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BBC Nature - History of life on Earth. 16 Things I Wish They Had Taught Me in School. I am 28 now.

16 Things I Wish They Had Taught Me in School

I don’t think about the past or regret things much these days. » 16 Ways to Keep A Razor- Sharp Focus at Work. Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Glen Stansberry of LifeDev (feed).

» 16 Ways to Keep A Razor- Sharp Focus at Work

Focus is something of a novelty these days. We’ve got cellphones for texting and calls, IM, Twitter, Email, RSS feeds, Facebook, Myspace… the list goes on and on. Dont Ever Let This One Thing Crush You And Your Dreams. I’ve tried pretty much everything in the way of increasing productivity…

Dont Ever Let This One Thing Crush You And Your Dreams

Marc and Angel Hack Life - Practical Tips for Productive Living. Opinion / Op-Ed : A difficult journey, some difficult decisions. My visit to Gujarat One of the pillars of development that I have thought a lot about is that we have to create a nation where poverty has been totally eradicated and illiteracy removed.

Opinion / Op-Ed : A difficult journey, some difficult decisions

Alongside, we need to evolve a society where crimes against women and children are absent and none in the society feels alienated. These thoughts were prominent in my mind during my visit to Gujarat in August 2002, which I took up as my first major task immediately after becoming President. The State had been hit by riots a few months earlier, and their impact had left thousands of lives in disarray. Meghamalai – A walk in the clouds. By Ramya Sriram If you're looking for a quiet escape to untouched, pristine lands, less of which seem to be remaining every day, then Meghamalai's your answer.

Meghamalai – A walk in the clouds

Tucked away in the clouds of the Western Ghats, this little-accessible mountain range offers gorgeous views of lush green mountains, dense forests, teal lakes and, above all, peace. Pruning tea at the Woodbriar estate. The amused workers asked me to give up my job.Meghamalai, also called the High Wavy Mountains, is located on the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border and can be reached by road from Theni via Chinnamanur, the nearest town. 8 Most Insane Tourist Attractions.

( 54 Votes ) Check out these 8 insane tourist attractions, from the Cage of Death in Australia, Cliff Base Jumping in Norway, Volcano Bungee in Chile and many more!

8 Most Insane Tourist Attractions

CN Tower Edge Walking (Toronto, Canada) The CN Tower holds a Guinness World Record for its EdgeWalk attraction — the highest external walk on a building. Top 5 Fastest Bikes in the World. Bhagat Singh. Bhagat Singh (IPA: [pə̀ɡət̪ sɪ́ŋɡ] ( ); 28 September 1907 – 23 March 1931) was an Indian socialist considered to be one of the most influential revolutionaries of the Indian independence movement.

Bhagat Singh

He is often referred to as "Shaheed Bhagat Singh", the word "Shaheed" meaning "martyr" in a number of Indian languages. Born into a Sikh family which had earlier been involved in revolutionary activities against the British Raj, as a teenager Singh studied European revolutionary movements and was attracted to anarchist and Marxist ideologies. He became involved in numerous revolutionary organisations, and quickly rose through the ranks of the Hindustan Republican Association (HRA) to become one of its main leaders, eventually changing its name to the Hindustan Socialist Republican Association (HSRA) in 1928. Seeking revenge for the death of Lala Lajpat Rai at the hands of the police, Singh was involved in the murder of British police officer John Saunders. Early life[edit] Escape[edit] Why I am an Atheist. Bhagat Singh 1931 Written: October 5–6, 1930Source/Translated: Converted from the original Gurmukhi (Punjabi) to Urdu/Persian script by Maqsood Saqib; translated from Urdu to English by Hasan for, 2006;HTML/Proofread: Andy Blunden and Mike Bessler;CopyLeft: Creative Common (Attribute & ShareAlike) 2006.

Why I am an Atheist

It is a matter of debate whether my lack of belief in the existence of an Omnipresent, Omniscient God is due to my arrogant pride and vanity. Bhagat Singh Internet Archive. Bhagat Singh and the Revolutionary Movement. Red tape chokes India’s economic rise. (CNN) – India is Asia’s third largest economy, the world’s tenth largest by nominal GDP and is dubbed as the world’s largest democracy.

Red tape chokes India’s economic rise

So why does India still skulk in the shadows of the world’s other rising superpower China? One reason could be that India is hamstrung by its bureaucracy. As the Economic Times stated, India needs to reform its bureaucracy and curb widespread corruption so it can fix its global image and achieve economic growth. A recent report from the Hong Kong based Political and Economic Risk Consultancy Ltd ranked India the lowest on a bureaucracy rating in Asia.

The report shows that the country runs an inefficient bureaucracy because of corruption and inadequate infrastructure. The report defines a bureaucratic system as “one where workers in the public sector view themselves as officials in a hierarchical structure in which the higher you are on the organization chart, the more important you are.” Click Lit : Anshul Chaturvedi. We will not let Rushdie come here.

Click Lit : Anshul Chaturvedi

Done. We will not let anyone read out from Rushdie here, either. We will not let Rushdie address people here from a video screen here, either!