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Trump's presidency / La présidence Trump

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Donald Trump, une menace pour l'ordre mondial d'après-guerre. President Trump and the new world order. Trump and World Order. Since the administration of Franklin Roosevelt, 13 successive U.S. presidents have agreed that the United States must assume the mantle of global leadership.

Trump and World Order

Although foreign policy varied from president to president, all sent the clear message that the country stood for more than just its own well-being and that the world economy was not a zero-sum game. That is about to change. U.S. Inside Donald Trump's White House Chaos. For two years, Donald Trump mastered the art of disruption.

Inside Donald Trump's White House Chaos

Name a political precept and he probably broke it during his improbable march to the White House. But disruption in government--the rulemaker breaking the rules--turns out to be more costly. In the first month of his presidency, the New York billionaire has witnessed the lesson of Samson: toppling the temple can be painful if you try it from the inside. Federal judges in four courts froze a hastily issued Executive Order barring certain immigrants from entering the country. Trump et les démons de l'Amérique isolationniste.


Economics / Economie. Relations with Mexico / Relations avec le Mexique. Relations with Russia / Relations avec la Russie. Trump's impeachment / Destitution de Trump.