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Dis Papy, c'est quoi Telecomix ? Guy Fawkes Mask: How Anonymous hacker group created a powerful visual brand. Anonymous logo from

Guy Fawkes Mask: How Anonymous hacker group created a powerful visual brand

The loosely affiliated and ever-changing band of individuals who call themselves Anonymous have been variously described as hackers, hacktivists, free-expression zealots, Internet troublemakers, and assorted combinations thereof. By all accounts the group has no clear hierarchy or leadership, or even any internal agreement about what exactly it is. L34K5 Everywhere ! Au coeur du site des hackers. Articles / Latest text of pad articles. Hacktivism, Vigilantism and Collective Action in a Digital Age. Radical online activism is a new public policy challenge, with groups such as Anonymous being described as everything from terrorist organizations to freedom fighters.

Hacktivism, Vigilantism and Collective Action in a Digital Age

With activities ranging from attacking government websites to revealing private information about targeted organizations, these groups have commanded the public’s attention with often-subversive cyberactivism. Policymakers and technology experts are working in particular to understand Anonymous’s origins and motives—and how it functions with no leaders, hierarchy or structure—in order to develop appropriate policy responses to this new type of online collective action. On December 9, the Center for Technology Innovation at Brookings will host a discussion exploring the impact of "hacktivism" and vigilantism in a digital age. The Julia Group – About the Julia Group. Crude, Inconsistent Threat: Understanding Anonymous. Crude, Inconsistent Threat: Understanding Anonymous Adrian Crenshaw Dubious Disclaimer Most of the time I cover technical topics.

Crude, Inconsistent Threat: Understanding Anonymous

I regularly give classes and presentations on "how this protocol works" or "how do I hack X? " UPDATED: The Art of Anonymous. Here's a look at some of the propaganda circulating around the Internet — largely from anonymous authors, natch — advocating for Anonymous or for Wikileaks.

UPDATED: The Art of Anonymous

Source: Various (No Flash? Here's the Flickr set compiled for this slideshow.) Anonymous: From the Lulz to Collective Action. Taken as a whole, Anonymous resists straightforward definition as it is a name currently called into being to coordinate a range of disconnected actions, from trolling to political protests.

Anonymous: From the Lulz to Collective Action

Originally a name used to coordinate Internet pranks, in the winter of 2008 some wings of Anonymous also became political, focusing on protesting the abuses of the Church of Scientology. By September 2010 another distinct political arm emerged as Operation Payback and did so to protest the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), and a few months later this arm shifted its energies to Wikileaks, as did much of the world's attention. It was this manifestation of Anonymous that garnered substantial media coverage due the spectacular waves of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks they launched (against PayPal and Mastercard in support of Wikileaks). Inside Anonymous' Secret War Room. L’Histoire d’Anonymous. Anonymous, du Lulz à l’Action Collective » Anontranslator.