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Future Learning Space for Za'atari Refugee Camp Students

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Syria Traditional Music. ZAATARI REFUGEE CAMP MAP. INTERACTIVE MAP OF POPULATION AND INFASTRUCTURE-click on map then click on district circles. Note distance from schools.

Click on map to open. Click on District Circles to change statistics. Note distance to school statistics. – wenoracu

Multi-Activity Centre: Saving a Family. In Za’atari camp, Save the Children runs Multi-Activitiy Centres that focus on youth and adolescents.

Multi-Activity Centre: Saving a Family

The centres offer a wide range of educational, sports, and psychosocial support activities to children aged between 14 and 24. As part of the Multi-Activity Center for girls, Save the Children also offers sessions for mothers in the camp, offering them a space to learn skills, express their feelings and make friends. The sessions for mothers range from parenting and hygiene to knitting and soap making. Mother of five, 36 year old Lamees has been attending the centre for seven months. Earth One: 3-Vaulted House Design - Cal-Earth Building Designs.

The 3-Vaulted house prototype has been in development since the mid-1980's by Nader Khalili to allow the maximum space, light, and interior ventilation, while using the traditional form of the vault.

Earth One: 3-Vaulted House Design - Cal-Earth Building Designs

The spaciousness of the interior design derives from this pattern of 3 offset vaults which allow a maximum view through the house's open plan area, and from the height of the vault. Isolated in Camp, Syrians Desperate to Get Online. Michael Pizzi The U.N. refugee agency’s (UNHCR) innovation team has already released a mobile app designed for Syrians in Lebanon that explains refugees’ legal rights, dispels myths and points them to the nearest U.N. office in the event of an emergency.

Isolated in Camp, Syrians Desperate to Get Online

Neighbors of Za’atari Part One: Um Ali - Living On One. During the past week we have been invited into countless caravans and tents in Za’atari.

Neighbors of Za’atari Part One: Um Ali - Living On One

Every encounter starts with a shared cup of tea in the Syrian style – 1 part tea, 2 parts sugar. During the 30 minutes that it takes to make, serve and enjoy the small cup, we have heard unimaginable stories of hardship and incredible stories of resilience and ingenuity. We are still getting to know our neighbors but we want to introduce you to some of our closest friends in the camp. Um Ali is the first woman who has really opened up to us here We have had a much more difficult time meeting women in the camp than men. Luckily, we have been invited to visit a women’s center run by the International Rescue Committee. Um Ali is working with a young girl to make tissue paper flowers. Refugee -led Reading Circles. A hero with a kind heart - When teachers in the NRC learning centre at Zaatari refugee camp were asked to vote for their hero, people voted for Sanaa.

A hero with a kind heart -

A wife, mom and teacher, Sanaa has been in Jordan since 2013 and is the only breadwinner in her household. She lives a busy life, taking care of her children, keeping the house clean, making food for her family and working as a teacher at the learning centre in Zaatari. When voting for Sanaa as their hero, many listed “the kindness in her heart” as the reason.

And Sanaa enjoys helping others. Education Brief 1: Education and Protection. Helping Children Cope With the Stresses of War. Ensuring Education Quality and Protection at School Level. Having Fun and Feeling Safe-Photo. IST researchers explore technology use in Syrian refugee camp. The Syrian Civil War has caused millions of citizens to flee their homeland, but many refugees have persevered and are seeking to rebuild their lives.

IST researchers explore technology use in Syrian refugee camp

Researchers at Penn State’s College of Information Sciences and Technology (IST) recently traveled to a thriving Syrian refugee camp in Jordan, where they surveyed people as part of a study they are conducting on how the refugees are appropriating technology into their daily lives. “Jordan is an interesting place in that it has been welcoming of refugees, first from Iraq and now from Syria,” said Carleen Maitland, an associate professor at the College of IST. Maitland, along with her graduate student advisee, Ying Xu, visited the Zaatari camp, Jordan’s largest facility for Syrian refugees, in early January. Education Brief 3: Curriculum Choices in Refugee Settings. Education Brief 5: Refugee Teacher Management. Free Training Resources - Teachers Without Borders. TWB's Public Library - Teachers Without Borders.

PEACE EDUCATION FOR YOUTH AND ADULTS Photo. How Syrian Children Are Drawing and Using Art Therapy to Heal the Trauma from War. In an upscale district of Downtown Beirut, two pre-teen boys rapped in Arabic during an exhibit showcasing the artwork of Syrian refugee children.

How Syrian Children Are Drawing and Using Art Therapy to Heal the Trauma from War

Ramzi, a 12-year-old originally from Daraa, Syria, beatboxed as his friend Ayham, also from Daraa, spit rhymes. Guests watched quietly, impressed, as the two boys recalled life before the uprising turned civil war wreaked havoc on their country. A dance of hope for child refugees in Middle East. A capoeria class in UNRWA boys school in Al Fawar Refugee Camp, Palestine Photo © Bidna Capoeira For young people growing up in refugee camps in the midst of the civil war in Syria, the occupied Palestinian territories, or in post-war Iraq, life holds challenges that few of us can truly imagine.

A dance of hope for child refugees in Middle East

The camps offer tragic examples of what the stresses of instability, isolation and an uncertain future can do to a community – particularly young people. Aggression, violence, hyperactivity, depression and bedwetting are among the psychosocial symptoms commonly reported in the communities where the charity Bidna Capoeira works.

“These desperately disadvantaged people can be hard to help,” executive director Ummul Choudhury tells Positive News. Bidna Capoeira: Play. Express. Be Free. Syrian teenagers work with top iPhone photographer to produce their own portrait of life in a refugee camp. Save the Children has launched a unique online gallery of images captured by Syrian refugee teenagers on mobile phones.

Syrian teenagers work with top iPhone photographer to produce their own portrait of life in a refugee camp

The BBC launch is online now, under the following slideshow: Insidezaatari.tumblr. Cardboard – Google. For Education: Using Soccer to Improve Literacy. Right To Play will connect its unique sport-based methodology with community libraries to enhance life and literacy skills for refugee youth Education challenges in Dollo Ado are vast. 95% of children have never received formal education and a lack of youth vocational training and recreational activities has compounded youth apathy and disenfranchisement.

Using Soccer to Improve Literacy

Board Games Photo. Teaching life skills to Syrian youth in the Za'atari refugee camp.