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We are an InsurTech company focused on the P&C US insurance market, and we are implementing ACORD standards through our products. We are an ACORD Member (Solutions Provider). Frank Sentner, who is a well known P&C insurance industry and ACORD standards expert, is a member of our Advisory board.

Vicarious liability. When you or your company is held financially liable for the activities of another group or person, this is known as vicarious liability.

Vicarious liability

This is the legal structure that is most usually used when you are accused of mistakes committed by your contractors, employees, or agents. Vicarious liability means that you can be held legally responsible for another person’s crime, much as living vicariously through someone else involves taking joy in another person’s adventures. WinsurTech AL3 Parser Convert ACORD AL3 to JSON, XML, Excel, CSV, PDF Formats. How to open ACORD AL3 files. AL3 is one of the P&C standards created by ACORD.

How to open ACORD AL3 files

This standard was developed in the early 1980s. AL3 is designed as a batch communication method for policy and commission data. Data dictionaries and supporting documentation of AL3 standards are stored in the Access database maintained by ACORD. This database is mainly updated every 6 months with new variations and changes. Intentional Act. As the name implies, intentional acts are those acts that you intend to perform.

Intentional Act

For example, if you swing a fist at someone during a fight it would be an intentional act. Your fist does not accidentally swing towards someone’s face, but it’s intentional and you do the swing knowing that it will cause harm to another person. Thus, it is an intentional act for the purpose of causing harm and knowing that it’s a deliberate act. Youtube. Youtube. Bodily Injury Liability in Personal Lines policies.

What is Bodily Injury Liability and in which AL3 group its details can be found in Personal Lines policies?

Bodily Injury Liability in Personal Lines policies

If you get into a car accident and injure another person, bodily injury liability covers the expenses involved in treating that person. This insurance coverage pays the hospital bills and the lost income of the individual as a result of the accident. In case, if the injured person sues you for the accident, It will also cover the legal fees for that. Youtube. What does Hazardous Occupation mean in Insurance. When you work in a hazardous occupation, your risk of injury or death increases.

What does Hazardous Occupation mean in Insurance

Occupational risk insurance provides financial resources to you or your loved ones if you are injured or die while doing your job. It is the protective covering that gives you peace of mind. Who is Eligible for Occupational Hazard Insurance? Employees working in hazardous occupations are eligible for occupational risk insurance. Youtube. WinsurTech AL3 Parser Commands with Examples. Youtube. What does Employee Benefits mean in Insurance. Employee benefits include many types of non-wage compensation given to employees in addition to their usual wages or salaries.

What does Employee Benefits mean in Insurance

Employers offer insurance to their current employees in the form of a group insurance scheme, which is referred to as an employee benefit insurance plan. It could also be used to attract and retain employees in a firm. The difference between an Insurance Broker and an Insurance Agent. Agent: An insurance agent sells or promotes insurance products on behalf of their organization.

The difference between an Insurance Broker and an Insurance Agent

It is a person who represents an organisation and sells its product. An insurance agent is responsible for filling the forms and processing them correctly and they ensure that premiums are timely paid. In addition to this, agents also focus on improving the image of the company.An Insurance Broker: An insurance broker sells, buys, or negotiates various financial products best suited to their individual client needs.

Brokers are finding out what’s best for their clients from several companies and organizations, as per client requirements. Rental Car Insurance: Do I need to buy it. If you want to hire a car, the first thing you need to do is read the car-sharing agreement.

Rental Car Insurance: Do I need to buy it

You must first see your insurance agent before engaging in a rental automobile arrangement with an insurance provider. If you have your own vehicle insurance, inquire as to whether or not the rental car can be covered under your policy. Based on your homeowner or auto insurance coverage, your insurance agent will recommend the right plans for your rented car. Car insurance plans and coverage varies from state to state. Loss of Job Insurance. A job insurance policy insures the insured family by providing financial aid.

Loss of Job Insurance

This Policy is useful in case the primary source of income in the family losses the job. An Insured individual can claim the benefits of the policy upon losing the job within the policy term, under the condition that the loss of the job is due to one of the reasons mentioned in policy terms and conditions. Policy cover This policy cover can be tailored according to the needs of the policyholder. Tangible and Intangible Damages. Tangible damages are economic damages including medical and rehabilitation expenses and lost wages.

Tangible and Intangible Damages

They are basically the physical damage to the assets like Direct damages- Buildingcontentsinfrastructure. Personal accident insurance and Personal effects coverage. Insurance is a contract between two entities whereby one entity is called an insurer and the other is called an insured. In other words, an Insurance contract is represented as a policy. Insurance mainly provides financial protection or reimbursement against losses to an individual or entity. Her Insured usually received a contract called an Insurance policy. Insurance protects the insured from financial losses.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) A collision damage waiver (CDW) is a different type of insurance that is often given when we are taking the vehicle on rent and is sold by a rental car company. This covers damage/loss should an accident occur. Typically, a vehicle rental company charges you about $20 per day for this insurance, and there are some considerations and points that you will want to understand when getting this insurance Covering under Collision Damage Waiver: The car’s bodywork.

What does investment risk in Insurance mean. Definition: Investment risk is defined as the chance or likelihood of losses occurring in relation to the projected return on a certain investment. Description: Simply put, it is a measure of the degree of risk associated with attaining the investor’s expected returns. It refers to the extent to which unexpected outcomes will be realised. Investment Risk Insurance There is a danger whenever there is an investment. What is a latent defect in Insurance?

Damage to real estate property or a building project that is not visible upon the first inspection and is found when the property or project is passed over to new owners is known as a latent defect. What is a latent defect in Insurance? It is a first-party policy that is commonly used for commercial real estate and new construction, such as housing, retail, and offices. It can also be used for new construction on older or existing buildings. PDF Form Bridge Fill ACORD and other PDF Forms in the Browser. What is the meaning of Funeral Benefits in Insurance?

A Funeral or Death benefit is a payout to the nominee of an insurance policy, annuity, or pension when the insured person dies. This type of insurance plan specifically covers funeral expenses. The spouse or partner of the policyholder can get the benefits upfront for the funeral expenses until the complete benefit is processed.

Funeral Benefit basically covers the costs of organizing and carrying out a funeral and the process of receiving a death benefit from an insurance policy to named recipients or nominees as a pension, or annually or a fixed amount. For insurance policies, Funeral benefits are not subject to income tax, and named nominees ordinarily receive the death benefit as a reserve amount payment. What is an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) in insurance. Crime Insurance and its coverages. Uninsured and Underinsured Coverages. Inflation guard in HOME Insurance. Claim Notification files to eLabels converter.

Dwelling Insurance and its Covered Items. Managing General Agent (MGA) Actual Cash Value Of The Asset At Current Time And Conditions. Insurance Overview. Elimination Period. Understanding Speculative and Pure Risk in Insurance. AL3 to JSON REST API. How Online Insurance is affecting the insurance industry in US. Multiple examples of Insurance Policy Endorsements .pdf. ACORD Form Number 1 - Purpose and Some Important Fields. What does Indemnity mean in insurance? What is Insurance Policy Reconcile or Policy Reconciliation? Insurance Agency Management System - Direct versus Agency Billing. Difference between Comprehensive and No Depreciation insurance. What Is an Insurance Declarations summarizes Page?

Flood Insurance - A Type of Property Insurancev for Home/Dwelling. What is a COMPREHENSIVE DEDUCTION under Coverages and Limits in Auto Insurance. Coverages and Premium (Auto and Homeowner Insurance) What is Entrustment in Insurance? Personal Automobile Coverages In Insurance Policies. Business Insurance And Its Types. What is ACTUAL CASH VALUE OF THE VEHICLE in Auto Insurance .pdf. What are TOWING & LABOR limits under Coverages in Auto Insurance? Producer, Agency, Carrier and Other Basic Insurance Terms. What is Motor Vehicle Record and what kind of data is there in it - SS Blog. Parking or Garage locations and effect on Premium in insurance. How to choose the Best Car Insurance Quotes at Affordable Prices? Multiple examples of Insurance Policy Endorsements. Introduction to Agency Management System or AMS.

About Dwelling Insurance Policy and Its Coverages. How to use WinsurTech AL3 REST API on RapidApi. Personal and Commercial AUTO Insurance and related ACORD AL3. Transaction Category, Function, Policy Type, and Business Purpose in AL3. Personal Umbrella Insurance Policy and its Coverages. Elimination Period in Different Types of Insurance Policies.

Some common reasons for Motor Insurance Claim Rejection. What are double indemnity clauses in life and accident insurance? Personal Umbrella Insurance Policy and its Coverages. Some common reasons for Motor Insurance Claim Rejection. Transaction Category, Function, Policy Type, and Business Purpose in AL3. What does Gap Insurance mean and how can it help? Difference between Comprehensive and No Depreciation insurance. AL3 Desktop Viewer Winsurtech. What is PROPERTY DAMAGE LIABILITY in Auto Insurance? Difference between Comprehensive and No Depreciation insurance. Purpose of Homeowners Insurance and What All It Covers? The Face amount in the insurance is how much your policy is worth. Winsurtech Products. Coverages in Personal Auto Application and their purpose?

AL3 Creator Winsurtech. AL3 Parser (AL3 Reader. WinsurTech AL3 Parser Commands with Examples. What are MEDICAL PAYMENTS under Coverages in Auto Insurance? Convert ACORD AL3 to JSON, Excel, CSV, PDF. Most Important products For Insurance companies. Convert ACORD AL3 to JSON, Excel, CSV, PDF - Winsurtech. AL3 Parser(Reader/Translator) - Winsurtech. Salesforce Script To Fetch Object. What is a commercial package insurance policy? Explain the 'Risk-Based capital model Act' and how is it important? ACORD Form Reader - Extract data from Scanned and Flattened ACORD Forms By Winsurtech.

AL3 Reader / Translator to convert AL3 to JSON, CSV and PDF. Loss Payee and Lender's Loss Payable Additional Interest in Insurance. Autofill ACORD Forms with Policy Data in your AMS or CRM. Accounts Management System Development for Insurance AMS.