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Les États Unis dans la mondialisation

Ressources DNL anglais. Histoire: "School History" est un site portail comprenant des centaines de ressources (exercices, diaporamas, documents sources etc.) couvrant les programmes anglais d'histoire. BBC History: portail de la BBC sur l'histoire en général mais centrée sur le Royaume Uni. A utiliser pour le fonds de cartes en anglais , ce site de l'éditeur Ablongman propose aussi des Timeline et des tableaux statistiques. Ancien site K-12 modernisé et actualisé sous le nom d' Internet 4 classroom: page de ressources en Social Studies .

Portail généraliste Spartacus est un point d'entrée fondamental sur quantité de sujets concernant l'histoire du Royaume Uni, mérite que l'on s'y perde. Site d'une télévision thématique américaine, History Classroom, mérite que l'on s'y attarde pour les ressources vidéos entre autres. "History GCSE" est un site proposant des révisions du programme d'histoire britannique pour le GCSE. "History learning Site" : site très riche en courtes leçons couvrant toutes sortes de sujets. TP 1 Describe photos Group 4.

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Income and Wealth Inequality: Crash Course Economics. Lesson1. Trump and World Order. Since the administration of Franklin Roosevelt, 13 successive U.S. presidents have agreed that the United States must assume the mantle of global leadership.

Trump and World Order

Although foreign policy varied from president to president, all sent the clear message that the country stood for more than just its own well-being and that the world economy was not a zero-sum game. That is about to change. U.S. President Donald Trump has promised a foreign policy that is nationalist and transactional, focused on securing narrow material gains for the United States. He has enunciated no broader vision of the United States’ traditional role as defender of the free world, much less outlined how the country might play that part.

That order was fraying well before November 8. Some countries will resist this new course, joining alliances intended to oppose U.S. influence or thwarting U.S. aims within international institutions. Your subscription includes: Full website and iPad access Magazine issues New!

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Trump and World Order. Marcy Borders: Osama Bin Laden's death gave 9/11 'dust lady' 2nd chance. By Jeff Maysh Updated: 13:20 GMT, 30 June 2011 It became one of the enduring images that helped symbolise an unfathomable disaster.

Marcy Borders: Osama Bin Laden's death gave 9/11 'dust lady' 2nd chance

This image of Marcy Borders, her entire body covered in ash and pulverized concrete, was taken as she fled the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Moments later, the towers collapsed, killing 2,751 and changing the world forever. But for Marcy, now 38, the terror of that day coupled with the worldwide attention from 'that' photograph, sent her life spiralling out of control. Stunned: The iconic image of Marcy Borders sheltering in a nearby office building, her entire body covered in dust and ash, as the towers fell around her on September 11, 2001 Comeback: Marcy Borders, shown here at her Newark apartment on June 3, has battled back from the brink - spurred on by news of Osama Bin Laden's death Today Marcy exclusively reveals to the MailOnline how she became a hopeless crack cocaine addict, and that her beloved children were taken away.

Brexit: All you need to know about the UK leaving the EU. Here is an easy-to-understand guide to Brexit - beginning with the basics, then a look at the negotiations, followed by a selection of answers to questions we've been sent.

Brexit: All you need to know about the UK leaving the EU

What's happening now? The UK has voted to leave the European Union. It is scheduled to depart at 11pm UK time on Friday 29 March, 2019. The UK and EU have provisionally agreed on the three "divorce" issues of how much the UK owes the EU, what happens to the Northern Ireland border and what happens to UK citizens living elsewhere in the EU and EU citizens living in the UK. Talks are now moving on to future relations - after agreement was reached on a 21-month "transition" period to smooth the way to post-Brexit relations. To dig deeper: good Web links.