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Looks Like Rain, 5/13/77 - Grateful Dead
<div id="javascript-nag" class="notice"><p> Take full advantage of our site features by enabling JavaScript. <a href="http://www.etsy.com/ca/help/article/372">Learn more</a>. </p></div> Help Etsy train case sur Etsy, la plateforme de vente du fait main et du vintage. train case sur Etsy, la plateforme de vente du fait main et du vintage.
John's Favorite Bucket Hat
A very simple knit for a beginner. This fancy looking neck warmer looks great worn over a regular shirt or a fancy outfit! Wear it at work when your neck gets cold but don't want to wear a scarf, wear it over that boat neck shirt you love so much, and make sure to bring it out on the town! I've had so many compliments on mine, so be careful, everyone is gonna want you to knit them one! w Blue Sky Alpacas -one skein Bulky 1004 polar bear -OR one skein Bulky Hand Dyes alpaca_warmer alpaca_warmer
Bed of Moss Infinity Scarf
Free Pattern: Big Fat Cowl Free Pattern: Big Fat Cowl Big Fat Cowl Pattern I was wanting to make one of these for a while and am glad I finally did. This pattern is really easy but I did find it a little time consuming none the less the outcome it beautiful!
How to Make Soap Without Lye - un knol de eHowKnol Soapmaking can be a fun hobby or craft, and there are several different techniques you can use to create soap from scratch. The old-fashioned method of making soap involves using an agent called lye, but lye can be a dangerous ingredient for beginning soapmakers to use. However, there are several ways to make soap without lye; you can make a glycerine-based soap that does not contain the caustic agent, or use a rebatching or hand-milled process of soap-making that does not rely on lye to form each piece of soap. How to Make Soap Without Lye - un knol de eHowKnol
How to Make Organic Vegan Soap You CAN Make Vegan Organic Soap! The world is getting greener and more conscious of how human behavior affects other species. With this, the population of those adopting a vegan lifestyle has increased. Many people, vegan or not, are interested in creating their soap without any animal products in them. One of the greatest advantages of creating your own soap is that you know exactly what is in it. How to Make Organic Vegan Soap
DOLL Patterns, Doll Sewing Patterns.Vintage Doll patterns.Doll Craft patterns, Doll Clothing Patterns
ClothDollPatterns.com Main Pattern Page
Horse Plushie Pattern by ~NocturnalEquine on deviantART
Free Sewing Patterns - felt toy animals with easy downloadable sewing patterns
Sewing Stuff - free sewing patterns

Sewing Stuff - free sewing patterns

Tips Archived Patterns If the pattern is no longer available on the web, sometimes www.achive.org has them saved on their site. If so, I will link to them via archive. I mark those patterns as archived .
current craving: vintage lockers current craving: vintage lockers Hello all you wonderful readers! I hope you guys had a relaxing weekend! I’m back, and ready to hit the ground running this Monday, bringing some fun inspiration to you this week. In the meantime, I wanted to start out with a super simple post… lockers. They’ve been all the rage for a while, but I think they definitely bring an interesting angle to lots of spaces, and in a versatile way.
Syd & Harper Recycled Style: Vintage Lockers
Sewing Patterns: Pattern Index
Vintage Sewing Patterns Retro 30s 40s 50s 60s 70s 80s Patterns Dress Gown Slip Retro Clothing Swing Rockabilly Mod Hippie Fashions Costumes - Search Results
Free Patterns For all of my fellow frugal crafters out there, I've collected a bunch of vintage or vintage-inspired free sewing, knitting and crochet patterns for you! I find new patterns all the time so this list will be updated constantly, so do check back! If you posted a free pattern to share that isn't listed here, please leave a link in a comment below. Also, check my tutorials page for other crafty things.

Free Patterns

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New. Obsession. - A Dress A Day Just so we're clear: I freaking love this dress. So far I've made it twice, and if I am ever in my sewing room while the sun is up, I will take a picture or two of the ones that I've completed. (I also have two more cut out and half-sewn.) Here is why this dress is near-perfect: 1. The collar is adorable. New. Obsession. - A Dress A Day
Vintage 40s 50s 60s 70s Sewing Pattern Patterns Dress Gown Slip Retro Clothing Swing Rockabilly Mod Hippie Fashions Costumes - Shop for Vintage Sewing Patterns at MOMSPatterns!
penny carnival: sewing Magpie had a hard time falling asleep tonight, so I cuddled up with her in her bed and let her talk herself to sleep. She is one of those 4 year olds who says 100 things a day that leave you scrambling for a pencil and a scrap of paper. Tonight the subject was camping. Over the weekend, we did a little spring preview of a state park where we've never camped before: Deception Pass, Wash. penny carnival: sewing
Echo Vintage 1920's - 1930's Patterns
Are you tired of searching Excellently Fitting FLAT CAP (sometimes called Gatsby hat, or even Newsboy hat) for The Man in Your Life? He wants STYLE, COMFORT, WARMTH, and having ONE OF A KIND HAT? You can sew a straight line, and wish to give Your Man The HAT that nobody else will have? GREAT! Men’s Flat Cap / Gatsby Hat: Pattern DIY Tutorial
Kid-sized engineer’s cap Mar Anneliese from Aesthetic Nest joins in Celebrate the Boy with a free pattern and tutorial for making this kid-sized engineer’s cap. The pattern is availabe in two sizes: medium (for heads 18″-20″) and large (for 21″-23″). Make it from a blue and white stripe for a classic engineer look (for kids who love playing trains), or vary the look by using suiting or novelty prints.
Reversible Shoulder Bag Tutorial This week I updated the instructions for my Reversible Shoulder Bag pattern I first posted in August and I created a photo tutorial (below). I love how this bag is both casual and streamlined at the same time. It's put together with only four pieces of fabric and should be easy enough for an advanced beginner to complete. The finished size is 27 inches tall and 35 inches around.

1 hour bag- tutorial

This bag is so easy ! This is the new bag I made to take back to work this term. It took less than an hour from choosing the fabric to dumping my junk in it. In fact this tutorial took waaaayyy longer than the bag ! (the colours are great in real life but the orange doesn't photograph very well - sorry ) This pattern is on a piece of A4 paper so I'm sure you can work it out from that.
4 year old skateboarder
Skate Clothes for Babies, Toddlers & Kids - Little Ruler.com®
She's Only Happy in the Sun
Beastie Boys - Gratitude
Elton -Tiny Dancer
Alkaline Trio - All On Black