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Web Development Outsourcing Company. Waytoweb Web Development Portfolio. PhoneGap App Development Company. Developing A Chatbot Using Microsoft's Bot Framework, LUIS And Node.js (Part 1) This tutorial gives you hands-on access to my journey of creating a digital assistant capable of connecting with any system via a RESTful API to perform various tasks.

Developing A Chatbot Using Microsoft's Bot Framework, LUIS And Node.js (Part 1)

Here, I’ll be demonstrating how to save a user’s basic information and create a new project on their behalf via natural language processing (NLP). Note: I am not associated with Microsoft in any way (either directly or indirectly). Further Reading on SmashingMag: Link Choosing A Bot Framework Link The rising wave of artificial intelligence (AI) in the last couple of years has given a massive push to the idea of conversational interfaces5, commonly known as chatbots.

The tech community has joined forces to boost the growth of various aspects of AI, including natural language processing and machine learning. A few months back, I wrote an article on TechCrunch discussing the role of AI and chatbots in the web development industry13. The Chatbot Journey Link Signing Up and Creating the App Link $ sudo apt install nodejs Recap Link. Best JavaScript Frameworks, Libraries and Tools to use in 2017 — SitePoint. It seems there are more JavaScript frameworks, libraries, and tools than there are developers.

Best JavaScript Frameworks, Libraries and Tools to use in 2017 — SitePoint

As of May 2017, a quick search on GitHub reveals more than 1.1 million JavaScript projects. There are 500 thousand usable packages on with almost 10 billion downloads every month. This article endeavors to explain the basics and rudimentary differences between the most popular client-side JavaScript frameworks, libraries, and tools. Whether they are “best” for you is another question. What is the Future of Front End Web Development? By Chris Coyier On framework, performance, preprocessing I was asked to do a little session on this the other day.

What is the Future of Front End Web Development?

I'd say I'm underqualified to answer the question, as is any single person. If you really needed hard answers to this question, you'd probably look to aggregate data of survey results from lots of developers. 10 Nice Examples of Writing SQL in Kotlin With jOOQ. Kotlin is the next big thing.

10 Nice Examples of Writing SQL in Kotlin With jOOQ

With Google announcing official support for Kotlin on Android, we’ll see a lot more traction for this lovely language. We’ve already blogged about the Kotlin language recently: 10 Features I Wish Java Would Steal From the Kotlin Language. Should you migrate your application to Kotlin? How to Use Laravel Mix in Non-Laravel Projects — SitePoint. What Is Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF)? - DZone Security. Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) refers to an attack wherein an attacker is able to send a crafted request from a vulnerable web application.

What Is Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF)? - DZone Security

SSRF is usually used to target internal systems behind firewalls that are normally inaccessible to an attacker from the external network. Additionally, it’s also possible for an attacker to leverage SSRF to access services from the same server that is listening on the loopback interface ( Typically Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) occurs when a web application is making a request, where an attacker has full or partial control of the request that is being sent. How You're Probably Misunderstanding TDD - DZone Agile. Let’s get something out of the way right up front.

How You're Probably Misunderstanding TDD - DZone Agile

You might have extensive experience with test-driven development (TDD). You might even practice it routinely and wear the red-green-refactor cadence like a comfortable work glove. For all I know, you could be a bonafide TDD expert. If any of that describes you, then you probably don’t actually misunderstand TDD. Not surprisingly, people that become adept with it, live and breathe it tend to get it. I earn my living doing a combination of training and consulting.

Instead, you tend to hear dismissals of the practice. Strict Transport Security in ASP.NET MVC: Implementing RequireHstsAttribute - DZone Security. HTTPS is the core mechanism for accessing web resources in a secure way.

Strict Transport Security in ASP.NET MVC: Implementing RequireHstsAttribute - DZone Security

One of the limitations of HTTPS is the fact that the user can manually provide a URL which doesn't contain the proper schema. In most cases, this will result in the application sending a redirect response which will tell the browser to re-request the resource using HTTPS. Facebook Messenger Bot. Very recently when I visited the JS Channel conference sometimes later on July, 2016 and it started with something called ‘bots’ in their Keynote followed by a pretty cool demonstration of how does it work and what is it.

Facebook Messenger Bot

Kind of gave me a boost to learn it. I came back home and started researching on what are bots and how can we thrive its benefits. So I started looking into Facebook which provides pretty good developer handy tools to get your job done in no time. There I came up with something known as Facebook messenger bot. From Idea To Development: How To Write Mobile Application Requirements That Work. Advertisement Many companies try to create a great experience for customers.

From Idea To Development: How To Write Mobile Application Requirements That Work

But few are willing to make the changes required to deliver on that promise. A Comparison of SQL and NoSQL to Simplify Your Database Decision - DZone Database. Have you been investing your time, effort, and resources in building ETL procedures that keep migrating data from one database to another?

A Comparison of SQL and NoSQL to Simplify Your Database Decision - DZone Database

Is your RDBMS fully equipped to deal with unstructured and non-traditional data? With Big Data becoming the hottest segment of database technology, what’s your game plan to stay on top of the ever-evolving technologies? How to Properly Structure Your PHP Projects. One of the first things you learn as a PHP developer is the use of frameworks, such as the popular CakePHP and Symfony. As you use these formats throughout your career as a PHP developer, you will notice that sometimes it can be quite difficult to get what you want out of them. When you have a specific project or idea in mind that you want to create, you may not find a construction that will fit in. As a developer, you will not have the time to sort through hundreds of different PHP structures to find the one that best fits your projects.

And if you do decide to go with a framework, you could end up with resources that you do not need. In return, this will give you a bloated structure that could cause performance issues and slow down maintenance. Building For Mobile: RWD, PWA, AMP Or Instant Articles? Advertisement Meet the new Sketch Handbook, our brand new Smashing book that will help you master all the tricky, advanced facets of Sketch. 90+ Best Free Fonts, Spring 2017. 2017 may be off to a questionable start in the world of politics, but at least we can rely on a steady supply of free fonts to buck up our mood. All the usual suspects are still being released, but we’re seeing a lot less in the way of calligraphic lettering and brush fonts compared to 2016, and an increase in serifs. Bold weight sans-serifs seem pretty popular at the moment too. There’s also a welcome rise in the number of free non-latin fonts, particularly cyrillic. Hire Dedicated Developer Team.

Rent your own team and forget the hassle of on-site hiring – rent your resource and save your time and money. It’s easy – Get the Developer, Coder, Programmer, and IT expert easily with us and create your own remote team. For example, you can have your own software development team based in Paris and you can rent few experts from us and save up to 60% compared to on-site hiring, without compromising on quality and effectiveness. We offer various hiring solutions and provide our customers the freedom and flexibility to build their OWN TEAM. We offer a huge pool of experienced and qualified Developer/Programmers to choose from.

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