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BOMBSHELL: Huge Company Bans Internal Email, Switches Totally To Facebook-Type-Stuff And Instant Messaging BOMBSHELL: Huge Company Bans Internal Email, Switches Totally To Facebook-Type-Stuff And Instant Messaging In case big email providers like Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo hadn't already been scared stiff by recent online communication trends, this news should wake them up. A huge French company has just banned the use of email within the company. Instead, having concluded that the vast majority of email is just time-wasting noise, it is switching all employees to a Facebook-like interface and instant messaging. The company is Atos. Susanna Kim of ABC reports:
Infographic: 5 Companies That Are Rocking Social Media This infographic was created by Voltier Digital, a content marketing agency based in Florida, specializing on the creation and promotion of impactful content marketing campaigns for businesses of all sizes. We all know the usual names of companies that are doing well in social media. I thought it might be interesting to take a look at some of the lesser-knowns and why they've had success, either on an ongoing basis or with some one-off efforts that stood out. Infographic: 5 Companies That Are Rocking Social Media
5 ways Colleges and Universities are Turning Google+ into the Ultimate Recruiting Network 5 ways Colleges and Universities are Turning Google+ into the Ultimate Recruiting Network Despite lingering on the cusp of mainstream use and popularity, Google+ brand pages have opened up a niche door for universities and colleges to engage and entice potential students. Mashable recently highlighted 17 universities currently using Google+ pages ( and their early procedures to attract an audience and increase interactions. After researching more than 150 universities, colleges, university services, and alumni associations, it’s clear that many are putting the network to efficient use. Google+ allows universities to offer a one-stop shop for insights and academic highlights, and even provides personal interaction through Google Hangouts. Here are five ways upper education utilizes Google+ to draw attention to all they have to offer current and future students.
5 Blogging and Social Media Lessons from Oprah — Studio Notes by Shai Coggins
Groupon Mix Up Leads To Chaos At Santa's Grotto A false Groupon offer for a Santa's grotto in the English city of York has lead to the resignation of one of Santa's elves, reports the Telegraph. Groupon mistakenly sent out an email to parents saying that the grotto would be offering a festive train ride. It wasn't, and when 2,000 families turned up with vouchers from the website and learned of no train ride, it wasn't a pretty scene. It is reported that the grotto's staff received so much abuse from angry parents that one of Santa's elves resigned, unhappy at the treatment he had been subject to. It is thought that Groupon may have confused the grotto in York with another one in the nearby city of Hull, which did have a train ride. The mistake comes as Groupon is under investigation by the British Office of Fair Trade with the company reportedly violating 50 advertising regulations this year. Groupon Mix Up Leads To Chaos At Santa's Grotto
These days, going to a career fair doesn’t require actually going anywhere. In fact, more and more are being held online, allowing job hunters to meet, network, and interview with prospective employers right from the comfort of their own homes. Because online career fairs are a relatively new phenomenon, many may not know how to navigate or prepare for them, and might even have some reservations about signing up at all. In reality, online career fairs are pretty similar to the real world ones, and with knowledge provided by the tips we’ve collected here, job hunters should be able to get through the entire process with relative ease. Tips for Attending Online Career Fairs Tips for Attending Online Career Fairs
A few months ago, Melissa Stewart created a list of 20 Women on Twitter That You Should Follow . Being included on that list was an incredible honor (especially when grouped with such talent), but it was also nice to get the heads up on some amazing women that I wasn’t yet following. I wanted to do something here on Work Smart Lifestyle with my own twist, so I created this list: a completely random (no order of preference) grouping of (Yes, some of these fab ladies are on Melissa’s list, but I couldn’t leave them out because they truly are super stars and #smgirlfriends ). It was REALLY hard to narrow this list down to 25, but the goal was to curate a fairly broad sampling of personalities while giving you a snapshot of Tweetchats, blogs, Facebook pages etc that these ladies are known for. 25 Engaging Women Celebrities of Social Media – Vol. 1 | 25 Engaging Women Celebrities of Social Media – Vol. 1 |
The World Is Officially Obsessed With Facebook There seems to be no end to the obsession of Facebook, and the many ways it keeps us glued to the screen are increasing. I don’t find it odd that we’re so into it, just that we don’t adopt other services as fast (except Twitter that is). But then again, the people behind Facebook seem to have a deeper understanding of what we want and need in our lives, which keeps us coming back every hour just to check out what people are doing, where they are, and what games and developments have been released since we last logged in. But can we really put our finger on what it is that makes Facebook so much better than all the other social networking services? Well, the factors are too many to mention, and to compile them into one single answer would end up just being… incomplete. The World Is Officially Obsessed With Facebook
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5 Google+ Pages to Follow for Fitness Inspiration Everybody needs a support group in their life. But what do you do when you don't have one? Maybe your friends and family aren't supportive of your goals, or maybe you just don't feel you have all the resources you need for your get-healthy journey. When that's the case, it might be beneficial to turn to an online support group. With the advent of social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, it's easier than ever to connect to people who share your same interests, passions and healthy living goals. That's why we're excited to unveil the newest in our social media arsenal, SHAPE magazine's Google+ page! 5 Google+ Pages to Follow for Fitness Inspiration
REPORTING FROM MEXICO CITY -- Four people have been killed in gruesome fashion in Mexico since September for posting about drug cartels on social-media websites, the headlines and news reports say. Trouble is, the reports could be wrong. Information is the latest battleground in Mexico's drug war, as a string of brutal deaths in the northern border city of Nuevo Laredo has produced alarming reports that social networks are under attack by the infamous Zetas cartel. Most of the reports, however, are not built on verifiable facts. Facts also fall victim in Mexico 'social media' killings Facts also fall victim in Mexico 'social media' killings
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A consortium of newspapers are offering bargain-hunting shoppers an alternative to Groupon and Living Social. The Find n Save platform is tailored to local audiences, offering digital coupons, daily deals, digital circulars, and other advertising products designed and managed by the local affiliate for maximum impact. Find n Save is available to any local daily newspaper in the United States. By the end of 2012, Find n Save will be in place at an estimated 250 newspapers. By the end of 2013, an estimated 400 newspapers are expected to be Find n Save affiliates. Bargain Hunters Like To Find n Save
The popular photo app that’s responsible for flooding the internet with fuzzy, low-contrast, retro images of cats, hipsters and urban street scenes shows no sign of slowing down. Of course we’re talking about Instagram and its iPhone-only app for sharing stylized photos. The startup attracted 12 million users in just over a year on the App Store. Instagram rockets to 13 million users in 13 months
LinkedIn is the proverbial dark horse of social media: we all know it’s there, but few of us use it to its full potential. With just a little bit of effort you will see how the powerful social site can help you market yourself and your business far more than you imagined. With help from the LinkedIn guru himself, Lewis Howes, we have enrolled you in our basic LinkedIn boot camp training to give you the fundamental tools necessary to use the site for all your business and personal marketing needs. (Click image to enlarge)

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