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Vintage Industrial Lighting & Accessories. Herbert terry flex. Male Brass Cord Grip 1/2' Thread, Lamp Fittings. In addition to the above manufacturers we also have products avaliable in the following categories: With more and more new vacuum cleaners being sold it can be hard to find the Vacuum Spares for the older machine.

Male Brass Cord Grip 1/2' Thread, Lamp Fittings

Here ate spares2you we carry a large range of Vacuum Spares and Accessories for most popular makes. If you need to replace you Vacuum Filter or Vacuum Belt then we can help. Check out the range by clicking on the links on the left. Vacuum Cleaner Dustbags Large range of Vacuum Cleaner Bags with both Genuine Dustbags and compatible bags to save you money. Low Cost Vacuum Tools If you are looking to save money on you Vacuum Cleaner Tools and Accessories have a look at our range of Low Cost Vacuum Tools here. Lamps & Lighting Contest. FilamentLightBulbs — Long Life. Links and Reviews. Information: For detailed information of the Carwardine lamp, the Anglepoise 1208 and the 1209 check out the wonderful site that is Vintage Anglepoise Lamps.

Links and Reviews

Information here is based on research and an original 1936 Terry and Sons catalogue. Spares: 30 something! : All the spares you could possibly need for restoring a 1227 including braided cable, bulb holders, grommets, even the felt to cover the base. Review: The best 1227 dealer I know off by far!! While they offer everything you need, be aware postage can build up, so if you can find parts locally it could save you a bob or two. UPDATE: 30 Something have now introduced fixed price P&P prices: £3.95 for up to 5 items and £5.95 thereafter for small parts and flex. Thats pretty darned good!

Lamps and Lights: another place to find various parts including braided cable and chrome bulb holders. If you decide to go to a few different places for your bits heres a few links that may help: have black plastic cord grips. FabricCable — woven. Urban Cottage Industries Ltd. Vintage Industrial Lighting & Accessories. Herbert Terry Anglepoise Restoration & Spare Parts. Anglepoise Restoration – Part 1 « Winston's Roost. A few years ago I really wanted an Anglepoise 1227 desk lamp, but as they were a bit more expensive then, couldn’t justify the cost, so settled for a vintage Type 75 like the one below, which I scored off Ebay for a steal.

Anglepoise Restoration – Part 1 « Winston's Roost

Since then, I have regretted my impatience as I STILL prefer the 1227, and really should have just saved up and waited for the right auction (you’d think I would know myself well enough by now to know that I should wait and save for what I really want instead of settling, but …there you go). I have occasionally been checking the Ebay listings for a 1227 and the other day managed to get this one for a reasonable price: It is in fairly decent nick, with only a couple dings to the shade, and I figured with a little elbow grease, I could get it up and functioning in no time…. …little did I know how expensive the various parts are for restoration, as Anglepoise doesn’t supply any of their specialist spare parts! Gulp. The hinge, though is another story. Stay tuned. Current Work – Matthew Higgins. Anglepoise, for me one of the most significant pieces of 20th Century Design, and a few days I decided to finally took the plunge and bid for one on eBay, I’m excited to say that I had the winning bid for a pre 1950s Herbert Terry of Redditch 1227 two tier version and the most exciting part is the fact it has the original Crabtree Bakelite switch (how sad is it to be excited by a switch?).

Current Work – Matthew Higgins

This will be the second Anglepoise I now own, alongside a newer Type 75. It was my original intention of buying to restore, now after receiving the lamp I’ve come to a dilemma, to leave it in the current state or to restore. The lamp isn’t in the best of conditions, but can this be constituted as character that isn’t worth losing? At nearly 60 years old each mark and dent is a symbol of every owner, to restore would be like erasing, admitially tiny, part of the past.

Read Microsoft Word - rewire kit instructions v2.doc. About Anglepoise and our Rewiring Kit: Anglepoise Ltd formally Herbert Terry and Sons is the original and sole manufacturer of the original 1227 Anglepoise lamp that was first invented in 1932 by George Carwardine.

Read Microsoft Word - rewire kit instructions v2.doc

The 1227 has become a design icon and an example of timeless British design. Our company continues to design and manufacture innovative, quality task lighting. Due to popular demand from our customers, we are introducing a rewiring kit. This kit is designed to replace the electrical components that are now out of date, and may have naturally degraded, with current European approved parts. This ensures the continued safe usage of your Anglepoise lamp.

Select the new lamp holder piece with the twisted black cable. Turn the shade over and take the silver shade ring from the box. W: e:, t: 023 92250934 Keep pushing the cable down the top tube until the insulating tape appears at the opening just above the centre joint. Blog 1227 lamp site. A Bespoke Herbert Terry Anglepoise Restoration Service. We offer a professional restoration service for Herbert Terry Anglepoise Lamps, with cost effective remote collection and delivery via our couriers ParcelForce.

A Bespoke Herbert Terry Anglepoise Restoration Service

You can download our price menu here From basic rewires and testing, to full blown refurbishment to your own bespoke specification. We can also colour match paint for an original colour finish. Crackle glaze paint is available for early 3 step models. There are flex colour options also - Simply click the link. The featured Type 75 anglepoise lamp was recently restored for our client, Mr Thompson.

Refurnish Anglepoise Lamp - Design Addict Forum.