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apriKot DIY: Plush Cow tutorial

I decided to make this cow plushy from my Japanese plushy book. Except I wanted a slightly larger one than the palm sized plushies shown in the book. So, based on the pattern shown in the book, I freehanded my own, enlarging it about 5x. Here's the end result ^_^ and a tutorial so you all can make your own. Materials:scissorsthreadpinscraft/fabric gluestuffingwhite material for the body (I used fleece)gray material for the spots/horns (I used felt)pink material for the nose (I used fleece)black material for eyes (I used felt) Here's the pattern for the cow.

Step 1:Cut out your pattern pieces. Step 2: Positioning the spots in place with a pin, you want to sew them on one of the body pieces and one of the head pieces, just as shown on the pattern. Step 3:Now's the time to add any facial peices, such as the eyes and nostrils. Step 4:Next you want to sew the nose down in place.

Here's the front and back of the head after the nose has been sewn in place. pinned in place.... and ta da! JeremyShaferOrigami. Totoro Charm Tutorial ღ. DIY Totoro hoodie. Freebie Friday: The Totoro Bag. Ah, yes!

Freebie Friday: The Totoro Bag

Finally I’m getting into some of the things that I love :D This, of course, is Totoro, the loveable fuzzy forest creature from the Ghibli children’s film, My Neighbor Totoro. It’s probably one of my favorite Miyazaki movies, and really epitomizes the fantasy and innocence of childhood I think. I had some gray twill that I originally used to make another bag. And while I kept making much plainer bags out of my other stashes of gray fabric, it finally clicked in my head that Totoro is gray, and would make for a perfect oval-shaped bag! I thought it was especially kismet when I saw this scrap of green linen and thought it would be perfect for the little leaf on his head. Difficulty: The details take some time, but overall the process is straightforward. Before you begin: 1. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Ghibli Blog - Studio Ghibli, Animation and the Arts: Make Your Own Totoro Origami. How to make your very own dancing baby Groot in just 38 seconds.

You don’t need to be a Guardian of the Galaxy to have your very own adorable dancing extraterrestrial tree.

How to make your very own dancing baby Groot in just 38 seconds

You just have to have some pretty sick arts and crafts skills – which I’m guessing is the easier route between the two. Patrick Delahanty of The Chibi Project created his very own ‘Dancing Baby Groot’ inspired by the character from the Marvel film, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’. Using easily-obtainable materials like a ‘Movin & Groovin’ daisy flower, muslin, and twine, he was able to make Groot’s stem. His fiancé pitched in by sculpting the head out of Crayola Model Magic.

Tea Sorting

Un-beau-jour-sachet-the.pdf. DIY Flower Crown Pictures, Photos, and Images for Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter. How to Refill Prismacolor Markers. Bookshelves. Plushie Patterns. Fashion. Mini Book Charms. DIY Woven Map Notebook. How To Cut Glass. Message in a Bottle. Today, we are sharing a gorgeous project made by Ingvild Bolme...

Message in a Bottle

She altered a glass bottle with Prima products, turning it into a stunning piece of art, with a secret message inside.... Notice the intricate details and ornate embellishments, that make this project truly unique. A treasure worth displaying anywhere in your home... Ingvild carefully stamped the outside of the bottle, using our clear background stamp, Documentary. Then, she embossed the image, bringing out the details of the stamp. The main embellishment on the front of the bottle, was created using found objects and a Prima chipboard journaling piece. Page corner bookmarks.

This project comes to you at the request of Twitterer @GCcapitalM.

page corner bookmarks

I used to believe that a person could never have too many books, or too many bookmarks. Then I moved into an apartment slightly larger than some people’s closets (and much smaller than many people’s garages) and all these beliefs got turned on their naïeve little heads. But what a person can always look for more of is really cool unique bookmarks. Placeholders special enough for the books that are special enough to remain in your culled-out-of-spacial-necessity collection. Page corner bookmarks are cute, practical and deeply under-represented in the world.* They’re easy to make, easy to customize, and will set you apart from all those same-same flat rectangular bookmarks. If you like this tutorial, here are a couple others that might be up your alley.

For the monster-loving adults in the room, try some googly-eyed paper monster wine charms. What you’ll need: Putting it all together: 1) Follow steps 2 and 3 from above. Amigurumi "Fat" Baby pattern by Jennifer Christensen. Plushie Pet Platypus pattern by Melissa Mall.