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Lift Gamma Gain - The Colorist & Color Grading Forum. Skintones - how to achieve this look?

Lift Gamma Gain - The Colorist & Color Grading Forum

Discussion in 'Looks' started by Malte Løkken, Apr 12, 2013. Malte Løkken Message Count: 18 Hello guys, I've been trying around with some skintones looks, and there's one look that I just can't seem to nail. In certain situations I think this "Redish shadows" look, is great for creating a mood, and I've seen it used many times in blockbuster movies. Do any of you know how to make this redish look in the skintones, like shown in these pictures? -are there any good techniques? And So it Begins...: My 11 Favorite Cinematographers. Being a Director is More of a State of Mind Than a Profession.

How I Made My First Feature Film. Lights Online Film School recently had the opportunity to interview one of our newest students, Josh Beck, about his debut feature film entitled EVER.

How I Made My First Feature Film

You can watch the teaser trailer for the film and read our interview below. Hello Josh and thank you for talking with us about your first feature film. First of all, a huge congratulations on getting your film shot! Using Color Temp to Create Depth and Dimension with your HD Video. I have been asked this question many times, “Do you white balance your camera?”

Using Color Temp to Create Depth and Dimension with your HD Video

I respond with one word, “Never.” White balancing a video camera is a holdover from the days of Ikegami cameras, the tubes inside that would burn if you shot a bright light. Interview with Christophe Persoz, Director of The Endless Session. DaVinci Resolve: Using Limiters. A Look at SpeedGrade: Professional Color Grading within Adobe Creative Suite 6 » NYC Production & Post News. –This review is the first of a two-part series on Adobe SpeedGrade.

A Look at SpeedGrade: Professional Color Grading within Adobe Creative Suite 6 » NYC Production & Post News

The release of the Production Premium version of Adobe Creative Suite 6 (CS6) last year contained a wealth of important new features in its various apps. I’ve already written an in-depth review of Premiere Pro that, in CS6, delivered on its promise of becoming a truly professional NLE. Filmmakers. Filmmaking isn’t rocket science, but sometimes they are kissing cousins.


Such is the case of the documentary Particle Fever, where the credentials of both producer David Kaplan and director Mark Levinson include a Doctorate in particle physics. Levinson has been involved in filmmaking for 28 years, starting after his graduation from Berkeley, when he found the job prospects for physics in a slump. Instead he turned to his second passion – films. Behind the Scenes of Assassin's Creed. Group: News. One of the most celebrated indie debuts in years, BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD weaves a lyrical tale of a girl named Hushpuppy who must save her ailing father and defend her home in a bayou.

Group: News

The auspicious premiere of BEASTS at this year's Sundance Film Festival had director Benh Zeitlin claiming the Grand Jury Prize and DP Ben Richardson with top cinematography honors, followed by the Camera d'’Or at Cannes. Crafted together through dozens of grants (including the inaugural ARRI Sundance Feature Film Program Package supplied by ARRI CSC), the film showcases the power of what talented filmmakers can do on a grassroots level and that epic ideas are not limited only to large budgets. Says producer Josh Penn, "Getting the ARRI Sundance grant made it possible for us to make the film. Digitalfilms « a blog by Oliver Peters. Making of Beasts of the Southern Wild - Part I. A place for independent filmmakers to get real world advice. Digital Filmmaking, Animation, Motion Graphics, Design, Film, Visual Effects and Experimental Moving Image Storytelling. The Art of Getting Paid.

Tutorials. Creating a Project In this Lightworks 11.5 tutorial, the first in a ten part series, you'll learn to how to choose project settings and setup your project including how to change the output format.


Fincher Film School: Paint It Black. PDF Download David Fincher has been labelled all variations of a 'prince of darkness'.

Fincher Film School: Paint It Black

Perhaps rightfully so, as his movies mostly are crafted with a signature color palette of dark tones, mostly green and blue. The 22 rules of storytelling, according to Pixar. A place to talk about visual tampering. What follows is an interview I did for a student named Jahnavi who approached me via email.

A place to talk about visual tampering.

I thought I would share it with you: ————- First off I have to say I am very impressed by the questions you asked. I get asked to do this sort of thing a couple times a year by various students and by far your set of questions are the best. Very well thought out and I am excited to answer them. 1) Have you edited on both film, and digital? If yes, do you feel digital technology has changed editing? Yes I have edited on film and digital. Hurlbut Visuals. Lilith. An Abandoned Country Estate in Yonkers & Scouting NY.

A Media Manager Has Your Back. In the world of HDSLR technology, media management is a very important position.

A Media Manager Has Your Back

Every Elite Team member has held this position at some point during the untitled Navy Seal Movie to gain an understanding of HD image capture in a small footprint work-flow system and they all have jumped in head first! The unique skill set that my Elite Team brings is that they all have a film background and are comfortable with certain rituals that accompany being a motion picture film loader and 2nd assistant cameraman.

These include: managing the truck; keeping track of the gear and specialty pieces of equipment; creating an inventory and log; assessing how many magazines you have to load and color coding it according to the stock; labeling the magazines with the date, job, film stock and amount loaded on the magazine itself; and writing a camera report with the same information. MacBook Pro We shoot 10 to 15 minutes on a 8GB card. Card Reader with 8GB Card. Who is Martin de Thurah » Flux - A global creative community celebrating film, art, music and design. Photo by SØREN SOLKJÆR STARBIRD Name: Martin de ThurahCreated on: 1974-April-29 Record last updated on: 2008-November-20 Homepage: Martin’s homepage, Academy Films Domain: Filmmaking, Photography, Visual Effects, Animation, Eating Location: Copenhagen, Denmark After touring his stunning 2005 Carpark North music video and his subsequent videos around the world with RESFEST, I had an affinity for Martin de Thurah, but we had never met.

This week, that changed, as we invited him out to Los Angeles to present the U.S. premiere of his new film Young Man Falling as part of the Flux Screening Series tonight at the Hammer Museum. Detour Filmproduction. Mario Feil Films. Garrett O'Brien Visuals » The Hobbit and The EPIC. Nino Film - Blog - Nino Leitner - DSLR video, filmmaking & more. Check out our C300 test short “13:59″ above. Here’s the new great BTS from Peter Hainzl. Thanks so much! … and here’s another NEW behind-the-scenes video from Patrick Zadrobilek, thanks again! Big thanks to our actors Karim Ismael Rahoma and Mirjam Birkl, and the entire crew. Nino Film - Blog - Nino Leitner - DSLR video, filmmaking & more.

Tej Babra. Martin Scorsese's Film School: The 85 Films You Need To See To Know Anything About Film. : home. Ikonoskop. American Cinematographer: Cosmic Questions. At a press conference after The Tree of Life premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, it fell to the producers and lead actors to explain the film. Not surprisingly, director Terrence Malick, who is known to shun all personal publicity, was absent. Brad Pitt, who produced and stars in the movie, was asked about his experience working on the film. High Definition for PC. Prolost - Blog. 7 Tips for HD Color Correction and DSLR Color Correction.

Darren Aronofsky. ALL THINGS SHINING. Writing on the art of film & film as art. New Wave Films - Welcome.