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President Trump got a shelter from fox news host Laura Ingraham. President Trump says he will not prepare for his 3 Debates against Joe Biden. US President Donald Trump earlier signaled that he will not formally prepare for his 3 debates against Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

President Trump says he will not prepare for his 3 Debates against Joe Biden

A new report has suggested he will wing each session on a bet the former vice president will trip himself with gaffes and forgetfulness. The 74-year-old President Trump for months has tried casting the 77-year-old Biden as too old and mentally slow as he approaches 80 to be the so-called leader of the free world. He has tried sowing seeds of doubt into the minds of remaining undecided voters and key blocs he is trying to win back. The president himself made the decision to skip a 2016-like debate preparation session when former New Jersey Governor Christie played the role of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Christie had reportedly been tapped to play the role of Biden, but it appears that will not happen. President Trump’s Campaign Ad on YouTube also has misinformation. US President Donald Trump has often supported misinformation on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

President Trump’s Campaign Ad on YouTube also has misinformation

The YouTube channel of President Trump reportedly has a series of inaccuracies featured in his most popular video. The video entitled “With Joe Biden, China Is In Charge” has received more than 21 million views by the time of publication on Thursday. Leaks show release date and price for iPhone 12 Series. Apple didn’t announce its new iPhone 12 at the company’s September event.

Leaks show release date and price for iPhone 12 Series

But, we are still expecting to see the new iPhone series at an event either in late September or in October 2020. The 15th September event of Apple was focused on a new iPad Air 4, Apple Watch 6, and Apple Watch SE. the company also presented Apple One subscription services and the launch of a new service, Apple Fitness+. Rumors have indicated the release date for iOS 14, watchOS 7, iPadOS 14, and tvOS 14. These are coming to existing devices on 16th September. Rumors also point to the iPhone 12 Max, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. President Trump allegedly shared a Fake Video of dancing Joe Biden. US President Donald Trump was asked, “What is this all about”?

President Trump allegedly shared a Fake Video of dancing Joe Biden

It came after he retweeted a video (fake) showing Joe Biden dancing to the song “F**k the Police”. Point to be noted that the video was originally shared on Twitter by The United Spot. It is a conservative satirical account producing videos such as that shared by the US President Trump on Tuesday night. The alleged video starts with footage from the Democratic presidential nominee’s campaign event in Florida on Tuesday. The Democratic nominee Joe Biden informed the audience and said, “I just have one thing to say. Kayleigh Mcenany denied president Trump endorsed herd immunity. President Trump alleged Antifa for wildfire in spite of rejecting claim from Local Authorities. US President Donald Trump retweeted claims that far-left Antifa arsonists were responsible.

President Trump alleged Antifa for wildfire in spite of rejecting claim from Local Authorities

He said in an apparent endorsement of a far-right conspiracy theory about wildfires on the West Coast. It follows rumors spread by supporters of the far-right QAnon movement blaming far-left Antifa members for deliberately causing devastating wildfires seen during the current month. President Trump slammed Joe Biden for not making mask-wearing essential. US President Donald Trump has denounced Joe Biden for not making mask-wearing essential.

President Trump slammed Joe Biden for not making mask-wearing essential

He was meeting undecided voters for the first time in months for a televised town hall which is seen as a preview to the US Election presidential debates in 2-weeks. President was asked why he didn’t wear masks more often and why he didn’t support making them mandatory across the US. He responded and said, “They said at the Democrat convention they’re going to do a national mandate. Leaks show Release Date and Price of new Moto G9 smartphone. Some reports have indicated that the Moto G9 series is going to release just like the Moto G8 series as we experienced 2 smartphones.

Leaks show Release Date and Price of new Moto G9 smartphone

It says the G9 Play and G9 Plus will come gradually. The 1st two Moto G9 smartphones have already been announced and we are expecting more. Point to be noted that the Moto G8 Plus launched in October 2019. The Moto G9 Play is the first phone and it will cost $210, and the Moto G9 Plus will cost around $330. President Trump criticized James Mattis over the Assassination claim of Bashar Al-Assad.

US President Donald Trump has claimed he supported the assassination of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad associated with chemical weapons attacks.

President Trump criticized James Mattis over the Assassination claim of Bashar Al-Assad

He said that former Defense Secretary James Mattis stopped him. President claimed on Fox & Friends and confirmed reporting in journalist Bob Woodward’s 2018 book Fear. But, Trump and his administration had emphatically denied the allegation after its publication. President Trump delivered his words during the White House briefing and suggested that the assassination support of President Assad was never even discussed. He said, “Not at all. President Trump to sell f-35 fighter jets to United Arab Emirates. The President of the United States, Donald Trump is looking to sell fighter jets to the United Arab Emirates.

President Trump to sell f-35 fighter jets to United Arab Emirates

He said he would have no problem selling F-35 fighter jets to the UAE, in spite of objections from Israel. He was speaking just hours before the officials of the UAE are due to sign a historic US-brokered accord with Israel. President Trump also said that he would be happy to pursue divisive arms sales. The UAE’s minister of state for foreign affairs, Anwar Gargash had said earlier that the UAE needed to modernize its military. President Trump criticized Steve Sisolak over Indoor Rally in Nevada.

US President Donald Trump dashed the Democratic Governor of Nevada over an indoor weekend campaign rally he held in the state.

President Trump criticized Steve Sisolak over Indoor Rally in Nevada

He said he preferred a 2nd outdoor event but Steve Sisolak forced him inside even during the state government’s own coronavirus restrictions. President said, “It wasn’t our fault. We had 4 or 5 outdoor sites for the 2nd weekend rally in Nevada. He alleged on Fox & Friends and said the administration of Sisolak refused each one and forced his re-election campaign to select a very big building to prevent COVID-19 issues. President said, “Every place we had was a big open site. President Trump was confident for not contracting coronavirus during Indoor Rally in Nevada.

US President Donald Trump wasn’t scared of contacting the coronavirus during an indoor rally in Henderson, Nevada. He showed confidence during speaking the Las Vegas Review-Journal. President said, “Because you know why I’m on a stage, it’s very far away, so I’m not at all concerned”. He wasn’t seemingly concerned for the health of the American people gathered to hear him speak. Point to be noted that they were standing in close proximity for hours ahead of his speech.

Trump joked after the reporter’s question about the safety of the gathered crowd. Facebook has presented Facebook Campus for students of US based Universities. The Facebook was a place originally designed for college students. It was the actual idea of the company’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg. But, most of us know that Facebook has presented much more and bigger than the initial approach and expectations.

However, after at least 16 years, we have experienced Facebook isn’t just a social network. The company also has a cultural phenomenon that has taken over the world. Facebook has more than 1.69 billion users to put things into perspective. It is noteworthy that Facebook Campus is the latest product from Facebook that designed to be a social network exclusive for students.

The Campus is currently available only for students that attend one of 30 universities within the United States. President Trump to surprise in October as he needs to redo 2016. US President Donald Trump is planning a surprise in October. The re-election campaign of Donald Trump has spent countless dollars and person-hours trying to recapture the lightning-in-a-bottle circumstances that handed him the presidency 1,401 days ago. The circumstances under which Americans will choose who will lead the country for the next four years could not be more different from those under which they voted in 2016. Point to be noted that at least 200,000 Americans have lost their lives to a novel virus that has frequently spread unchecked while the sitting President mocks those who take precautions advised by the government he heads. More people are out of work than at any time since Herbert Hoover ran for re-election against Franklin Roosevelt for the first time since the 1960s.

It is noteworthy that the civil rights of Black Americans are at the forefront of Americans’ collective consciousness. President Trump has claimed Kim Jong-Un and Vladimir Putin are Mentally Fit than Joe Biden. US President Donald Trump has claimed Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un are more mentally fit than the Democratic nominee. A new poll by Fox News that was published on Sunday showed that 51% of Americans think Joe Biden has the mental soundness to serve effectively as president. It clearly indicates only half of Americans think that presidential candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump have the mental soundness for the job. The poll found that only 47% felt that Trump had the mental soundness for the job, while 2% were unsure. Of those asked by Fox News, 45% said that Biden did not have the mental soundness to be president. It is noteworthy that the poll came a few days after a survey by CNBC-Change Research was released, which asked likely voters in Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin if they thought the candidates were mentally fit enough for the job.

President Trump has claimed he won Bay of Pigs award. US President Donald Trump has claimed he received a highly-honored Bay of Pigs Award from Cuban Americans in an attack on his rival’s alleged poor track record with Latin Americans on Sunday. He also confused Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for former president Barack Obama when boasting about his Nobel Peace Prize nominations during a campaign rally. President wrote in a tweet on Sunday and said, “Sleepy Joe Biden has spent 47 years in politics being terrible to Hispanics”. His comments came following reports that Vermont democratic socialist senator Bernie Sanders has concerns about Biden’s campaign. He added, “Now he is relying on Castro lover Bernie Sanders to help him out. That won’t work! But, there is no such award as a Bay of Pigs Award, as many on the social media platform pointed out and mocked the president for. President Trump previously visited a Bay of Pigs Museum in Little Havana, in Miami, in October 2016.

Get new update of Google Chrome with more advanced feature. A massive amount of online users love browsing using Google Chrome and they now need to hit the update button. Users can explore a new feature that groups tabs together to make them all easier to find. It is an important update for those who have endless tabs open and can never find what they are looking for.

Point to be noted that the Group Tabs is a very simple concept. President Trump has predicted he will remain in the White House for more than 2-Terms. President Trump has announced Israel and Bahrain Will establish diplomatic ties. Trump Administration has filed a flux to stop New York prosecutors getting his Tax returns. US President Donald Trump’s legal team has filed a flux with a federal appeals court. The motion requests the honorable court to reconsider its last month’s decision to allow the top prosecutor of Manhattan to obtain nearly a decade’s worth of the US president’s business and personal tax returns. The flux filed with the 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals in New York. It argues that US District Judge Victor Marrero erred in giving Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance the OK to enforce a Dragnet subpoena into 8-years of Trump’s tax returns with the accounting firm Mazars USA and expand a criminal probe into the president’s business dealings.

The filing also argued that Marrero failed to consider the unlimited breadth and scope of Vance’s subpoena. President Trump to visit California to see the disaster caused by Wildfires. US President Donald Trump is scheduled to visit California on Monday. He will get brief from the officials on the devastation brought by the wildfires. The visit of President Trump to the Golden State will follow 2-days of campaigning in Nevada, where his team has planned 2 major rallies. The deputy press secretary of White House, Judd Deere announced the planned visit of Trump. Point to be noted that at least 20 people have been killed in California as thousands of firefighters struggled to contain the blazes. Moreover, The Los Angeles Times reported that tens of thousands of structures have been destroyed and at least 3.1 million acres have burned.

The Governor of California, Gavin Newsom toured the areas hardest hit by the fires. Debt Connect & Rahul Sharma in Manchester, UK. Rahul Sharma is the owner and CEO of a well-known financial solution provider firm, Debt Connect. His parents passed away when he was too younger. So, his paternal uncle and aunt took his responsibility and he grew up in an isolation environment. Debt Connect Owner Rahul Sharma in Manchester UK.

Rahul Sharma is the CEO of a financial management firm Debt Connect. He has maintained confidence and satisfaction among his valuable clients and hardworking employees. He was born in Manchester, UK and his parents departed when he was younger. Rahul Sharma has an attractive personality and love to share thoughts among his friends, employees, and clients around the world. Debt Connect Owner Rahul Sharma in Manchester UK. Debt Connect, Rahul Sharma Rahul Sharma is the CEO of a financial management firm Debt Connect. Rahul Sharma Manchester, UK. My name is Rahul Sharma and I am a Businessman. I have done my hons. from Manchester Metropolitan University UK in Business Management. I am born and bred in Manchester, United Kingdom.

It’s in a human nature to love the place where he was born and spent his entire life so that’s a major reason for me to love this very city. Google’s new Privacy Policy will now Auto-Delete User Data. Google has recently announced a major advancement to its privacy policies regarding the handling and retention of user data.

Trump administration alleged Huawei working for Chinese Military. Trump administration suddenly cut off funding for coronavirus research. President Trump tagged US Democrats as Toughest Nation to Deal. Twitter has blocked Distributed Denial of Secrets ‘BlueLeaks’ from Sharing Links. Trump to face Republican resistance over withdraw US Troops from Germany. Trump’s supporters blamed China for widespread coronavirus saying it Kung flu. President Trump imposed new restrictions on 4 more Chinese News Organizations. Trump says Obama Administration Spied on his 2016 Election Campaign.

Samsung to Optimize 5G Network Performances using New Drone-Based AI Solution. Top disease expert Anthony Fauci undercut President Trump’s claim. President trump claimed us did a great job on Corovavirus. Trump’s health adviser says Coronavirus Vaccine will be ready at the end of 2020. President Trump to order Long-term Jail sentences for Washington Protesters. Get Surface Pro 7 with Type Cover Keyboard at just $599. Trump will sign New Executive Order to restrict entering Foreign Workers in the US.

Trump adviser said coronavirus cases will not peak again. President Trump confirmed he discussed about Chinese Re-education Camps. Trump hasn’t ordered to Slow Coronavirus Testing: McEnany. Trump asked COVID-19 testing to be slowed down amid increasing cases in the country. Trump resumed its 2020 election campaign after 3 months in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Trump’s Rally in Tulsa and Black Lives Matter protests across the country. Lenovo has announced 4 New ThinkPad P Series Models. Trump says he will not Close the United States Again. Title: Mary Elizabeth Taylor, Kathryn WHEELBARGER and Elaine MCCUSKER have resigned.

Trump claimed he Made Juneteenth Famous because Nobody had ever Heard of it. President Trump was criticized by Hillary Clinton over his response to protests. Trump administration filed a Lawsuit against John Bolton over his Book. Trump administration filed a Lawsuit against John Bolton over his Book. President Trump approved the concentration camps for Uighur Muslims in china. President Trump claimed Obama administration made no Police Reforms. T-Mobile has planned to terminate at least 400 former Sprint Employees. Trump administration to impose Education Freedom Scholarships and Opportunity Act. President Trump has announced a nationwide ban on chokeholds. New Polls show unbelievable results as Trump to resume its Election Campaign. Trump threatened John Bolton and plans to stop his book ‘The Room Where it Happened’

Get new Samsung Galaxy A71 with 5G at $600 on 19th June 2020. President Trump claimed One Million People have requested Tickets for Tulsa Rally. President Trump to withdraw thousands of us troops from Germany. Republican Lindsey Graham admires Joe Biden calling President Trump ‘Race-Baiting & Religious Bigot’ Tulsa Health Department raised concerns about Trump Rally during increasing COVID-19 Cases.

Trump has rolled back Obama Healthcare Protections for transgender people. Trump warned against passion and prejudice during an award ceremony at west point in New York. President Trump defends his previous tweet about Looting Starts, the Shooting Starts. Microsoft needs US Federal Regulation to sell Face Recognition. President Trump and White House have rejected to rename Military Bases. President Trump has announced surprised campaign rallies in 3 states.

President Trump has threatened Seattle protestors saying ‘This is Not a Game’ National Guard called Washington DC operation with Pepper Balls and Tear Gas: Trump. Apple to launch new iPhone 12, Pro, and Max devices very soon. Trump Administration affirms its claim about Tear-gassing Peaceful Protesters. New Poll shows a decline of Trump supporters after his response to George Floyd protests. President Trump has appointed Merritt Corrigan as Deputy Liaison at USAID. Leaks show Samsung to launch Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Fold 2. Republican Senators have shown their response about Trump’s alleged message on Twitter. Trump to resume election campaign rallies next week. Trump appreciates Police Officers who pushed Martin Gugino to ground. Trump not to Defund the Police amid increasing protests across the United States. President Trump retweeted a post saying ‘Floyd wasn’t a good person’ Find innovative LED products at Always Open Virtual Booth of Samsung.

Trump warned a possible 2nd wave of Covid-19 due to George Floyd protests. Trump administration is considering essential measures to secure Americans. Trump says protesters were throwing objects outside the White House. Get updated HP Omen 15 and Pavilion 16 Gaming Laptops. President Trump is confident about Mark Esper. Something snapped in officer who knelt on the neck of George Floyd. Trump to block Air China, Hainan, China Eastern and China Southern Airlines. Dr. Sean Conley announced Annual Physical Report of President Trump. Get new Samsung Odyssey G7 Curved Gaming Monitor. President Trump owned of Supremacy over demonstrators in Washington DC. KRIST NOVOSELIC admired trump’s speech about military action against protesters.