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Free Zentangle How To Patterns Bing Image. Aquarela! Faça seu próprio papel!!! Quem quer fazer seu próprio pattern paper?!

Aquarela! Faça seu próprio papel!!!

Eu estou alucinada por aquarela! Estou experimentando técnicas novas, e resolvi dividi isso com vcs! Claro que é super básico comparado com os experts aqualelísticos! Atelier terre de sienne. Grow Creative. MAD IN CRAFTS: Stenciled Watercolors (for People Who Can’t Paint) I love abstract floral watercolors.

MAD IN CRAFTS: Stenciled Watercolors (for People Who Can’t Paint)

I think they are so lovely and soft, but they also have a graphic punch. Colibri. Bird watercolor. Oiseau. Squelette oiseau. Perroquet. Heart Zentangle tree. Oiseau Rose. Bird. Aigle. Gouttes. Gouttes. Feuille doodling. Love moon. Brindille. Pluie. Fleuilles multicolores. Bird doodling. Flowers Doodle. Doodling. I love. A Whole New Doodle 2013 Registration Now Open! A Whole New Doodle 2013 Created & Taught by Stephanie Ackerman Registration Now Open..Class starts May 1st, 2013!

A Whole New Doodle 2013 Registration Now Open!

*This class was previously hosted on another site, Scrapbook News & Review, and now is back in my care. If you wondering, yes, the class is mostly the same as when hosted at SNR but I am happy to share that there are a few NEW additional things added including a project and video. *If you have already taken the class and would like to retake the class with the new projects, please email me at homegrown1(at)att(dot)net and I will send you alternate registration information. This class is a work at your own pace, in your space, online class, which means on May 1st you can log on and you do what you want, when you want. Fleurs bleues. Pink Flower. Fleurs splash. Flickr - Photo Sharing. Champs. The Documented Life Project - Week. DionDio. Fleur Turquoise. Fleur Rose. Fleur mauve. Ballons. Bouquet de ballons. Ourson. Autumn Bloom Tree – Watercolour Experiment. I have no real talent (or learned skill) when it comes to painting.

Autumn Bloom Tree – Watercolour Experiment

However, I’m a fan of art and creativity in general, and I want to foster an appreciation of such things in my children. We use watercolours more than any other paint because it’s relatively mess free and easy to clean up. I’ve done many painting activities with the kids over the years, like zip lock bag painting, basic brush techniques, finger painting, body painting and general project painting. Print from original watercolor study of a jacaranda tree, by Jessica Durran. Fillette. Stockpile of lady bug. DIY Paper Butterflies - Craft By Photo. Requin. Fish. Hippocampe. Drink. Painting with Watercolors, Glue and Sal. Pieuvre. Turquoise design. Pink Hair. Face. Oeil. Cassette. Piano. Paon Doodle. Flamant. Hibou. Owl painting art. Hibou. Éléphant. Éléphant. Tigre splash. Crâne. Teckel. Renard. Watercolor Fox. Fox Watercolor doodle.

Giraffe. Giraffe. Girafe bleu. Cute Girafe. Raton. Bunny Balloon. You and Me Bunnies. Lapin. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Miss Penny. Robot Illustration. ÉlÉPHANTS. Watercolor Calendar. We love a big wall calendar at our house, so I decided to make one this weekend.

Watercolor Calendar

I used my kids’ watercolors — little tubes of gouache (pronounced gwash) — and oversize sheets of paper. If you haven’t tried gouache before, don’t be intimidated. It’s basically opaque watercolor, and it’s really easy to work with. Find instructions below. Watercolor Calendar How-to: 1) Use a shallow plate or pie pan as a palette. 2) For the squares, instead of a brush, use a household sponge. 3) Dip your sponge flat into in the watercolor and set it lightly on the paper. 4) Continue dipping the sponge into the paint every 4th square or so — or whenever you feel like the sponge needs more color. 5) Let the calendars lay flat to dry for a few hours, then use your favorite pen or marker to fill them in.

Extra bonus: with tube paints, it’s easy to mix up a custom color if you have a unique one in mind — maybe the perfect shade of chartreuse to match your curtains. Tangle Pattern. Zentangle® Hi All, I know this isn't watercolor, although I do combine it with watercolors sometimes, but I'm answering the question that was raised in this morning's "WASH" as to what zentangle® is.


I've become a Certified Zentangle Teacher, or CZT, since I used to hang around here in WC and I just wanted to post this somewhere where those who asked the question as to what zentangle® is would see the answer. Zentangle. Zentangles and New Watercolours. Pretty paper. I love customizing and making my own embellishments for my scrapbook projects.

pretty paper

On this particular project, I decided to step it up a notch and customize my entire background for my layout! This gives you a chance to really make your layout your own and allows you to use some mediums that maybe you wouldn’t necessarily use in your customary scrapbook projects. I used watercolors, stamping, rub-ons, and stitching on my background! Cut a repeating pattern from your Silhouette Cameo. Scrapbook - Doodles Of Fun sur Pinterest. Scrapbook - Doodle It sur Pinterest. Scrapbooking/Journals/Doodling sur Pinterest. Le gribouillage (doodling) Bonjour à toutes, Aujourd'hui, je veux vous parler d'une technique de base en mixed média ...le doodling.

Le gribouillage (doodling)

Si vous regardez sur le net vous aller voir plusieurs créations avec des dessins faits à main levée. Le doodling est le terme anglais utilisé pour parler de gribouillage. C’est d’ajouter, à la main, de petits dessins. Les dessins sont généralement faits avec un stylo noir mais vous pouvez utiliser tout crayon de couleur qui vous permet de dessiner. Sur un carton blanc glacé, je me suis amusée à faire du gribouillage (doodling). Voici quelques détails de plus près. Voici un apperçu de tout les détails dessinés. J'ai maintenant ajouté de la peinture Byzantia, elle est lisse, lumineuse et métallique. Voici le résultat final. Mon amie Owarde, durant son mandat, a fait un tableau d'inspiration. Doodling - Scrap trucs et ficelles. Doodling. I talked about how I had different types of goals for my projects this year.


Here’s what I had in mind for this one: Skill to learn/expand: doodling, using different mediums, journaling, collageTopic to explore: what i know to be true, lessons from the week.Format: Squared notebook spread 11×8.5Paper: Moleskine Journal Squared. This is just ordinary notebook paper.Media: Mostly dry mediums but some gelatos, watercolor brushes, crayons, etc. This idea also came completely from the Soul Comfort class. When Melody talked about the idea and showed some of her pages, I was immediately hooked.

My goal for this project is to couple lots of journaling with doodling, sketching, and collage. As with the others, I am not married to a particular way and this might shift and morph but for now, I love what it is. Doodling The Little Leaf. This week I just felt like doodling in my Sketchbook.

Doodling The Little Leaf

To make it a bit more interesting I created a watercolour background with purple & blue watercolour & then drew over top with my black pen. I always draw the same sort of thing when I doodle, do you have the same patterns or things you draw when your doodling? © The Little Leaf 2013. Art 1. Optical Design. Watercolor doodles... I have had an extra child home during the day this week. My Nikki has the flu. With any luck, she will be back at school tomorrow and there won't be anyone else at home sick. Her being home has stranded us to the house, so between taking care of her and Kyle and doing washing and cooking and other household duties, I decided to pick something new to try out to help get the creative juices flowing.

Watercolor-doodle. Paon. Trois coeurs. Doodle heart.