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FPV Drones

Terasic - All FPGA Main Boards - Cyclone II - Altera DE2-70 Board. Documents Please note that all the source codes are provided "as is".

Terasic - All FPGA Main Boards - Cyclone II - Altera DE2-70 Board

For further support or modification, please contact Terasic Support and your request will be transferred to Terasic Design Service.More resources about IP and Dev. Kit are available on Altera User Forums. Demonstrations DE2-70 Control Panel DE2-70 Video Utility TV Box Demonstration TV Box PIP Demonstration USB Paintbrush Demonstration USB Device Demonstration Karaoke Machine Demonstration Ethernet Packet Sending/Receiving Demonstration SD Card Music Player Music Synthesizer Demonstration Audio Record and Play. IS1500 Datorteknik - Lab dicom. Page updated 2012-11-02 dicom: getting to know digital components Note: These instructions require Quartus II version 11 or later.

IS1500 Datorteknik - Lab dicom

If you have Quartus II version 9, please refer to our 2011 instructions for lab dicom. If in doubt, use the menu item Help - About Quartus II to check your version. Outline of this document Read this first - our best advice comes first. Read this first This lab is 80% preparation. Install the software. This lab uses the Quartus program, which is license-locked to a certain range of IP (network) addresses. Important! Participate in our practicals (övningar). Check the slides from our practicals. Ask us. Files used Apart from the software installation, this laboratory exercise will use the following files. . Objectives After this laboratory exercise, you will be able to: The marking sheet First thing when you come to the lab: get a marking sheet (PDF). As soon as you have finished a Demonstration: discuss with the lab teacher, who will sign the marking sheet.


Welding. Coffee Roasting. 3-d Printing. CNC Laser. CNC Software. PCB Fabrication. CNC. CNC Machines. Mill Enclosures. Electronic Supply. Miscellaneous. Quantum Physics. Quantum Physics Our site dedicated to d.i.y.experimental modern and quantum physics is at We are the authors of the book “Exploring Quantum Physics through Hands-On Projects,”which will help you understand Quantum Physics through hands-on experiments that you can conduct at school or at home!

Quantum Physics

Our book will guide you in the construction and use of setups to reproduce the key experiments that have brought us to our current understanding of the quantum world. Importantly, all of the experimental equipment can be built out of relatively inexpensive materials that are readily available at the hardware store or from on-line vendors of electronic surplus.

The projects range from simple measurements of Planck’s constant all the way to testing violations of Bell’s inequalities using entangled photons. If you are interested in our modern/quantum physics experiments and projects, please go to our site BaDassII - A Unique and Useful Case Mod. The Base Plate The construction started with a ¼' thick aluminum base plate that supports and ties together both halves of the case.

BaDassII - A Unique and Useful Case Mod

After cutting the plate to size it was carefully flattened to insure that all of the component mounting would be plumb and square. Everything that mounts to the base is fixed to holes that are drilled and tapped into the plate. The Right Side Housing the drives, power supply, water pump and radiator is a 'chopped and channeled' LianLi PC61 case, shortened in height by 4-1/2 inches. The Left Side The mother board enclosure is considerably more complex, as it was entirely hand crafted. It started by mounting a length of Mini-Tec extrusion to the edge. The mainboard tray was taken from the PC60 case, along with the sliding tray tracks and hardware. In the following shot, you can see all of the slots in the extrusion as well as the first placement of the radiator and shroud.

Next up, was supporting the top of the motherboard tray. Components and Materials - Industrial Electronics and Instruments: CAM-CNC. Machine tool builder, Design and Manufacturing of CNC vertical machining centers, horizontal machining centers, CNC lathes and rotary products.

Components and Materials - Industrial Electronics and Instruments: CAM-CNC

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