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Pretty Flash Toys

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Silk — Interactive generative art. Brush. Jackson Pollock by Miltos Manetas, original design by Stamen, press any key to s. Ball Pool (HTML5) Webcam Toy - Take photos online with over 60 fun camera effects. Strobe Illusion - Stare into the Strobe and begin to hallucinate! Imagination - Play with beautiful wobbly lines. PV3D Depth of Field - Test 5 - StumbleUpon. - Flashy images that rattle your brain. Forked from: [Stardust] KiraKira Waypoints - wonderfl build flash online - StumbleUpon. Canvas - liquid particles.

Liquid Particles 3D. Moving Mandalas and Geometric Animations from Light Weaver. Space Noodles - canvas experiment.