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Jesse Ruderman » New features for extension developers in Firefox 1.5. SVG support SVG is W3C specification providing resolution-independent scalable vector graphics, along with a DOM.

Jesse Ruderman » New features for extension developers in Firefox 1.5

Firefox 1.5 supports a subset of SVG 1.1. The Ultimate Flock Extensions List. Rapidshare Download Limits and Waiting Time too long?

The Ultimate Flock Extensions List

Click here –Small update (Thursday, Nov.24 2005) Del.icio.us 0.5.9 - For those who prefer not to use the “synchronize bookmarks” on flock, here is a little extension that ads a set of options on the right-click menu. It allows you to easily add sites you like to your personal collection of links on del.icio.us , to categorize those sites with keywords, and to share your collection. FUEL. Official FUEL documentation is here, on Mozilla Developer Center.


This is a development wiki and is not representative of the final FUEL API. FUEL (Firefox User Extension Library) is a JavaScript Library designed to help developers build extensions using terminology and interfaces that are familiar to them. It will be usable in Firefox 1.5-3.0. PDF Download - no more problems with PDF and Firefox! Jedbrown.net. Mozdev.org - delicious: index. Delicious links for ui.