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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez warned Mike Bloomberg is Worse Than Donald Trump. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has warned that electing former New York mayor Mike Bloomberg as president would set the stage for a candidate even worse than Donald Trump.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez warned Mike Bloomberg is Worse Than Donald Trump

AOC is fully against nominating Bloomberg as a candidate for the 2020 election. She was speaking on The Breakfast Club on radio station Power 105.1 a.m., she said, “We obviously have to beat Trump. Trump selected Pence as In-Charge of the U.S Coronavirus Response. On Wednesday, U.S President Donald Trump has announced at a news conference that Vice President Mike Pence will be in-charge of the United States coronavirus response.

Trump selected Pence as In-Charge of the U.S Coronavirus Response

Pence will be in charge of the White House Coronavirus Task Force and report directly to the U.S President. The task force members include the U.S State Department, the Centers for Disease Control, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Department of Transportation. The HHS Secretary Alex Azar has been selected as the chairman of Task Force. Trump said, “I’m going to be putting Vice President Mike Pence in charge and he’s going to be working with the professionals, doctors and everybody else that is working. The team is brilliant”. President Trump said the threat of a full pandemic in the United States is still low. Find amazing features of LG V60 ThinQ 5G with Dual-Screen.

LG is starting manufacturing smartphones you could attach secondary screens to get a little extra room to work with.

Find amazing features of LG V60 ThinQ 5G with Dual-Screen

The company hopes this wide-eyed idea enough to convince people to buy its new V60 ThinQ 5G. You can set a full-screen keyboard on one display while watching your words fill an email window on the other. Its 6.8-inch P-OLED screen is decently handsome but runs at 2,460 x 1,080. There’s a 5,000mAh battery inside these lightly redesigned bodies. The V60 features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 and 8GB of RAM. It is noteworthy that the major change is a reduction in the number of cameras. The V60 uses a time-of-flight sensor around back to determine the level of separation between your subject and its background. Trump’s Re-election Campaign filed a Lawsuit against New York Times. The re-election campaign of President Donald Trump has filed a libel lawsuit against the New York Times.

Trump’s Re-election Campaign filed a Lawsuit against New York Times

The lawsuit alleged American newspaper about the record of intentionally publishing a false story last year regarding Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential Election. On Wednesday, the campaign filed a lawsuit in New York State Supreme Court. The campaign alleged the NYT published a false story on 27th March 2019. Trump administration to appoint Alex AZAR as coronavirus response head. U.S President Donald Trump has appointed James Bacon at the White House’s PPO. The Trump administration has appointed a 23-year-old college senior, James Bacon to a top White House role.

U.S President Donald Trump has appointed James Bacon at the White House’s PPO

A news outlet reported that he is a student at George Washington University, will reportedly become the director of operations for the White House’s PPO (Presidential Personnel Office). The website of White House said the PPO oversees the selection process for presidential appointments. Point to be noted that Bacon will succeed Katja Bullock (more than 50 years his senior) worked under both Bush administrations and the Reagan administration. The recently-named head of the PPO is 29-years old former personal aide to Trump, John McEntee. There are various conflicting reports about the potential for widespread coronavirus infections in the United States.

The White House economic adviser said investors don’t want to fear an escalating number of cases. The Director of White House National Economic Council, Larry Kudlow informed a news outlet about the issue. He said, “We have contained this. Get cheaper Realme X50 Pro 5G with 65W Super-Dart Flash Charging. Realme has presented the X50 Pro with 5G in Madrid, Spain.

Get cheaper Realme X50 Pro 5G with 65W Super-Dart Flash Charging

The country manager of the company, Emilio Alvarez shared a bit more regarding the company’s plans. Trump Administration requested $2.5 Billion to fight against Coronavirus COVID-19. On Monday, the administration of U.S President Donald Trump requested $2.5 billion from Congress to finance America’s response to the new coronavirus (COVID-19).

Trump Administration requested $2.5 Billion to fight against Coronavirus COVID-19

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) said the cases of pneumonia-causing virus rose to 79,331 and it also includes 53 people in the United States. President Donald Trump declared during a press conference in India that American officials were doing a great job. He posted on Twitter that it was very much under control. The request of Trump included $1.25 billion in new funding and the rest would be assembled by moving around federal funds, including money allocated to fight Ebola.

The Office of Management and Budget said more than $1 billion requested money will be used for vaccine development. Former national security adviser HR McMaster could criticize Trump in his new book. Trump Administration backed one of its Severest Attacks on Abortion. The administration of Donald Trump has backed one of its severest attacks on abortion.

Trump Administration backed one of its Severest Attacks on Abortion

The campaigners have warned the election and clinics which offer the procedure could be forced to close. The warning from the service providers came after the U.S appeals court backed maintained rules which impose barriers for women who want abortions. The federal grant program, Title X program subsidizes affordable birth control, cancer screenings, HIV screening and other medical care for four million low-income patients. The rules will bar clinics getting federal money from sharing office space with abortion providers from 4th March 2020. The campaigners and service providers said it will likely force abortion clinics to relocate or shut their doors entirely.

A lawyer for the Campaign for Accountability (a public interest watchdog based in the U.S), Alice Huling said the rule will change initially introduced March 2019 law of the U.S Department of Health and Human Services. Tushar Arun Gandhi criticized Donald Trump’s message in Sabarmati Ashram. Tushar Arun Gandhi is the son of journalist Arun Manilal Gandhi, grandson of Manilal Gandhi, and great-grandson of Mahatma Gandhi.

Tushar Arun Gandhi criticized Donald Trump’s message in Sabarmati Ashram

He has shown his anger at the message Donald Trump left in the visitors’ book at the Ashram set up by the Indian freedom fighter. Trump was criticized by a famous Indian Film Director Ram Gopal Varma. Ram Gopal Varma is an Indian film director, screenwriter, and producer. He is known for his works on television, Telugu cinema, and Bollywood. Trump received a warm welcome by Modi during India visit.

U.S President Donald Trump has admired India as a democratic, peaceful country and reaffirmed his close ties to true friend Narendra Modi at a huge stadium rally. The brand new, 110,000-capacity Motera Stadium in Ahmedabad had barely emptied when news emerged that a police head constable had been killed in clashes in the capital, Delhi, as protests against Modi’s government threatened to overshadow Donald and Melania Trump’s maiden, 2-day visit to the country.

The U.S President emphasized the difference between India and China. He said, ”The former’s economic growth was all the more remarkable because it was achieved as a democratic country, a peaceful country, a tolerant country, as a great, free country”. Trump Blamed Adam Schiff about leaking Russian interference claims. U.S President Donald Trump has blamed House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff of leaking claims about Russian interference to help Bernie Sanders win the Democratic nomination. He used it to push his theory that the party will attempt to cheat the self-described democratic socialist out of victory. Trump was asked about the reported Russian interference, he said: “What it could be is, you know, the Democrats are treating Bernie Sanders very unfairly and it sounds to me like a leak from Adam Schiff because they don’t want Bernie Sanders to represent them. Porsche has opened 1st Powerful EV Rapid-Charging Park in Europe. Porsche has announced a dream EV charging park.

The automaker has opened Europe’s most powerful fast-charging park in Leipzig. It would offer visitors a dozen 350kW stations to rapidly charge your compatible EV and another 4 delivering 22kW to those who need a small top-up. There’s 7MW of total power and all of it comes from renewable energy. The company is using the charging downtime as an opportunity to hawk its wares. This is partly about bragging rights and underscores part of the problem with EV ownership in 2020. It is noteworthy that the total capacity of the Saxon facility (including 6 internal quick charging points) is 7 megawatts. The Chairman of the Board of Management of Porsche Leipzig GmbH, Gerd Rupp said, “The new charging park between the number 9, 14 and 38 motorways will significantly enrich the charging infrastructure in central Germany. Trump to invite Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury to the White House. U.S President Donald Trump is looking to invite Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury to the White House after their bloody fight in Las Vegas.

He informed reporters as he departed for his trip to India, he said, “Two great fighters. It was really very exciting. Maybe we have to bring them both to the White House. I don’t know because that was really a good one. I think we’ll do that”. Trump will secure his reelection with a trade deal during his visit to India. Donald Trump was criticized by Bernie Sanders after Historic Win in Nevada. Democratic Bernie Sanders has celebrated his victory in the Nevada caucuses. Sanders delivered a stirring victory speech and discussed a number of issues from healthcare reforms to fighting climate change to implementing stronger gun control measures, at a rally in San Antonio.

Trump’s new National Security Adviser rejected claims over Russian interference in U.S Election. Robert Charles O’Brien is an American lawyer currently serving as the United States National Security Advisor. Leaks show New Fujifilm X-T4 is similar to Sony A6600 with new Powerful Features. LG has announced Cheaper K61, K51S, and K41S Smartphones with 48-Megapixel Camera. U.S President was criticized by Musician Neil Young in an Open Letter.

The Canadian-born musician, Neil Young has published a flaming open letter. Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality – How they Differ? Peter Paul Montgomery Buttigieg mocked U.S president trump. More than 1,000 Veterans criticized Trump over termination of Alexander Vindman. E Jean Carroll says Trump Assaulted Her, not Raped. Elizabeth Jean Carroll is an American journalist and advice columnist. Her Ask E. Google has ended its Free WiFi Program “Google Station” Why 4 Federal Prosecutors resigned in protest from the Roger Stone case? President Donald Trump pardoned former NFL executive Edward john DEBARTOLO Jr. Trump Administration imposed 2nd Travel Ban on 6 more countries. The 2nd travel ban from the U.S President Donald Trump restricts entry into the United States by individuals from 6 countries.

A Group of former Justice Department officials called William Bar to Step Down. A Group of former Justice Department officials called William Bar to Step Down. U.S President attended wedding of Stephen Miller and Katie Rose Waldman. Get faster and cheaper Lenovo Yoga C940 Laptop at $1,299. Hillary Clinton says The Rule of Law & Our Democracy are in Crisis. John Kelly criticized Donald Trump over termination of Alexander Vindman. Republicans in the Senate to Vote against Trump to Limit His War Power. GSMA has cancelled the MWC 2020 event over Novel Coronavirus. Trump appointed Ivanka as Senior Adviser to the White House for Women’s Empowerment. NARENDRA MODI Promised Millions & Millions of People Will Greet Him: Trump. Former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer slammed the U.S President. Republicans in the U.S Senate have blocked Election Security Bills. Logitech StreamCam is Perfect Webcam to broadcast Live Streaming.

Trump called Michael Bloomberg a Total Racist in his Tweet. Trump Admired IVANKA & called her “very beautiful even though I’m not allowed to say” Both Trump and Sanders have claimed massive support from their supporters in rallies. Trump endorsed in Manchester to disrupt 2020 Presidential Primary. Get New Moto G Stylus and Moto G Power at cheaper prices in the U.S. Why CPAC banned Mitt Romney to attend the Conference? Trump insists corona-virus goes away in April as the heat comes in. Trump earlier claimed Very Powerful Death Penalty would decrease Drug Dealings. Trump to request $2 billion more to construct U.S-Mexico Border Wall.

Leaked images and release date of EOS 850D “Canon Rebel T8i” Samsung German Website has confirmed Name & Design of Galaxy S20. Trump has banned Trusted Traveler Programs for New Yorkers. TRUMP Attacked PELOSI and others Political Enemies at a National Prayer Breakfast. Top 7 Steps to Find the Next Digital Marketing Agency for Your Startup. Top 5 Online Marketing and Advertising Ideas for Construction and Contracting Companies. Trump is Off the Track of our Constitution and Values: Pelosi. Trump rampages over Democrat’s impeachment during live TV speech. U.S President targeted black voters during his State of the Union speech. U.S President targeted black voters during his State of the Union speech. Republican Senator Mitt Romney voted to impeach U.S President Donald Trump. Jerry Nadler says Bolton will be subpoenaed by the House Judiciary Committee. Trump criticized former Republican Michael Bloomberg for Super Bowl ads. LG will launch its next flagship LG V60 5G phone in the United States and Europe.

Trump and his family trip to Florida for Super Bowl Party will cost over $3.4 million. Republican senator Lindsey graham in no longer friend of her family: Mrs. Biden. Republican Rodney Garcia was criticized by Democrats and Republicans. Corona Virus has pushed Apple to close its entire stores in China. Monica Lewinsky teased over lack of witnesses at Trump Impeachment Trial. REPUBLICAN senator MITT ROMNEY banned from CPAC conference 2020. Trump’s New Travel Ban will include 6 Additional Countries.

Trump Administration to End U.S Military Ban over using Landmines in Battle Zones. Kenneth Starr and Robert Ray made donations to Mitch McConnell. U.S Interior Department has Banned flights for Chinese Drones. Canon will present new Canon EOS R5 Mirroeless Camera this Summer. Trump to Sign USMCA agreement to replace NAFTA. Republican Legislator Fred Deutsch’s supposed Bill could Jail Doctors. TRUMP admired POMPEO for his alleged bullying female journalist MARY LOUISE KELLY. Debt Relief Order – Get Back to Financial Freedom.

Trump says U.S will never ask Israel to compromise their Security. Trump Slammed John Bolton by saying He Would Have Started World War Six. Is Trump’s Legal Team ready for any outcome from Senate Impeachment Trial. Hillary Clinton claimed Zuckerberg will use Facebook to Re-elect Donald Trump. Mitch McConnell says he doesn’t have enough Votes to Block new Witness Testimonies. Republicans have No Choice John Bolton should testify in the Senate Trial. Trump Impeachment Trial & a battle between Chris Wallace and Katie Pavlich. Leak shows specs for new Folding Galaxy Z Flip Smartphone. New electric cars Honda E and E Advance in Summer 2020. Get Motorola’s Foldable RAZR on 6th February 2020 from Verizon. Fix an Annoying Last Update Bug of Windows 7. Paula White says We Wrestle not against Flesh and Blood but against Spiritual Wickedness.

Democrats say Trump Abused his Power & his Removal is at Peak. President Donald Trump admired Elon Musk at Rocket Company SpaceX. Democrats Called U.S Senate to Testify John Bolton in Trump’s Impeachment Trial. Steven Mnuchin Followed Trump and Criticized Greta Thunberg over climate change. Chief Justice John Roberts Advised Republicans and Democrats to Remember Where They Are.