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EdWebet63. Vaughan Memorial Library : Tutorials : Plagiarism. Vaughan Memorial Library: Tutorials : Research It Right! Vaughan Memorial Library : Tutorials : Searching with Success! TRAILS: Tool for Real-time Assessment of Information Literacy Skills. Information Skills Lesson Plans.

Resources for School Librarians - Index Menu for This Page: General Collections of Lesson Plans | The Dewey Decimal System | Reference Books and Web Sites | Worksheets | Research Methods and Reports | Miscellaneous and Holiday Lessons General Collections of Lesson Plans Learn North Carolina - Searchable lesson plan database which includes information skills units.

Information Skills Lesson Plans

Library Skills Lessons - by Katy Punch on Pinterest S. O. Yearly Curriculum for the library Lesson Plan Book - Lesson Plans to complement the Hanover County Library Media Curriculum. Introduction to Library Use Put It Back Where It Belongs - A lesson for primary students on replacing picture books in the right place. The Dewey Decimal System and the Catalog Huey and Louie Meet Dewey - A lesson plan from Education World. Reference Books and Web Sites Research Frenzy - Students use a variety of reference sources to find answers to trivia questions. Worksheets and Online Tools Library Research Methods and Reports Up to Top. Story Arts Online! Resources for School Librarians. Identifying Reliable Sources and Citing Them. The Curriculum Corner 123 — Weaving the Common Core into your Daily Curriculum. S.O.S. for Information Literacy.

Homepage - ReadWriteThink. Home - TL Guides - Library School Sandbox at Masters Programs in Library & Information Science. This wiki comprises a working bibliography of resources for school librarians, principals, parents, charter school organizers, library para-professionals, government officials, and college instructors.

Home - TL Guides - Library School Sandbox at Masters Programs in Library & Information Science

Books, journal articles, websites, and other media are included. School librarians and other educational stakeholders will find information in Essential Links about the tools that librarians need to do their job efficiently and well. They include the indispensable, established, fundamental knowledge area resources that help school librarians continue to learn, adapt, and remain current on topics of interest and professional enrichment. Entries are arranged alphabetically by topics frequently referenced in the professional literature. You may search and view the material contained in the wiki as our guest. Education Infographics by Knewton. TRAILS-InformationLiteracy - Lesson Plans. Information Literacy for K-16 Settings. Information Literacy for K-16 Settings Purpose of this Site: Today's educators and K-12 students need to be information literate: to be able to locate, evaluate, use and share information. notes several specific reasons for students to be information literate: * So they can successfully navigate through proliferating information resources * To improve their quality of education * To learn additional tools to reinforce course content * To enhance lifelong learning.

Information Literacy for K-16 Settings

The American Association of School Librarians (AASL) has established information literacy standards for K-12 students, which are aligned with the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) information literacy competency standards for higher education. The "Big6™" is copyright (c) (1987) Michael B. Additionally, the KOCE broadcasting station, in partnership with Dr.

These standards apply to students in higher education. The site details the standards, their indicators, and their role within lifelong learning. Return to Top. Home - Big6. Librarians to Watch.