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Pearltrees Gets a New Look, New Features and New Premium Tiers. Pearltrees, the social curation service that helps you organise Web content, photos and notes (‘pearls’) into mindmap-style ‘trees’, is today unveiling a new look, new features for paying users and revised pro account tiers.

Pearltrees Gets a New Look, New Features and New Premium Tiers

Pearltrees was launched in December 2010 and now boasts two million monthly active users, collecting over 50,000 links every day. The new UI, codenamed ‘Asimov’ by the French startup, is designed to provide a coherent, simpler experience across the Web, iOS and a forthcoming Android version. There’s nothing enormously different about it, although there’s now an Apple-style ‘dock’ at the bottom of the page for universal options and a subtly more friendly look that uses responsive design to optimize the layout for different screen sizes. The updated iOS version, which will be available as soon as it’s approved by Apple, promises to get rid of one my biggest bugbears when it comes to curation apps – the Safari bookmarklet.

Now, there are three paid tiers: [Exclusive] Pearltree gives power of structured personalization to users. Structured personalization has been a common feature among social networks these days, although this wasn’t always the case.

[Exclusive] Pearltree gives power of structured personalization to users

Following the trend, Pearltrees, the Wikipedia-like visual curation platform, announced a deeper level of personalization today that will enable Premium users to add custom images to backgrounds and individual pearls. Personalization had a bad rep circa MySpace 1.0 (not to be confused with the coming, lower-case “s” Myspace). The social network opened up a “free market” for customizing your profile pages and what users ended up doing was adding bedazzled gifs embedded in comments or the About Me section, and try as we might, we’ll never forget those seizure-inducing flickering backgrounds. This visual assault is partially what was so refreshing about the structure and clean white space of the early Facebook — it was in stark contrast to what we’d previously seen. We2Geeks Blog - Pearltrees: well mine isn't a tree yet. Sidenote: if you want me to try something I apparently respond better to an invite or email with a website link than I do if you just casually mention something to me.

We2Geeks Blog - Pearltrees: well mine isn't a tree yet

On to the story. So a month ago my wife mentioned Pearltrees. I didn't check it out. Most likely forgot about it entirely. Just a few days ago a geek friend of mine who works with my wife joined the service and invited people on his facebook. How Pearltrees Is Changing Church Ministry. If you haven’t kept up with the cross-platform app, Pearltrees, now’s the time.

How Pearltrees Is Changing Church Ministry

Think of Pearltrees like Facebook for bookmarks … on steroids. It allows you to graphically organize your web bookmarks into trees and share them with the world. And just recently they announced the new iPhone app has arrived, and apps for other phones are in the works! But the real power of Pearltrees is not in saving bookmarks for later – its in their use of real-time collaboration to enhance everything from vacation to Church ministry. What I Played this Week - Bounty Racer, Kingdom Rush, Stitcher and Pearltrees! What I played this week includes a mix of apps for both work and play, and warn you this will be a lengthy column, as also have a bit of game news to share at the end.

What I Played this Week - Bounty Racer, Kingdom Rush, Stitcher and Pearltrees!

So, let's jump in--play before work, as the saying goes: Bounty Racer (beta) is an exquisite crash cart-esque 3D racing menagerie (should be released next week). Second, Kingdom Rush for iPhone is engaging, if tiny, Tower Defense fun with rousing vocals and clashing swords to keep you alert through endless enemy waves. [PearlTrees] Programming Languages. Pearltrees: A New Concept In Social Networking. Home » Uncategorized » Pearltrees: A New Concept In Social Networking Social networking is the time consuming thing that you do sitting in front of your PC or Mac.Facebook and Twitter are the two big name and then comes Google plus.Pearltrees is the new new name in social networking site.I don’t know whether it will rock or will be just a stone but i can say its concept is very nice.By its name we can guess something related to pearl , yea its true here all thing are like pearl and all pearl are connected and you can organize these pearl like tree.Its is a place where you collect, organize and share everything you like on the web.

Pearltrees: A New Concept In Social Networking

Pearltrees’ have a unique and awesome visual interface that you love in first sight.Here you keep everything that you like at your hand so you can organize it your way. Feature of Pearltree (Visited 8 times, 4 visits today) Pearltrees: Graphic Social Bookmarking. Maui Web Designer News » Blog Archive » Pearltrees Is A Fresh New Way To Bookmark. Over the past month I’ve been playing around with Pearltrees, an exciting, fresh platform for bookmarking websites.

Maui Web Designer News » Blog Archive » Pearltrees Is A Fresh New Way To Bookmark

It can even be described as a social bookmarking tool. What makes Pearltrees so unique is its visual structure. It lets you organize the web the way you like in a visually pleasing way. It allows you to discover other people’s bookmarks (‘pearls’) and add them to your own list (‘tree’). Instead of using lists and folders to organize, your bookmarks are easy to see and find and organize. Have you planted a Pearltree today? « EdTech Innovations. This article is cross posted at the Technology & Learning Advisor blog.

Have you planted a Pearltree today? « EdTech Innovations

If you have not checked out Pearltrees then you owe it to yourself to give it a try. Pearltrees is one of the newest social bookmarking sites to hit the web that takes a very innovative approach to content curation. At first, I didn’t think that I was going to be able to get much value out if this site, but after I used it for a while, I can really see its value. If you are a visual thinker then this is a great way to store and organize your bookmarks. When you’re ready to go all you have you do is “plant” your first Pearltree, this is the category or topic of your links, and then add your pearls, which are the websites that you want to store. Pearltrees Helps You File the Internet Neatly. A free (ad-free) iPad app called Pearltrees is the key to creating a filing system for things you find anywhere on the Internet.

Pearltrees Helps You File the Internet Neatly

Pearltrees and Pinterest actually have a lot in common. They both help users organize the Web, letting each user choose what to organize and how to do it. They both definitely have their place in my heart, and I use them both in very different ways. (My lone Pearltree can be seen in the picture above). Gail Lovely's 5 Favorite Free Web Apps for Education. Web 2.0 | Viewpoint Page 2 of 2 Gail Lovely's 5 Favorite Free Web Apps for Education 4) Collaboration and collaboration tools are quite popular, but keeping it simple and quick while also allowing for multiple collaborators in real time without any log ins or accounts is a bit of a challenge.

Gail Lovely's 5 Favorite Free Web Apps for Education

TitanPad is a free tool for online collaborative writing. It requires no log in, and can even be used "on the fly" without any prior set-up. A free account adds some nice features including a "custom domain" and the ability to password-protect your pads. Editing Pearltrees for Final Project. 8 Pinterest Alternatives to Try. Have you pinned all of your marketing hopes on Pinterest? If so, it's time to reconsider the law of working with new tech platforms: One day a platform is in, the next day it's out—so don't fall into the trap of pouring all of your time into the hottest one of the week.

You're much better off spreading your efforts across multiple sites. Here are eight Pinterest-like services to check out. Sure, they might not have incredibly high page views (yet), but you never know when one of these might suddenly attract the attention of millions of new surfers looking for ideas. 1. This brand new start-up, still in beta, is like Pinterest with video reviews. 2. Pearltrees. Welcome to pearltrees – a site that gives you the tools to cultivate your interests online! I discovered this site while looking for ways to manage my bookmarked and favorited sites – as you can imagine, I have a ton of them. I thought it would be nice to be able to organize them into easily accessible categories like video games, knitting, crocheting, literature, history, music, etc. At the end of my search I was at Pearl Trees and more than ready to give it a whirl. To start your visit at pearltrees, I’m going to recommend that you watch the video on the main page, which will show you how it works and explain the basic premise of the site and its functionality.

Pearltrees: a multifunction visual bibliographic tool. While preparing the bibliography on energy security foresight, I was wondering if it would be useful to also apply a visually appealing approach to bibliographies, which would then be conceptualized as a product. As usual, there is no simple answer to this question, and if the classical bibliography will most probably have to be kept for a while, Pearltrees also appears as a perfect bibliographic tool. Because delivery of product must consider both the product’s material support and the recipient or customer, then the traditional way to write a bibliography will probably have to be kept for some time. Indeed, for anything that uses paper and print as support, the usual, alphabetical bibliography is best.It is furthermore the most practical way to find a reference as quickly as possible, especially for long bibliographies.

Indeed, for long and complex topics and thus references, we enter the categorization problem, as usual. The potential improvements could be Related. Doug's PD Wiki / Pearltrees. I like tools that lend to collaboration. I like graphic organizers. I like things that run over the web and work nicely in your browser. I think that’s why I immediately liked Pearltrees. From a central node (or as is called here “pearl”), you connect other pearls. These other pearls are web resources that connect to the central pearl. The result is a perfectly symmetrical graphic document. Playing With Pearltrees - A Great Way to Organize the Web. Over the years I've written about a lot of social bookmarking services and mind-mapping services (I even co-authored a chapter of a book on mind-mapping).

Pearltrees is a service that combines social bookmarking with mind-mapping. Using Pearltrees you can bookmark websites and arrange your bookmarks into webs or mind-maps of related topics. For example, this Pearltree contains links to stories, images, and videos about news from Libya. Social Bookmarking And Curation: Pinterest, Pearltrees, GimmeBar. Quote of the Day: "I get ideas about what to buy for others for the holidays from websites with best of lists (like top ten gifts for mom).” –Male, 27, CA Trolls, bullies, flame wars—comment sections online have them all. Is the solution simply to turn off the comments? Pearltrees Presentation by Viviana Mat on Prezi. Pearltrees of wisdomNerd Insider. Image by: wilgengebroaed Social Networking is one of the most talked about subjects on the web and more people are looking at new ways of engaging with people.

App of the Week: Pearltrees. Jeremiah Owyang: Sneak Preview: Checking ou... Wikipedia article traffic statistics. New Social Media Plugin Pearltrees Offers a New Take on Web Favorites. After the sweeping successes of Facebook and Twitter (and, in a distant, simpler time, MySpace), everyone wants to know what the next social frenzy will be all about. Many contenders have thrown their hat into the ring, including some of the biggest names in computing today, but the only really successful social product since Facebook has been… well… Twitter. That’s really about it. A new challenger is getting some attention, however.

Called Pearltrees, it allows you to create a web of influence, much like you can through tweets or likes. Unlike Facebook and Twitter products however, Pearltrees presents the information you collect from videos, blogs, and websites in “pearls” which, once collected, are automatically organized into webs, or “pearltrees,” that everyone can see and access. The pearltrees can either be centered on you specifically, as is your home pearltree, or around a concept, such as synthetic biology. To get started, follow through the questions Pearltrees asks. Review of Pearltrees. Pearltrees Social Content Creation - What is All the Hype? 6 reasons to use Pearltrees. S Pearltrees (@dzakyem) Organize Your Internet Experience With Pearltrees. Pearltrees Content Curation Service On A Touch Graphical Interface Is Sweet.

Web Links Archive as Networks - Pearltrees. Browsing the web all day long means coming across great stuff and additional branches and topics to be explored. Miss Nikki Ann's Living Room - Why don't people realise how much democratic and knowledge-promoting potential there is in ? New online storytelling tools: Curating/collaborating with Pearltrees. The good and the bad... The COOLEST Tech App : Technology In Teaching - Using technology in science classrooms, commentary on education, and general rants about teaching. Adjix. A Blog About Art Education... and Vegetables.: Pearltrees. A Pearl of Wisdom. Bye bye Delicious, Hello Pearltrees! « Eileen's Social Technology blog.

10 European Startups To Watch in 2011. PearlTrees - The next Delicious. Pearltrees brings curation to next level, adds Team feature. Pearltrees Dives Into Social Curating With Pearltrees Team. Pearl-ing with pearltrees (A Spectrum of Reviews) Jeanne Lakso: Hey, is anybody else using... Pearltrees Visualizes TechCrunch Disrupt. Startups Started By Former Yahoo Employees [Graphic] Jeannie Hart – Writer, Designer, & Artist » Blog Archive » Pearltrees. Double @Pearltrees balls ftw. Patrice Lamothe: Pearltrees had 1 million p... Interview with PearlTree at DEMO Fall 2010. PearlTrees: Store, Share & Organize Web Content Visually. Pearltrees, Organize, Discover and Share Bookmarks Neatly.

PearlTrees: a Visual and Social Bookmarking Tool.

At the beginning...

Patrice Lamothe: @scoblezeir Here is the of... Robert Scoble: Oh cool @patricelamothe cr... Patrice Lamothe: @Scobleizer Did not do it... Traveling geeks !!!! Pearltrees & Leweb. PearlTrees: Social Bookmarking in Tree Form « Mediactive Blog. Explore BizCAT Product Picks. Pearltrees: The Future of Social Bookmarking Foresight Publishing» Blog Archive » Why Pearltrees glistens lik. I have been hooked by pearltrees. Connecting through Content. The Curation Buzz... And PearlTrees. Pearltrees Offers A Different View On Bookmarking. Pearltrees Launches Embeds - Makes Bookmarks More Useful. Pearltrees comes of age. Pearltrees: A Great New Tool for Bloggers and Journalists. Pearltrees, socializing and curating content on the web.

Pearltrees & Web 2.0 expo

Bookmarks: Soon Obsolete? - PCWorld. Blogs, Podcasts and Video. Pearltrees grabs another €1.3 million. Social Bookmarking with Pearltree. Displaying and linking search results « Knowledge Leadership Ass.