleet is launching a truly innovative fine dining experience for those with swallowing difficulties, providing only high quality and visually appealing food.

Care home launches pureed fine dining experience for older people living with dysphagia

The food is all pureed and the experience is set to help older people and visitors who live with dysphagia - a condition that makes swallowing food difficult and often stressful. The fine dining experience is set to launch in February at the Anchor West Hall care home in Parvis Road. The aim of the launch is to demonstrate that appetising and visually pleasing modified food can be made in all of Anchor's care homes across the country. Using traditional piping or quenelle, the charity presents textured meals in way to reflect the shape of the original produce.

Anchor’s Service Delivery Consultant Andy Seal, who is leading the fine dining experience said: "Mealtimes are central to all of our lives, giving us the opportunity for social interaction over good food. Yoga projects help care home residents with dementia 'experience calm' Yoga is a popular care home activity, improving both physical and mental wellbeing in residents and reducing agitation and anxiety.

Yoga projects help care home residents with dementia 'experience calm'

This is particularly apparent in people living with dementia, as yoga instructor Tania Plahay discovered after taking part in an 18-month project with a Four Seasons care home. Au pairs for the elderly sought as live-in care booms. Are robots the key to solving social care crisis - - Your authority on UK local government. Laura Sharman 31 January 2017 Middlesex University and the University of Bedfordshire will collaborate on a €2.5m international three-year research project to help develop the world’s first robots able to respond to the needs and preferences of elderly clients.

Are robots the key to solving social care crisis - - Your authority on UK local government

Irena Papadopoulos, professor of transcultural health and nursing at Middlesex University, said: ‘Assistive, intelligent robots for older people could relieve pressures in hospital and care homes as well as improving care delivery at home and promoting independent living for the elderly. ‘In order for robots to be more acceptable to older people it is essential that they can be programmed to adapt to diverse backgrounds and this is where my expertise in transcultural nursing comes in.

Cheshire care home finds dementia dolls give residents 'comfort and a sense of calm' 26-Jan-17 Article By: Sue Learner, Editor A care home in Cheshire has revealed it is using doll therapy on its residents with dementia, an intervention which is still viewed by some as controversial despite it having visible benefits.

Cheshire care home finds dementia dolls give residents 'comfort and a sense of calm'

Barchester Iddenshall Hall and Beeston View Dementia Unit in Tarporley have six empathy dolls and its senior activities coordinator, Lynne Loughlin, said: “We have found they work really well. We don’t give them directly to the residents. We wait for the residents to approach the dolls themselves.” The home has found it is the “same residents who tend to interact with the dolls and they are also popular with the men. 13,000 pensioners could be forced into care homes against their will  ATTN: - We should help dementia patients the way the Dutch do. How fake news caused this whole NHS mess.

In this brave new world of fake news, it’s hard to know who to believe.

How fake news caused this whole NHS mess

This week, the British Red Cross labelled the situation in our A&Es a humanitarian crisis. Personally I think people who immediately resort to hyperbole are worse than Hitler, so when Jeremy Hunt pooh-poohed the claim, stating that there are only issues in 'one or two' hospitals, I for one was reassured; after all, who would know more about accessing emergency care than a man who spends so much of his time with his pants on fire? However, NHS middle management has more leaks than a night in with Donald Trump, and we quickly learnt that not only were the problems far more widespread than Mr Hunt had pretended, but that pressure to downplay the situation was coming right from the very top.

A few smithereens of truth have floated in on the tsunami of spin emanating from the Department of Health, most notably the suggestion from Mr Hunt that many patients who present to A&E shouldn’t have gone there in the first place. Can 'at-home' care be cheaper than a care home? Thousands sign petition over 'heartbroken' care home resident 'in tears' after being told pet dog must go. Over 118,000 people have signed a petition for Bob Harvey to keep his dog Darkie, after his care home told him his pet Schnauzer has to go.

Thousands sign petition over 'heartbroken' care home resident 'in tears' after being told pet dog must go

Bob Harvey and Darkie. Credit: Family friend, Tracey Streit, set up the petition as well as a crowdfunding campaign which has so far raised over £5,300. Mr Harvey, aged 87, moved into Burnfoot Coach House care home in Lockerbie, four years ago, with his wife and their dog Darkie. Care home aims to combat loneliness this Christmas. Comments (0) The Bluebird Care Centre got in the Christmas spirit with a real winter warmer.

Care home aims to combat loneliness this Christmas

Carers and customers of the care centre gathered in Christ Church Hall, on Grimsby Road, for a day of fun, food and activities as the centre sought to advertise the importance of staying warm over the winter periods, and combating loneliness over the festive period. Positive Spin: Enabling people with dementia and their families to cycle. Positive Spin has a range of all-ability trikes as well as regular bikes, with the aim of Cycle Training UK's project to offer a fun and sociable activity that has the potential to enhance health and well-being in people living with dementia.

Positive Spin: Enabling people with dementia and their families to cycle

Following a successful pilot last year, the innovative London-based project is now being rolled out in both Lambeth and Hackney and supports individuals living at home as well as those living in care homes and sheltered housing. “The project aims to break down any barriers that exist to getting out on a bike,” said David Dansky of Cycle Training UK, who helps deliver the project.

A range of benefits have been noted since the project started in July 2015, including: increasing people’s muscle strength, reducing stress and depression and increasing confidence. Challenging the fears of cycling. Virtual reality helps transport Chelsea Pensioner back to town he liberated in WWII. A Chelsea Pensioner has become the first World War Two veteran to use Virtual Reality to revisit a town that he helped liberate 72 years ago. Frank Mouqué with the virtual reality headset The virtual reality video was specially created for 91-year-old D-Day veteran Frank Mouqué who is a resident at Royal Hospital Chelsea, home of the iconic Chelsea Pensioners. The video was shared ahead of this year's Remembrance Sunday 2016 and depicts Mr Mouqué using VR to revisit the French town of Armentières that he helped liberate during World War Two. Stuart Logan, founder and chief executive of Twine, which created the 360-degree film, said: “Virtual reality is a technology with almost limitless potential, but we wanted to look beyond thrills and entertainment and use it to achieve something truly profound.

“I am proud that we were able to mobilise so many members of the Twine community of creative freelancers, from across the world, to help make this special film for Frank.” Charity raises concerns care homes are feeding meat to vegetarians with dementia. A charity has raised concerns that when care home residents lose their mental capacity and ability to express themselves, some care homes are failing to respect their beliefs and are feeding them meat.

There are currently over 6,500 vegetarians and vegans living in care homes in the UK. Vegetarian for Life was set up back in 2007 by trustees shocked by the story of an elderly woman who had been an animal’s rights campaigner and was vegetarian. When she went into a care home after developing dementia, she was given food containing meat, with staff claiming they felt it was acceptable because she ‘would not know any different’. In a similar case, three years ago, the daughter of an elderly woman with dementia at a care home in Wales, took her complaint to the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales, after finding she was regularly fed meat despite being vegetarian. 'Sadly this is a common approach' Food triggers fond grandparent memories - Age UK study. To mark this year's Grandparents' Day on Sunday 2 October, Age UK has commissioned a study revealing the contribution that grandparents make to our lives and how some of our favourite food from childhood evokes fond memories of them.

With help from celebrity supporters, Age UK is asking Britain to celebrate Grandparents’ Day and raise vital funds for our services by sharing special recipes that most remind us of our grandparents. Which foods remind us of our grandparents? Over half of the population said they are reminded of their grandparents by retro refreshments and nostalgic nibbles. Of those who agreed: 16% cited home baking as the most likely to bring back good memories. Ten top tips to help care homes provide nutritious and hygienic food. It is vital that older people in care homes have a good, nutritious diet as this can be instrumental in protecting them against a whole range of age-related conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, dementia, bowel problems and osteoporosis. As well as a balanced diet, the British Nutrition Foundation recommends that older people eat two portions of fish a week, one of which should be oily. Oily fish contains long chain omega-3 fatty acids which can help protect against heart disease and reduce some of the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

People who are older find it harder to absorb Vitamin D through sunlight through the skin, so it is important their diet is supplemented with foods rich in Vitamin D such as eggs, oily fish and fortified cereals. The Department of Health advises that people aged 65 and over should take a daily 10 microgram vitamin D supplement. Who's afraid of the big bad care wolf? Everybody it seems. Is Granny safe in her bed when social care’s about? Or must loved ones don red cloaks like Little Red Riding Hood and vigilantly keep watch over her? Is Granny safe from the social care wolf? The fairy tale gone wrong. Keeping audio diaries can boost confidence of people with dementia. Technology which monitors behaviour patterns set to revolutionise dementia care at home. 6 Trends Shaping the Future of Senior Living Communities.

This week, thousands of senior living professionals are heading to Nashville for the LeadingAge Annual Meeting and Expo, including some of our Welsh Construction staff. In honor of the annual conference, we’ve gathered some of the top senior living trends our team has seen over the past year. Biozoon's 3D printed smooth foods target Europe's elderly. Biozoon developed its smoothfood concept back in 2010 - food that is visually appealing, tastes good while the fact the 3D printers allow Biozoon to create any number of food shapes without having to completely change their production line.

CEO Matthias Kuck says: “We take fresh food items and transform them into different textures. The aim is that the smooth food looks very similar to the original food but can be eaten by anyone as it can be swallowed without chewing.” How do you treat dementia? ’Startling’ numbers have not had medication reviewed. A recent study from five universities, published in the BMJ, found no overall reduction in the prescribing of antipsychotics to dementia patients in UK care homes between 2009 and 2012 despite a government plans to reduce the medication.

In most - 77 per cent - of cases in 2012, treatment was ‘excessive’ and lasted for far longer than the recommended six weeks. Devon care home boasts pub, ice-cream parlour and shops. Comments (0) If I woke up in a perfect care home – how would I know? Robin willmott Robin Willmott, general manager, Millbrook Lodge. 9 Assisted Living Trends to Watch for in 2016. Activities. How singing may help people with dementia. A few years ago, I was in the audience for a live radio show, when the renowned American country singer Glen Campbell took to the stage. What the listeners of the programme could not have seen was his obvious confusion about where he was and what was going on, nor the gentle supportive guidance from his daughter, a fellow musician on stage. How memory apps can help people with dementia tap into their past. New Approaches for Dealing with Difficult Dementia Behaviors.

Care home residents need tailored nutrition – here are some guidelines. Care home provider installs music streaming service after noticing 'worrying trend of wall to wall Vera Lynn'