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How Hospital Beds Across the North West are Filling Up With Corona-Virus Patients. Sharing by Rahul Sharma from Manchester UK, E-commerce site Amazon are ready to lift restrictions on the delivery of non-essential items, according to reports.

How Hospital Beds Across the North West are Filling Up With Corona-Virus Patients

Last month, the online retailer made the decision to prioritise orders on “household staples, medical supplies and other high-demand products”. While this decision will come as good news to many, it will inevitably open up further scrutiny over the safety of their workers which led to staff at an Amazon warehouse in New York organising a staged walkout at the end of March. While the current crisis has impacted millions of businesses businesses across the globe, Amazon hired over 100,000 new workers throughout the month of March in a bid to cope with the increased demands caused.

This past weekend, meanwhile, they announced the addition of a further 75,000 to their workforce as plans continue to resume business as normal. AMAZON TO LIFT BAN ON THE DELIVERY OF NON-ESSENTIAL ITEMS. Group Helping Feed Hundreds Who Have Nowhere Left to Turn Desperately Needs Help. Sharing by Rahul Sharma from Manchester UK, Homeless and vulnerable people are "slipping through the net" as the coronavirus crisis increases pressures on support groups.

Group Helping Feed Hundreds Who Have Nowhere Left to Turn Desperately Needs Help

Homeless Aid UK runs 'street kitchens' for anyone sleeping rough and provides food hampers for those who cannot leave their homes, but co-founder Billa Ahmed is appealing for extra help. The group supports hundreds of people in Bolton, Wigan, Manchester and Liverpool but is not an official charity and has to rely on donations from the public. Forest Fires Rage Near Chernobyl Nuclear Plant. The Manchester Postman Dressing Up as a Ninja Turtle to Help Cheer his Community Up. A postman in south Manchester has been dressing up as his favourite cartoon character while doing his rounds as a way to put a smile on peoples faces.

The Manchester Postman Dressing Up as a Ninja Turtle to Help Cheer his Community Up

Gary Young, 40, from Longsight, started wearing the novelty outfit as a laugh but he says he never expected the reaction it got from people. “I saw the costume online - it was just one of those suggestions that came up on eBay and I thought it’d be funny,” Gary tells the Manchester Evening News. “Everyone’s on a bit of a downer at the moment and I thought it’d be a fun way of cheering people up.” He says he’s had a great response from the outfit, which he had only ever intended to wear a couple of times. Joy as Lifeline Bus Service to Greater Manchester's Most Isolated Village Saved. More Than 100 Stay at Home Scout Activities That Kids Can Enjoy in Lockdown. Sharing by Rahul Sharma from Manchester UK, If there’s anyone who can give us inspiration for keeping the kids busy during lockdown it’s the Scouts.

More Than 100 Stay at Home Scout Activities That Kids Can Enjoy in Lockdown

While the association is perhaps better known for organising activities in the great outdoors, it has come up with 100+ stay at home activities to entertain kids over the next few weeks. The list, aimed at helping kids learn new skills and have fun – while also helping parents avoid hearing the dreaded ‘I’m bored’ every 30 seconds – features everything from making animal collages with leaves, to making miniature catapults from lolly sticks (if you can tolerate that one). Listing the activities on their website page, the Scouts say: “We know that the social and economic impact of Covid-19 on young people will be significant. These activities are free – of course! Donald Trump to Withdraw £400m US Funding to World Health Organisation Over its Handling of Corona-Virus Pandemic. Sharing by Rahul Sharma from Manchester UK, Donald Trump is halting US funding to the World Health Organisation (WHO) over its handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Donald Trump to Withdraw £400m US Funding to World Health Organisation Over its Handling of Corona-Virus Pandemic

The America president said his government has deep concerns as to whether US funding has been put to the best possible use by the WHO. During a press conference at the White House, Trump said the organisation had 'failed in its basic duty and it must be held accountable'. He accused WHO of promoting China's 'disinformation' about the virus, saying this likely led to a wider outbreak of the virus than otherwise would have occurred. KFC Has Re-Opened a Couple of its Manchester Chicken Shops for Deliveries and is Donating Free Meals to The NHS. KFC Has Re-Opened a Couple of its Manchester Chicken Shops for Deliveries and is Donating Free Meals to The NHS.

KFC Has Re-Opened a Couple of its Manchester Chicken Shops for Deliveries and is Donating Free Meals to The NHS

CORONA-VIRUS PATIENTS ARE TESTING POSITIVE AFTER RECOVERY. A Huge New Hospital in Manchester City Centre is Ready to Take its First Patient - and all This Took Just Two Weeks. Sharing by Rahul Sharma from Manchester UK, Just two weeks ago, work began on the historic transformation of Manchester Central Convention Complex.

A Huge New Hospital in Manchester City Centre is Ready to Take its First Patient - and all This Took Just Two Weeks

As the country battled through one of the most testing periods of recent times, the city's huge convention centre - still known by many a Mancunian by its former G-MEX title, was flooded with workers. The centre now been transformed into a huge field hospital for hundreds of coronavirus patients. The NHS Nightingale Hospital North West is ready to take its first patients today (Easter Monday). Behind-the-scenes images taken over Easter weekend show the final work being carried out by NHS leaders, contractors and the armed forces to get the hospital ready. Beds have been wheeled in, wards have taken shape and hospital staff have undergone inductions and training. Two huge BOC oxygen tanks have been erected outside the venue, set against the iconic backdrop of the Beetham Tower. Canon is ready to launch EOS R5 Full-frame Mirrorless Camera. Canon EOS R5 full-frame powerhouse hasn’t been fully launched yet.

Canon is ready to launch EOS R5 Full-frame Mirrorless Camera

But, the company has thrilled us by announcing some remarkable specs and features. Some experts have pointed it a game-changing camera for both filmmakers and stills shooters. A full launch is expected to take place around the end of May or early June 2020. The company has now confirmed the video powers of EOS R5 and will be an 8K mirrorless camera with very few compromises. It will offer in-body image stabilization and treats like shooting 8K video at 29.97fps using the full width of its sensor. Anti-lockdown Demonstrations to spread across the United States. On Monday, demonstrators continued to confront COVID-19 quarantine across the United States.

Anti-lockdown Demonstrations to spread across the United States

Facebook has now decided to censor groups organizing Anti-lockdown protests on its social media platform. A large number of protesters were gathered on Harrisburg as part of ‘Operation Gridlock Pennsylvania’, to determine a statewide stay-at-home order. Some footage in a video has shown that crowds were waving flags at the state capital building forcing officials to pull out the excessive quarantine. The protest was managed and organized by a Facebook group, ‘Pennsylvanians Against Excessive Quarantine’. The group mentioned on its member page, “Politicians are on a power trip, controlling our lives, destroying our businesses, passing laws behind the cover of darkness and forcing us to hand over our freedoms and our livelihood”! Point to be noted that the group had almost 70,000 members on Monday evening. There were also similar messages in Maryland and Indiana. Did you like this?

Trump shouted at republican governor over fake claims about covid-19 testing. Comedian Trevor Noah mocked Trump for Insane and Vile Guidelines to End US Lockdown. US President Donald Trump announced last week that the governors of 3 Democratic-led States should be liberated from coronavirus lockdowns.

Comedian Trevor Noah mocked Trump for Insane and Vile Guidelines to End US Lockdown

His comments supposedly encouraged demonstrations against ‘Stay-at-Home’ warnings for his own political benefits. Now, a South African comedian Trevor Noah has once again mocked President Trump on ‘The Daily Social Distancing Show’. He called the guidelines of president for ending US lockdown as ‘insane’ and ‘vile’. Trump Administration has decided to Suspend Immigration Process. US President Donald Trump has announced a plan to close the United States to people wishing to come for work and live in the country. He affirmed the move and indicated an essential measure to protect American workers. Trump went on Twitter on Monday night and wrote, “In light of the attack from the Invisible Enemy, as well as the need to protect the jobs of our GREAT American Citizens. I will be signing an Executive Order to temporarily suspend immigration into the United States”!

The major announcement came just hours after the US President and a number of his administration members presented explanations of their effort to provide massive testing for States to move their economic wheel. President Trump’s announcement has indicated his expected attempt to close all entry points from the rest of the world. More Than 100 Patients Discharged From Tameside Hospital After Beating Corona-Virus. Thieves Strike Twice at Oldham Restaurant During Easter Weekend. Sharing by Rahul Sharma from Manchester UK, A restaurant owner has spoken of his devastation after his business was targeted by thieves twice during the Easter break.Emrh Ayhan discovered the break in on Good Friday when he went to check on the Chadderton Bar and Grill - which is currently closed due to the lockdown.

He says a television monitor, two amplifiers, a computer and a haul of wine and alcohol were amongst the items stolen. Hundreds of Thousands Return to Work as Spain Relaxes Corona-Virus Lockdown. Sharing by Rahul Sharma from Manchester UK, (CNN) Around 300,000 nonessential workers are estimated to have gone back to their jobs in Spain's Madrid region on Monday as the country began a partial lifting of lockdown restrictions aimed at curbing the spread of coronavirus, a spokesperson for Madrid's regional government told CNN.As Spain enters its second month of lockdown, some restrictions were eased, allowing those who cannot work from home, such as those in the construction and manufacturing industries, to return to work.However, shops, bars, and restaurants and other businesses considered nonessential remain closed.Spain has been one of the country’s worst affected by the coronavirus pandemic, with more than 169,000 confirmed cases so far -- the highest in Europe, and second only to the US, according to figures from Johns Hopkins University.The country has now recorded a total of more than 17,400 deaths.

Bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG) Vaccination and COVID-19. Sharing by Rahul Sharma from Manchester UK, There is no evidence that the Bacille Calmette-Guérin vaccine (BCG) protects people against infection with COVID-19 virus. Two clinical trials addressing this question are underway, and WHO will evaluate the evidence when it is available. In the absence of evidence, WHO does not recommend BCG vaccination for the prevention of COVID-19. WHO continues to recommend neonatal BCG vaccination in countries or settings with a high incidence of tuberculosis.1 There is experimental evidence from both animal and human studies that the BCG vaccine has non-specific effects on the immune system. On 11 April 2020, WHO updated its ongoing evidence review of the major scientific databases and clinical trial repositories, using English, French and Chinese search terms for COVID-19, coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2 and BCG. Samsung has officially launched Galaxy Tab S6 Lite on 20th April 2020.

Samsung has now officially launched Galaxy Tab S6 Lite and you can get new device from 20th April in Blue and Grey color options at around $349.99. The new tablet offers an entirely different android experience at an affordable price. The new version has been designed with both work and gaming experience. Trump Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program and Democratic response. Trump administration and US congressional negotiators are too close to reaching a deal in order to approve $300 billion more for lending small business programs. The program has already helped in securing paychecks for more than 30 million American people during the current month. US Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin said, “I’m hopeful that we can reach an agreement, that the Senate can pass this tomorrow, and that the House can take it up on Tuesday. And Wednesday we’d be back up and running”.

Andrew Cuomo and bill de BLASIO have indicated a downturn in covid-19 cases in New York. On Sunday, Governor Andrew Cuomo has indicated the new coronavirus figures of New York have shown an ongoing downturn in the severity of the widespread COVID-19 epidemic. He shared the most recent impact report during his latest coronavirus briefing at Long Island Health facility of Northwell. Governor said the single-day hospitalization, intubation, and fatality counts have declined statewide. Some Democratic Governors have imposed unnecessary measures to limit COVID-19: Trump. On Sunday, US President Donald Trump expressed his belief that some governors have taken coronavirus restrictions too far in their states, in spite of the warnings from health officials about a second wave of the disease if social distancing measures are lifted prematurely.

Trump discussed the protesters that took to the streets in some states during the recent week including Michigan, Ohio, and Minnesota. President Trump’s COVID-19 response satisfied 58% Americans. On Sunday, The Wall Street Journal and NBC News conducted a new national survey. The report concluded most American people are concerned that the U.S government should quickly reopen the US economy and provide ease in coronavirus restrictions. China Tightens Russian Border Checks, Approves Experimental Corona-Virus Vaccine Trials.

Priti Patel Repeatedly Refuses to Apologise to NHS Staff For Lack of PPE During Corona-Virus Daily Briefing. Easy steps to boost up your Laptop Speed and Performance. There are a large number of people experiencing slow performance and speed while using their laptop at the office and home. Trump criticized Democrat Senators as Rude and Nasty. U.S President Donald Trump criticized Democratic Senators as “rude and nasty”, in his Saturday Tweet. His aggressive tweet came as the total number of deaths crossed 39,000 with confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United States more than 720,000. President trump has declared United States as the king of ventilators. Stephen Moore compared reopening US Economy to protesters calling End of COVID-19 Shutdowns. A conservative economist and longtime advisor to the president, Stephen Moore has compared the reopening of the American economy to protesters calling for an end of COVID-19 shutdowns to the civil rights icon Rosa Parks.

He is also a member of Donald Trump’s task force. Trump said Liberate Democratic States, Minnesota, Michigan, and Virginia under Lockdown. THE GOVERNMENT HAS ANNOUNCED PLANS FOR NEW CORONA-VIRUS CONTACT TRACING APP. Bill Gates Warns that the World is Entering 'Uncharted Territory' Due to a Lack of Preparedness For a Pandemic Like COVID-19. Boris Johnson Thanks ‘Life-Saving’ NHS Staff Who Treated Him for Corona-Virus. Police Say They Will Fine Anyone Breaching Lockdown After 'Multiple Gatherings' Reported in Park. Thieves Break into Mosque During Corona-Virus Lockdown and Steal Safe Containing Cash. Corona-Virus: Boris Johnson Recovering at Chequers Ahead of Social Distancing Rules Review.

Sir Stirling Moss: Motor Racing Legend Dies Aged 90 After Long illness. Police Catch and Fine ‘Several Groups’ of People Who Travelled Miles to Swim and Picnic at Wigan Quarry. WOMAN WHO 'PRETENDED TO FALL OVER' AT SUPERDRUG STORE JAILED FOR 'EXPOSING' PEOPLE TO 'RISK' DURING CORONA-VIRUS CRISIS. This 90-Year-Old Man Beat Corona-Virus. Air Ambulance Lands at Scene After Three Vehicle Crash in Oldham. The Parents of Tragic Emily Jones Have Raised £10k in 24 Hours in Her Name for Charity. Greater Manchester Once Again Shows Its Support For Our NHS Heroes as Thousands Take Part in Mass Round of Applause on Their Door-Steps. What is a Cobra Meeting? When the UK Government Calls Them, And The Meaning of The Acronym. Cabinet Minister Robert Jenrick Visited His Parents During Covid-19 Lockdown. Amber Heard to Testify in Johnny Depp Case Behind Closed Doors.

JACK DORSEY PLEDGES $1 BILLION TO FIGHT COVID-19 AS A NUMBER OF CEOS STEP UP BY TAKING PAY CUTS AND PROMISING NO LAYOFFS. Rishi Sunak Heeds Calls to Help Charities With £750m Extra Funding. Corona-Virus Lockdown ‘Likely to be Extended For Up to Three Weeks’ Driver Abandons Car After it Flipped onto Roof in Ardwick. In Pictures: Wuhan Reopens After Corona-Virus LockDown. Snapchat is DOWN: Thousands of Users Around The World Report Not Being Able to Share Snaps in The App. The Cluster Effect: How Social Gatherings Were Rocket Fuel for Corona-Virus. A Teacher is Making Protective Gear For NHS Staff in a School’s Technology Department. Apple will officially launch new iPhone SE 2020 on 24th April. Trump was mocked by Professor Joseph Stiglitz saying He Has Blood on His Hands. Trump puts wild allegations at ‘who’ while bill gates criticized him for the move.

Trump’s Health Team member Dr. Robert Redfield has declared ‘WHO A Great Partner’ Trump has threatened to suspend Both Chambers of the US Congress. THIEVES STEAL PRIEST'S CAMERA USED TO FILM MASS FOR PEOPLE IN LOCK-DOWN. A Tiger Has Corona-Virus. Should You Worry About Your Pets? Rahul Sharma in Hale, Manchester, UK. OnePlus 8 Launch Event today on YouTube at 11AM EST. New York Governor says President Trump doesn’t have Total Authority to reopen States. Trump blamed ‘who’ for coronavirus deaths in ‘us’ and suspended funding for the organization. President Trump confirmed All States will be opened on individual dates.

CIA employees warned about Trump’s suggested Hydroxychloroquine against coronavirus. Dominic Raab to Take Charge of Government's Response to The Corona-Virus Crisis. Chris Whitty Out Of Isolation After Corona-Virus Symptoms. Pep Guardiola's Mother Dies After Contracting Corona-Virus. Motorola RAZR Gold is now available & New High-end device to launch on 22nd April 2020. Trump re-tweeted demand about firing Dr. Anthony Fauci. Trump will use his special presidential powers to re-open the United States. White House confirmed President Trump will not Fire Dr. Anthony Fauci. Trump is looking to Wall Off America from Rest of the World: Scaramucci. Latest UK Travel Advice: FCO Say Travel Should Be Cancelled Indefinitely. NURSE'S STOLEN CAR IS FOUND 'SMASHED' UP, BUT VITAL MEDICAL EQUIPMENT CRUCIAL TO HER JOB IS GONE. Johnson Siblings' Bond Strong as Ever as Family Faces Toughest Test.

Rahul Sharma Owner Of Debt Connect In Manchester Uk. Apple has planned to launch iPhone SE 2 and iPhone 12. Trump’s disease expert Anthony Fauci affirmed uplifting Economic Shutdown on 1st May. Trump was criticized by Adam Schiff on allegedly getting benefits for his own businesses. Trump’s suggested Anti-Malaria drug is being tested in some Hospitals. President Trump’s most beloved friend Stanley I Chera has died.

Major Fire Service Response After Someone Had a BARBECUE On The 34th Floor of The Beetham Tower. Fuel Prices Hit Three Year Low as Retailers Sell Petrol For Less Than £1 Per Litre. What Power Does Boris Johnson's Deputy Have? Theresa May's Number Two Speaks - RAHUL SHARMA MANCHESTER, UK. Microsoft Windows 10 S Mode is Slim and Powerful Operating System. Microsoft Windows 10 S Mode is Slim and Powerful Operating System. Trump sent ventilators for Colorado to get political favor for Senator Cory Gardner. Trump admired MODI for selling anti-malaria drug and denied investing in Hydroxychloroquine.

Mike Pence affirmed Trump’s attacks on World Health Organization. What Power Does Boris Johnson's Deputy Have? Theresa May's Number Two Speaks. Mo Gilligan Makes Huge Mistake on The Great Celebrity Bake Off. Manchester United Have 12 Players Battling For One Position. Samsung Galaxy A-series with 5G devices are coming to the United States.