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Citric Acid Inhibits Fermentation and Kills Cancer in Humans – Cancer Treatments: from Research to Application. Background: Citric acid exists in large amounts in a variety of fruits and vegetables, most notably citrus fruits and was first time isolated from lemon juice.

Citric Acid Inhibits Fermentation and Kills Cancer in Humans – Cancer Treatments: from Research to Application

Its salt form, Citrate, is an intermediate in the citric acid cycle (also called TCA cycle, TriCarboxylic Acid cycle, Krebs cycle, Szent-Györgyi – Krebs cycle), a central metabolic pathway for animals, plants and bacteria. In others words, Citrate is a major product of mitochondria, the engine of the cell. When there is to much Citrate going out of the engine, it means there is enough energy produced by the engine and a feedback mechanism will “talk” to the glycolisis (Ref.), the path through which fuel is provided to the engine, and ask to reduce the amount of fuel.

As a result, the more Citrate builds up in the cell, the more the cell will think it has enough of what it needs and will reduce or even shut down the glycolisis process. Interestingly, Dr. Results in Humans: Mechanism: Dose & Administration: File. File. Dr. Tullio Simincini. See: Cancer cured with baking soda & maple syrup!

Dr. Tullio Simincini

Destroying our fixed ideas about Cancer We watch in face the cancer: the seen tumor gives near. Interview to the Italian oncologist dr Tullio Simoncini. The cancer is a fungus. Listen and watch Dr. Dr. Dr. Sodium Bicarbonate has successfully proven its antifungal value in agriculture to resolve fungal issues in vegetation, including many destructive diseases such as anthracnose, powdery mildew, black spot in crops and horticultural industries. Catálogo de Productos - ufsquimicos. A study of the citric acid cycle in certain tumour tissues. The AP John Institute Cancer Protocol - CAAT Protocol. CAAT is an amino acid– and carbohydrate-deprivation protocol using scientifically formulated amino acids.

The AP John Institute Cancer Protocol - CAAT Protocol

Research by Marco Rabinovitz, Ph.D., formerly of the National Cancer Institute, and Albert B. Lorincz, M.D., formerly of the University of Chicago, shows how beneficial amino acid deprivation therapy can be in treating cancer. 1 CAAT also includes a low-carbohydrate regimen that is personalized for each patient. Chi Van Dang, M.D., Ph.D., of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, reported that cancer cells are such sugar junkies that glucose deprivation can contribute significantly to their demise. 2 CAAT has benefited patients across the United States, Canada, Europe, South America, and even in such faraway lands as New Zealand and India.

The following paragraphs will give you a more detailed explanation of CAAT. The Science behind CAAT. THERE IS ONLY ONE CAUSE OF CANCER AND SMOKING IS NOT IT. The Anionic Lemon, the Cure at Alkaline/Acid Debate Forum, message 385749. Hi you all, Here I found some familiar concepts and also new ones or with a bit different perspective: “The only real cure of any disease can be found when we start to focus on the soil.

The Anionic Lemon, the Cure at Alkaline/Acid Debate Forum, message 385749

Well, Dr. Carey Reams (physician and an agronomist) fits in perfectly.” “All energy in human bodies is created by the RESISTANCE generated when these oppositely charged ions rotating in opposite directions come together.” “RESISTANCE being a type of friction which causes energy to be given off.” “pH is only a measure of resistance, not a measure of quantity or quality. “Suppose, in theory, that you ate only foods or substances that contained cations. “In the practical considerations, it is not possible to have only anions or only cations present. The_Curse_Causeless.pdf. 797.full.pdf. WHY GLUCOSE IS THE PRINCIPAL SOURCE OF ENERGY FOR LIVING BEINGS? AND THE EXPLANATION OF HUMAN DISEASES pp. 237-248. Does Citric Acid Cause Cancer or Cure it? « Cancerfighter’s Weblog. There’s a lot of cancer info on this site – do browse .

Does Citric Acid Cause Cancer or Cure it? « Cancerfighter’s Weblog

This complements the info and critical overview of all your options in my two cancer books – see for details Does Citric Acid Cause Cancer or Cure it? I have long been interested in citric acid as a potential cure for cancer since reading of Dr Moerman’s diet – and the first man he gave dietary advice to cured himself of cancer by eating enormous amounts of oranges and lemons. But bizarrely there appears to be some suggestion floating about the internet that citric acid causes cancer. So I went in search for information, in part prompted by a comment by Dr Halabe (see below) The first thing I found was this statement by an advocate of lemon juice drinking who said this on an internet forum: “I go through 3lbs of lemons every 3-4 days. i juice the whole lemon…skin, seeds… everything. Of course this post has nothing to do with cancer – just the beneficial effects of drinking juice for general health.

Sincerely, Alb. Bucay.pdf.