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Hero's Journey. The following is an excerpt from a paper I wrote 20 some years ago while I was in Jungian analytic training.

Hero's Journey

The larger paper is an interpretation of the movie Alien as an archetypal night sea journey of the hero. This excerpt chronicles the evolution of Jung's perspective on the hero's journey and is being posted in honor of the October 7, 2009, publication of Carl Gustav Jung’s Red Book. The Red Book is Jung's personal journal documenting his own night sea journey, what he called his "confrontation with the unconscious.

" Jung began the Red Book in 1913 following the devastating break with his friend, colleague, mentor, and father figure, Sigmund Freud. The Night Sea Journey Jung attributes the term "night sea journey" to Frobenius, to whose extensive study of myths Jung refers frequently in the Collected Works. The Quantum Revolution. Joseph Campbell To be a Quantum Revolutionary means to be brave, and not afraid to be a hero and go on the hero’s journey.

The Quantum Revolution

Overthinking Lost: Season 6 Episode 1. Welcome to Overthinking It, the site that subjects the popular culture to a level of scrutiny it probably doesn't deserve.

Overthinking Lost: Season 6 Episode 1

There's much more where this came from, so if you like this article: Recently, I was “flashing back,” if you will, to last summer, back when I first started watching Lost and writing this crazy column. Back in June and July, I asked a lot of silly questions: Who are the Others? Can science and faith ever be reconciled? How is Lost’s season two like a game of Civilization IV? I’m not going to answer any of those questions today. That question still hasn’t been sufficiently answered. The Hero's Journey of Tiger Woods. Begin Your Brand Storytelling Journey with These 10 Steps.

Neuroscience of Change. Personal growth is a challenge for many people because we over identify our sense of self with our behavior.

Neuroscience of Change

While behavior may illustrate ‘how you think’ or ‘how you see’ life at this moment, really our attitudes and beliefs can and do change over time. Yet, it’s because of this narrow way of ‘seeing our self’ that we resist personal growth and development. The inference of society is generally that personal growth means you need ‘fixing’. Star Wars Mythology. H. Journey. Symbolism and Allegory. Monomyth/Hero's Journey/Destiny. Heroes. The Game of Thrones Season 3 Premiere: All Talk, and What's Wrong With That? - The "Game of Thrones" Roundtable. Our roundtable on "Valar Dohaeris," the first episode of the HBO show's third season Every week for the third season of HBO's acclaimed fantasy series Game of Thrones, our roundtable of Ross Douthat (columnist, The New York Times), Spencer Kornhaber (entertainment editor,, and Christopher Orr (senior editor and film critic, The Atlantic) will discuss the latest happenings in Westeros.

The Game of Thrones Season 3 Premiere: All Talk, and What's Wrong With That? - The "Game of Thrones" Roundtable

Kornhaber: Sex and death get the headlines, but anyone who's binge-watched the first two seasons of Game of Thrones in a few-weeks span—guilty here—knows that the show spends most of its time with chitchat. So it's a good sign that last night's Season Three premiere had some of the show's best all-talk scenes yet. Chris, you've marveled at how Game of Thrones adds locale after locale, storyline after storyline, character after character, without collapsing on itself. Owning Your Story. There’s a movement sweeping business, design, and communication right now.

Owning Your Story

But it’s not a new technology, and it has nothing to do with people, patterns, or processes. What it has everything to do with is you and your story. Storytelling has quickly become one of the most talked about topics in user experience and beyond—to the point that it’s almost cliché. Most of the ideas presented around storytelling are focused on simple reasons why storytelling is important and some marginal tips for telling a better story. The problem there is that we’re a step ahead of ourselves. The Magic of Storytelling: A Rhetoric for Beginners. 7 Reasons Storytelling is Important for Branded Content via. Gutenberg invented the printing press around 1440.

7 Reasons Storytelling is Important for Branded Content via

The first radio transmissions were in the early 1900s.The television became commercially available less than a century ago. The Internet is not even old enough to have a drink (legally; at least not in the United States).Facebook and Twitter are just out of diapers, and the next big marketing tool is still in the womb or possibly just a twinkle in its creator’s eye. On Being Creative. Why Storytelling Is The Ultimate Weapon.

In business, storytelling is all the rage.

Why Storytelling Is The Ultimate Weapon

Without a compelling story, we are told, our product, idea, or personal brand, is dead on arrival. In his book, Tell to Win, Peter Guber joins writers like Annette Simmons and Stephen Denning in evangelizing for the power of story in human affairs generally, and business in particular. Guber argues that humans simply aren’t moved to action by “data dumps,” dense PowerPoint slides, or spreadsheets packed with figures. People are moved by emotion. The best way to emotionally connect other people to our agenda begins with “Once upon a time…” Plausible enough.