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5 Best Dressed Women in Streetwear on Instagram. 14 female designers reimagine iconic nike kicks. The women behind Nike’s latest collection were given five weeks and the briefest of briefs: “Make some cool shit.”

14 female designers reimagine iconic nike kicks

Today the brand unveiled the final result of the “1 Reimagined” project: 10 fresh AF takes on Nike’s iconic Air Force 1 and Air Jordan 1. The collection is the latest evidence of Nike’s commitment to female sneakerheads both on the street and behind-the-scenes. In October, the brand made 25-year-old Aleali May the second woman to collaborate with Jordan Brand, and the first ever to design a pair for dudes (after getting approval from His Airness himself). This is hardly a newfound wokeness either: Nike’s famous Swoosh symbol was designed by a woman four decades ago. This time, Nike tapped 14 longtime design staffers: 10 designers, two material designers, and two color designers. So how did the all-star female team interpret “cool shit”?

The 13 Best Women's Online Clothing Stores. Knowing where to shop for women’s streetwear is the first hurdle many come up against when on the hunt for new threads.

The 13 Best Women's Online Clothing Stores

The high street is hard to navigate, and men’s streetwear dominates the online shopping experience — often leading us to have to settle for oversized apparel from men’s lines. Here at Highsnobiety HQ, we’ve noticed many of our most-used e-commerce platforms are, however, catching up with women’s streetwear needs. As the line between high fashion and streetwear continues to blur, the likes of Farfetch and SSENSE are expanding their offering, while women-only streetwear stores like Maha Amsterdam and OnTheBlock are also setting a precedent in this space.

Read on to discover the full list. Specializing in streetwear, luxury, and independent fashion, SSENSE is a leader in the e-commerce space while also operating from a concept store in its hometown of Montreal, which showcases over 400 designer collections. Farfetch Farfetch. Nike's fix for boosting sales at home — women. Christy Hedgpeth poses with Arike Ogunbowale after being drafted by the New York Liberty during the 2019 WNBA Draft on April 10, 2019 at Nike New York Headquarters in New York, New York.

Nike's fix for boosting sales at home — women

Catalina Fragoso | National Basketball Association | Getty Images Nike is making a bigger, bolder investment in women. And it’s using sports as one way to get to them. The athletic apparel giant last week hosted the 2019 WNBA draft from a basketball court inside its New York headquarters, about two years into its deal to be the exclusive on-court uniform and clothing retailer for the league. Fashion Throwback Thursdays: Neneh Cherry. Who’s good looking today?

Fashion Throwback Thursdays: Neneh Cherry

Who’s looking good in every way? No style rookieYou better watch, don’t mess with me– Lyrics from Neneh Cherry’s “Buffalo Stance” Since her 1980s solo breakthrough in the world of music, Swedish-born singer and rapper Neneh Cherry exuded style and swagger. Cherry was born into a creative family, raised by her artist mother Monica Karlsson and stepfather, jazz musician, Don Cherry. Where are the women in the streetwear world? READ IN: Español Sneakers with exclusively men sizes, absence of female voices in narration, advertising by men and for men and an alarming lack of knowledge of the big names of women whose work has been key in the growth of streetwear.

Where are the women in the streetwear world?

We analyze the panorama of this culture and business in terms of gender. Nike Is Collaborating With Yoon Ahn And Marine Serre. Korean-American jewellery designer Yoon Ahn has collaborated with Dior © Courtesy of Nike Nike has enlisted four female stalwarts of streetwear – Ambush’s Yoon Ahn, Koché’s Christelle Kocher, MadeMe’s Erin Magee and Marine Serre – to create a new lifestyle collection in time for the Women’s World Cup 2019 (7 June to 7 July).

Nike Is Collaborating With Yoon Ahn And Marine Serre

“We wanted to leverage the World Cup, a moment we believe will be a tipping point for women’s sport, to engage our ever-expanding global community of partners from the fashion, design and culture space in supporting and elevating female athlete voices and sports moments,” VP and GM of Nike Women Rosemary St. Clair exclusively tells Vogue. “Together, this collective represents a voice and spirit for the next generation of athletes.” Nike Reveals Four Women World Cup Collaborations. The Women’s World Cup kicks off in France on June 7, but a lot has already happened in women’s soccer this year.

Nike Reveals Four Women World Cup Collaborations

Back in March, 28 members of the United States team filed a gender discrimination lawsuit, citing pay disparity and alleging that their working conditions, medical care, and travel accommodations were all inadequate compared to those afforded the men’s team (which, by the way, doesn’t play or win as often.) A few days later, Nike announced that for the first time ever it would produce team uniforms made especially for a woman’s body. And finally, on Monday, the sportswear brand revealed four different fan jersey collaborations, all designed by women.

Nike’s WWC collaborators include Yoon Ahn of Ambush, Christelle Kocher of Koché, Erin Magee of MadeMe, and LVMH-backed designer Marine Serre. Frankie Collective Opening First Retail Store. Here's the 10 Best Women's Skateboarding Brands. 'From the Ground Up' Talks Women's Impact in the Sneaker Industry. On this episode of From the Ground Up we examine how women have made spaces for themselves in the sneaker industry when the blueprint wasn’t there.

'From the Ground Up' Talks Women's Impact in the Sneaker Industry

Also, what the future of women in the industry looks like, and how we can help be apart of it. To start off the episode, host Pete Forestor sits down with creative consultant Gia Seo and associate fashion director of Barney’s NY Jackie Kim to discuss Jordan’s approach to appeal to the female demographic, the troubles of finding women sizes, and how sneaker culture is a boys club. Our sneaker editor Chris Danforth talks with Alexandra Hackett (Miniswoosh) to talk about how she has carved out a space for herself and created a new aesthetic for an underserved consumer. Peter later catches up with Andrea Perez, the vice president and general manager of Jordan Women’s to talk why now is the right time to launch a women specific brand.

Watch the full episode above. How Women Made Streetwear Their Own. Sexism In Streetwear: Why Is It Letting the Whole Scene Down. [UPDATE] March 8, 2018 6.45 a.m.

Sexism In Streetwear: Why Is It Letting the Whole Scene Down

EST: This article has been updated to include details of a new plan to fight sexist imagery in ads, as announced by a group of France’s advertisers and the country’s broadcast watchdog. Read our updated story below. It’s not exactly breaking news that streetwear is a boys’ club. The entire scene is overwhelmingly run by men who cater to a male audience. Evolution of Women in the Streetwear Industry.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that streetwear is for the male portion of the population.

Evolution of Women in the Streetwear Industry

After all, streetwear was born amongst the subcultures of skating, surfing and even hip hop; all of which are mostly male-dominated, especially back the 70s and 80s when streetwear first began to emerge. Whether it’s head designers of the biggest streetwear brands, influencers on social media or the consumers themselves, streetwear seems to be led and controlled by guys. Combating Sexism and Inequaltiy Through Streetwear With Chloe Marsanne - Fluide. Chloe Marsanne is the founder of Marsanne Brands, an artistic streetwear brand that makes your creative statement and demonstrates one’s confidence, uniqueness, and self-expression. You can shop the brand at and follow them onInstagramandFacebook. And follow Chloe’s personal onInstagramas well.

For any inquiries, email them Tell us a little about your creative journey -- how you got to the work you’re doing. My story consists of many different puzzle pieces that are still coming together as my life forms in tandem with Marsanne Brands. Shptlks season 2 naked copenhagen video. Global Sportswear Brands Making a Play for Women. LONDON, United Kingdom — “You don’t stand in front of a mirror before a run and wonder what the road will think of your outfit. It would not be easier to run if you dressed sexier. The road doesn’t notice if you’re not wearing lipstick.

The only thing the road cares about is that you pay it a visit once in a while.” Anyone who has seen the 2000 Nancy Meyers comedy “What Women Want” will recognise these lines from a fictional Nike commercial, conceived by a male advertising executive who has an accident and ends up with the ability to hear what women are thinking. The concept, which focuses on a woman’s desire to simply run on the pavement without superficial judgement or expectations, is a success — and one that sportswear brands can still derive lessons from 17 years later. Emily Oberg Named Creative Lead of Kith Women. Former Complex video producer Emily Oberg has been named creative lead of Kith Women.

Explaining his choice, Kith founder Ronnie Fieg spoke to Business of Fashion, stating “I feel like the women's side needs a voice and direction from somebody who will be wearing the product. We think that Emily represents the youth and has her finger on the pulse… she has great taste and I think she fits our aesthetic and where we’re going as a brand.” Emily will be working in concert with Kith's women’s design team, who will help bring her vision to fruition. As Oberg settles into her role, we'll be sure to report on how Kith Women — previously handled by Fieg — is growing under her oversight, but for now, the 23-year-old reveals “I hope that it’s so good that the men want it.”

In the meantime, her Get Sweaty video series will also continue being published by Complex, and you can follow along with Emily on Instagram. X-Girl Is The Cult 1990s Streetwear Brand (Still) Celebrating Multidisciplinary Women - 10 Magazine10 Magazine. Thanks to nonprofit organisations like Skate Like a Girl and Crystal Moselle’s breakthrough film Skate Kitchen (2018) skate culture doesn’t feel like much of a boys club anymore. The liberation that comes from skating, as well as the accompanying street style have appealed to girls for years. With brands like X-Girl they were able to find clothes that matched their taste without compromise.

Launched in 1994 by Daisy von Furth and Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth, the brand served baby tees and hip slung jeans for the multidisciplinary women who ran the 1990s with style and a certain je ne sais quoi. Aries Founder Sofia Prantera - Interview. Alongside Fergus Purcell, the creator of the iconic Palace triangle logo, with whom she first worked on pioneering '90s brand Silas, Sofia has created the ultimate hybrid, where fashion meets streetwear, luxury meets underground.

At brands like Off-White, streetwear manifests as athleisure and can feel reserved for Gen Z, but Aries' amalgamation – despite its skatepark roots – appeals as much to Supremacists and hypebeasts as it does your Matches Fashion customer. The brand's laconic tees can be worn with a bucket hat, oversized denim and kicks, its silk shirts teamed with a Stella McCartney suit. Aries defies definition. Alongside Fergus Purcell, the creator of the iconic Palace triangle logo, with whom she first worked on pioneering '90s brand Silas, Sofia has created the ultimate hybrid, where fashion meets streetwear, luxury meets underground. 5 Russian brands proving that streetwear isn’t just a man’s game — The Calvert Journal. Does the Women’s Streetwear Category Have Growth Potential? When Leah McSweeney introduced Married to the Mob in 2004, she was 22, dating Rob Cristofaro, the cofounder of streetwear line Alife and navigating a fashion sector lacking female voices.

Women in streetwear - BasementApproved - women involvement. Nah fam, dye it pink. Princess Nokia interviews MadeMe’s Erin Magee on streetwear for girls. Rihanna wore a cropped tank top with the word “Slutz” emblazoned across it in July 2013 in Manchester. She became the subject of intense scrutiny in the press. Tabloid reporters fell over themselves trying to decide if she had gone “too far” or if the statement was too “vulgar”. More than the nip-revealing outfits she had worn in past, this one, designed by MadeMe founder Erin Magee, had somehow crossed a line. Streetwear's Big Opportunity: Women. How Billionaire Girls Club is redefining women in streetwear. Women Redefining Streetwear in 2018. How Streetwear Retailers Are Luring More Female Sneaker Shoppers. Streetwear retailers have long been known to attract a predominantly male audience. However, as brands aim to increase their sneaker assortments for women, these retailers are now tapping into this audience through expanded in-store real estate, targeted social media and more.

Does China Need Female-Focused Streetwear? Hello BoF Professionals, welcome to our latest members-only briefing. Why Women’s Streetwear Will Be Big Business. Erin Magee Is Carving out a Space for Women in Streetwear. Could 2018 Finally Be the Year for Women in Streetwear?