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What about ven? Stan Stalnaker talks digital currency. CoinDesk caught up with Stan Stalnaker - founder of Hub Culture, a business club for international travellers and go-getters.

What about ven? Stan Stalnaker talks digital currency

When Hub Culture set up, it launched its own currency, Ven. CD: How do you describe Ven to your friends? Ecuador: How New eCash Affects Crypto Currency. Finance Earlier this month, the Ecuadorian Government announced its plans to introduce a digital currency, the first of its kind globally.

Ecuador: How New eCash Affects Crypto Currency

In a country where 40% of citizens don’t have a bank account according to The Economist, this has the potential to transform banking and allow companies to gain access to those without a bank account for the first time. New innovations in financial technology are having a huge impact on emerging markets worldwide, from mobile banking schemes in east Africa to the Dominican Government’s plans to send all SMS-capable residents a small, unspecified amount of bitcoins. These schemes are benchmarks for other emerging markets looking to progress through financial innovation, and Ecuador’s decision in particular may have far-reaching implications for crypto currencies worldwide. World's First National Digital Currency Trials in Ecuador. In what should be the first of many over the coming years, Ecuador will soon begin trials with the world’s first national digital currency.

World's First National Digital Currency Trials in Ecuador

They are the first nation to agree officially to implement it’s own digital currency as a state-supported national system of finance. The Central Bank of Ecuador has set up a trial version to begin later this month, and continue through mid-November 15th. Also read: Ecuador’s Centralized National Digital Currency This is an evolving story CryptoCoinsNews has been watching for months, as Ecuador has intimated that they have an interest in going digital with currency, at least in addition to their currency fiat currency systems.

It is seen as a supplement to their fiat currency system, not a replacement, at this time. Ecuador: The First Nation to Create its own Digital Currency. Over the weekend, CCN reported on the government of Ecuador’s decision to ban Bitcoin, along with all other cryptocurrencies, via a National Assembly majority vote on July 23rd.

Ecuador: The First Nation to Create its own Digital Currency

An outright ban placed on Bitcoin by one nation, or another, has always been inevitable. What is more interesting (and unexpected), in the case of Ecuador, is its concurrent announcement of plans to create its own national cryptocurrency. Ecuador is small South American country situated in the Andes, between Peru and Colombia. Bitreserve - Homepage. HullCoin launched as 'local digital currency' 1 April 2014Last updated at 15:41 ET A virtual currency designed to be a "local digital currency", has been launched by Hull City Council.

HullCoin launched as 'local digital currency'

In the form of digital "tokens", HullCoins can be used to pay council tax and for goods and services from firms signed up to the scheme. Glo Mobile. Nigeria : Globacom a lancé « Glo Xchange », son réseau élargi de Mobile Money. What is Dwolla? What is Dwolla?

What is Dwolla?

Dwolla is a payment network that allows any business or person to send, request and accept money. We're not like those other big payment companies that rely on plastic cards and charge hefty fees. Instead, we’ve built our own network that securely connects to your bank account and allows you to move money for just $0.25 per transaction, or free for transactions $10 or less. Discover why thousands of businesses, non-profits, developers and people use Dwolla to move millions of dollars every day. Le groupe chaka. M-Shwari in Kenya: How is it Really Being used? In recent years, Safaricom has launched a number of value-added services through its M-PESA product in Kenya, aiming to move its customer base beyond basic money transfers.

M-Shwari in Kenya: How is it Really Being used?

M-Shwari, a savings and loan product launched in November 2012, is by far the most popular of the offerings. Fifteen percent of all active mobile money account holders (those with a registered mobile money account which they have used in the last 90 days) have used M-Shwari. But how are customers using it, and how do they perceive its uses and benefits? A recent nationally representative survey that InterMedia conducted in Kenya reveals some unexpected results. SlimPay. [SENEGAL] : Belle bataille marketing. Proof of Existence. P2P Foundation. CGAP. My-Infographic.png (PNG Image, 600 × 761 pixels) My-Infographic-MobileData.png (PNG Image, 600 × 825 pixels) Mobile payments to grow 60.8% by 2015: Capgemini. Worldwide mobile payments are projected to grow by 60.8 per cent to 47 billion transactions through to 2015, up from 29.2 billion in 2013, according to Capgemini’s World Payments Report 2014.

Mobile payments to grow 60.8% by 2015: Capgemini

The report ranked Australia fourth in the world for the number of non-cash transactions over the last 12 months. Finland took first place, with the United States coming in second and Netherlands coming third. RevolutionCredit - A Revolution in Consumer Credit. About mCent. Airtime transfer with Tranglo. Juntos Finanzas.

How it works. It's Free!

How it works

Get started here See all your accounts in one place. See all your balances and transactions together, on the web or your phone. M-CHANGA. M-Shwari - Safaricom. MMU-Infographic-The-Kenyan-journey-to-digital-financial-inclusion.pdf. Mobile Money Payments Round 14. Enable universal acceptance of mobile money payments to create an economic ecosystem that will help lift the poorest out of poverty Grand Challenges Explorations Round 14September 2014 Background:

Mobile Money Payments Round 14

GSMA. Development Through Enterprise. Where Africa and Technology Collide!

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Zidisha: Join the global P2P microlending movement. Crowdinvestment Opportunities - Best Investment In UAE And Globally. Former pour outiller et équiper. Power. Woyofal. Création de société, Dépôt de marque, Modèle de contrat de travail CDI CDD, Modification statuts en ligne. Fund medical treatments for people around the world.

Home - GETS Trade Exchange Barter Software. MMU Products - Bill Payments. Bill Payments are used by lots of mobile operators. The service is usually employed as an ‘over-the-counter’ service where agents process transactions on a handset, or as an ‘m-wallet’ service in which the customer performs the transactions on his handset. Bill payments have been employed by Thailand’s True Money, Pakistan’s easypaisa, Ghana’s MTN MobileMoney and more. In this section you’ll find articles, blog posts and other resources that you may find useful when researching this topic. Nouvelle loi sur le financement participatif. Globevestor. Lightweight Scalable Solution for Colored Coins.

Lean Analytics workshop (from Lean Startup Conf)

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Future ledgers. Digital Assets. Intelligence for Africa. Archives. Passerelle. Sept lois à connaître pour être plus efficace au travail. Cinq lois à connaître pour être efficace au travail (saison 2) Everything about Building StartUps. Ubuntu. OpenClassrooms - Great teachers, bright classmates.

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Afrobusinessfaces. Calculatrice de conversion de taux de Change. MHP (la Maison du Haut-Parleur) : concepteur français de kits d'enceintes pour la HI-FI et le Home Cinéma...

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