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Laser de placage de bois coupé Aloe lampe par MWKDesign. 3338675583_2b3c7be7871.jpg (JPEG Image, 500 × 333 pixels) Joel Beeby. Bloom Table Lamp - laser-cut plywood pattern shade - Alienology #ponoko. Alienology's Bloom Lamp - laser-cut ply pendant pattern shade. Creative Cardboard Lamps..!! What if cardboards could be turned into beautiful and creative lamps ??

Creative Cardboard Lamps..!!

Well I liked the idea. Yes, Lamps made out from cardboard. It's the best way to use cardboard and turn it into an amazing lamp. Below I've posted some pictures of creative lamps made from cardboard and among these there are some lamps made from recycled cardboard. I loved the idea wherein you can make lamps from recycled cardboard. First, gather your materials.Corrugated cardboard, 25" wide and as tall as you'd like your lightSpray paintYard stickBox cutterGlue gunPendant light cord (this one from Ikea is only $5!)

Step 1: Start by spray painting one side of the cardboard. Step 2: Mark the cardboard at 5-inch intervals lengthwise with the box cutter. Step 3: Lay the cardboard flat again and cut it into strips lengthwise by tracing along the yard stick with the box cutter. Step 4: Once your strips are cut, hot glue the ends of each strip together (painted side in) so that you have pentagons. Many Photons Laser cut Lamp - parametric design - "Terra" - Many Photons. (5.5″x5.5″x14″) Laser cut, chestnut stained, birch plywood; green and terracotta swirl patterned, stained glass; lamp parts – 2013.

Many Photons Laser cut Lamp - parametric design - "Terra" - Many Photons

Price = $200 U.S. + Shipping and Handling. The “Terra” lamp design is generated with the Grasshopper for Rhino. It uses a modified “substrate” definition to generate a pattern reminiscent of shifted urban street grids, rock strata, and agricultural plans with nods to Mondrian, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Peter Eisenman. The design can be modified from a straight rectilinear to a widely shifted, angular scheme. It is fabricated from laser cut 1/8″ thick birch plywood on a Full Spectrum 40W Hobby laser cutter. Flat Pack Laser Cut Products on Pinterest. Flat Pack Laser Cut Products. Pin by Visual Communication Design . on Flat Pack Laser Cut Products … Nick Kielsmeier. Project Type: Practical/Process Challenge: To create a lighting solution, either lamp or sconce, using Autocad.

Nick Kielsmeier

Considerations: Because I had to make a physical lamp using a 2 dimensional CNC process, the material choice had to be easily cut by laser, plasma or CNC router. Material choice was important because the final product would have the heat of the light bulb and electrical components in close proximity. Description: I chose to laser cut the component pieces of this lamp because laser cutting offers the advantage of sharp inside corners which was desireable for the contemporary look I decided on. The concept evolved into the present form after experimenting with paper that was cut and folded into a similar form. Method: The material I chose for this project is .125” thick walnut.

Outcome: This is a high end lamp designed for consumers looking for a contemporary lighting solution. Like this: Like Loading... Flatpack Laser Cut lamp Assembles in Minutes With No Tools. © Masiosare Studio Talk about minimal!

Flatpack Laser Cut lamp Assembles in Minutes With No Tools

Design Milk shows the Flaca Lamp, designed by Masiosare Studio of Mexico. It is laser cut out of a sheet of stainless steel, with almost no waste. In profile, it is barely there. The designers write: Flaca is a stainless steel lamp focused on sustainability. I do worry a bit about calling it adjustable, however; there are no mechanical hinges, just bent stainless steel. Branch Lamp 2. Lampe de bureau Kran XI table bureau en bois éclairage par Paladim. PERSONNALISÉ pour Denise par Paladim. Lampe de bureau Kran VI chêne Bureau en bois table par Paladim.

Bois rustique de la table en bois lampe par NikaWood. Natural Wood Wall Lamp/ Wood Fixture/Wood Sconce/Bar par WoodWarmth. Lampe de bureau de bois de LED DL002 par blackgizmo. DL017 lampe de bureau par blackgizmo. Wooden Design Desk Lamp DL019 by BlackGizmo by blackgizmo on Etsy. Laser décoratif coupe boîte en bois électrique par PPointCreates. Accent de lumière lampe de boîte de bureau en bois par portrhombus. Lampadaire en bois DL022 BlackGizmo par blackgizmo. Lampe de Table en bois DL020 BlackGizmo par blackgizmo.