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Arduino bluetooth transciever. Documentation:hardware:devices:acr122 [ - Public platform independent Near Field Communication (NFC) library] Controlling Arduino Using Android. The article provides some basic information on how to use an Android device to read sensor values from an Arduino, that too with the help of a low cost bluetooth serial device.

Controlling Arduino Using Android

Read on to know more about this. The circuit mentioned here uses python as the scripting language. But there is an array of other scripting languages that can be used for this purpose. The hardware and software requirements of this project are listed below: Android device with bluetoothJY-MCU bluetooth wireless serial port module.Arduino boardSensor or Potentiometer The bluetooth module is preprogrammed with the some factory settings. Next the Bluetooth device has to be connected to the Arduino. The sensor or potentiometer has to linked to the analog pin A0. Once this is done, the Android Scripting Layer and Python should be installed.

Controlling Arduino Using Android. The World Famous Index of Arduino & Freeduino Knowledge. Contraptions - Contraptor. Click here to edit contents of this page.

Contraptions - Contraptor

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View wiki source for this page without editing. View/set parent page (used for creating breadcrumbs and structured layout). Notify administrators if there is objectionable content in this page. Something does not work as expected? General documentation and help section. HACKOLOG - Amazing Hacks and Mods. As you may know, FM transmitters are created using several pieces.

HACKOLOG - Amazing Hacks and Mods

Of course, technology has kept on following a general downsizing tendency. This is what makes the development of a project like this very important. Creating a transmitter using just 2 pieces is quite a breakthrough. The main component of the transmitter is an 8-pin AVR microcontroller. This kind of AVR can produce a 8Mhz clock signal using an internal oscillator. The microprocessor is directly connected to two Li-ion battery cells, which provide the energy for it. Arduino: The Documentary (2010) Magnetic Field Sensor Board. • Uses a 3A Hall-effect sensor (UGN3503)• Provides a voltage output that is proportional to the applied magnetic field • Sensitivity: 1.3mV/Gauss• Interface with microcontrollers and logic circuits• Inex Standard 3-pin PCB connector• Compatible with Inex controller boards The Inex Magnetic Field Sensor works with a built-in 3A Hall-effect sensor (UGN3503) which tracks extremely small changes in the magnetic flux density.

Magnetic Field Sensor Board

This sensor provides a voltage output from 0 to +5Vdc that is proportional to the applied magnetic field. If no magnetic field is detected (0 Gauss) the output voltage will be 2.5V. The voltage output can be calculated using the following formula: • Vout = 2.5 + (0.0013 x Magnetic field density in Gauss units) *Inex module pin-out: GND, SIG, V+ Arduino Serial Servo Control.