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LEGO Challenge Cards - The Stem Laboratory. This giant collection of LEGO challenge cards is a simple prep, fun way to sneak some STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) learning into the day.

LEGO Challenge Cards - The Stem Laboratory

With cards that range from easy to difficult, little engineers will love tackling the designs. Grab your copy below and then hop over to join The Plato Pack so you can download ALL of our print-and-play STEM centers in one spot! This post contains Amazon affiliate links for LEGOS. Getting Ready To prep for the activity, I printed the cards (below) on cardstock to give them extra durability. Note: If you’ll be using the cards in a classroom, you may want to laminate the cards to make them even sturdier. I grabbed our box of small LEGOS for this first round of play but DUPLOS would work just as well.

Playing with the Cards Middle Brother is LEGO obsessed, so he couldn’t wait to get his hands on the first challenge card. It was pretty tricky to find the solution but, after lots of trial and error, Middle Brother found it. And so much more. LEGO Challenge Cards - The Stem Laboratory. Curious Creatures, Wild Minds - K-6 AUSTRALIAN LEARNING RESOURCES. Curious Creatures, Wild Minds - K-6 AUSTRALIAN LEARNING RESOURCES. Talking Characters - Web tools for kids. Login.


Digital Tools for School Libraries and Media Centers. Free teacher tools: free teacher tools. Australian Computing Academy. ICT (IT) Continuum - ES1 - GETSMART CODING. IP ownership. You own intellectual property (IP) if you: created it (and it meets the requirements for a patent, trade mark, design or plant breeder’s right)bought IP rights from the creator or a previous owner.

IP ownership

You usually won’t own the IP for something you created as part of your work while you were employed by someone else. IP can: have more than one ownerbelong to people or businessesbe sold or transferredbe licensed. Businesses often rely on employees and independent consultants to develop their ideas, and assume that they automatically own the IP rights. IP created by employees Many employees create IP in the course of their employment. But who owns the rights to these works? In Australia, the employer owns the IP created by an employee if it is related to the employer’s business, unless the employment contract stipulates otherwise. IP created by contractors Both parties (hirer and contractor) should take care when entering into an agreement to adequately address the ownership of IP. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. ICT Planning - Learning.21stCentury.Snapshot. Miss Martins' ICT Classroom. Avatar Creators - Web tools for kids.

Plant a Question, Grow Answers! Generate a live word cloud with your audience. Topic (required) Type the topic of your new AnswerGarden.

Plant a Question, Grow Answers! Generate a live word cloud with your audience.

This can be a question or a topic, such as: "What do you think of my website? " More options (optional) For your convenience, you can change the following settings for your new AnswerGarden. If you're using AnswerGarden in the classroom, we recommend that you provide a password, so that you can moderate the contents during the session. AnswerGarden Mode In Classroom Mode respondents can submit an unlimited number of answers, but may only submit each answer once. Answer Length You can set the answer length to 20 or 40 characters. Admin Password You can enter a password that enables you to edit this AnswerGarden (such as the topic, unwanted answers and mode) afterwards. Show password Reminder Email Enter an email address and you'll receive an email containing the AnswerGarden link and admin password.

It's ok to send me very occasional news about AnswerGarden. Spam Filter Case. Posters for science conferences. 1.

Posters for science conferences

Create your content Define your message The first step in poster design is planning what content you want to present, not planning what it will look like. The content you include should contribute towards communicating one key message – you don’t want to show all of your research on one poster. Trying to fit too much information will limit your poster’s effectiveness as a communication tool. Start in MS Word (or equivalent word processor), and draft a summary of your research. Remember to include: (424) Pinterest. 10 ipad apps for reluctant writers - Whimsy Workshop Teaching. Superhero Comic Maker. Superhero Comic Maker Create your own animated comic book featuring monsters and superheroes!

Superhero Comic Maker

Create and record your own stories! Put multiple scenes together to make a comic strip. Download for iPhone Download for iPad Includes 55 scenes and coloring pages with 170+ stickers. MAKE A COMIC BOOK: Drag and drop multiple scenes to create a comic strip 27 background scenes: skyscrapers, space ship, the moon, wild west, ice cave, deep sea 170+ animated stickers with sound effects 29 crayons and 29 colored pencils Record your voice. Super Duper StoryMaker Review. With Super Duper StoryMaker, you can create all the picture and photo stories you want and tell them over and over — plus, you can make your own photo albums, special occasion cards, comic books, etc.

Super Duper StoryMaker Review

Educators and parents will love StoryMaker because it helps children practice learning skills, such as reading, sequencing, vocabulary and sentence building, following directions, grammar, storytelling and retelling, interacting with others, and more.

Writing Apps

(424) Pinterest. Digital Technologies Hub. Brochures. Brochures.