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“Jump Around!” The Benefits of Movement in the Online Learning Process. We have all been there– sitting in class or a meeting, and after 20 minutes our knees begin to feel stiff, our lower backs start to pinch, our feet suddenly want to squirm.

“Jump Around!” The Benefits of Movement in the Online Learning Process

Soon, our attention shifts from the task at hand to the agonizing need to simply stretch. Nothing is worse than sitting in a statuesque-like pose and trying to maintain focus. The same can be said for those in online learning classrooms. Notice that the cringy example progressed from physical stiffness, aches, and discomfort to mental distraction from the material. That is why it is imperative for us teachers to incorporate some sort of motion, movement, stretch, or exercise into the curriculum for our students. According to Pam Braley, of The Inspired Tree House blog, the “vestibular system is the sensory system that produces and controls movement. This is where the importance of implementing teaching methods involving movement and physical exertion come in.

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Попробуйте угадать, о чем в своих треках поет Скриптонит

AFISHA.TUT.BY не могла обойти вниманием такое событие, но отметим юбилей музыканта мы по-особенному: попробуем без шпаргалок разобраться, о чем поет рэпер, чья визитная карточка — невнятная речь. Одна из фишек казахского рэпера Адиля Жалелова (он же Скриптонита) в том, что он очень стильно мямлит тексты своих песен, и порой без подсказок сложно разобрать, на каком языке он поет.

Проведем эксперимент: предложим вам фрагменты его треков, а вы попробуйте понять, что он пропевает. Может, это только у нас что-то со слухом? Начнем с простого. Первый трек был разминкой, усложнимся. Послушаем еще один отрывок — из трека «Колеса». Или вот возьмем музыку из клипа «Вечеринка» (и вы сейчас сломаете себе голову). Сделаем еще одну попытку. Еще не устали? А вот последнее задание: оно, кстати, самое сложное.


Design. Teachers.Net – TEACHERS – Education resources, Teacher chat, lesson plans, teaching jobs. Teachers.Net for the most active teacher chatboards & teacher chatrooms, featuring thousands of teaching jobs, over 150 teacher mailrings and over 150 teacher chatbo. Crazy animals and other activities for teaching young learners. Lessons and teaching.

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Learning and learners. Kids classroom rules posters - Under the sea. We have a great range of motivating and bright, colourful classroom rules posters for your primary classroom, designed to help remind your students about how to behave in class.

Kids classroom rules posters - Under the sea

Kids will love them! The under the sea theme poster is available to download in two versions below. The poster with completed speech bubbles gives five key classroom rules: Speak in English! Teens classroom rules posters - Smart white. These posters are designed to be used on your classroom walls with teenage learners aged from 13 years old.

This distinctive Smart white poster will appeal to teenage learners and comes with speech bubbles completed giving five key classroom rules: Videos. Unsupported Browser.

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Учебные средства и карточки – совершенно бесплатно. Ten ways to learn new words as a language learner. Teacher and teacher trainer Svetlana Kandybovich, our latest TeachingEnglish blog award winner, shares her top tips for remembering new words.

Ten ways to learn new words as a language learner

As a language learner, you work hard to expand your vocabulary. You plough through new words every day, make long lists of words and practise with flashcards. However, when it comes to speaking, the new words seem to fall out of your head, so you resort to your old friends – words you already know and have used many times – again and again. People Special Edition Yearbook 2019 UserUpload Net.

Word Gap

Online Course Catalog and Directory. Phonics. IELTS. Play. Example Mind map. Exploring language and culture. Primary Teaching and Resources Group. STEM Learning. Moodle. 0:03Skip to 0 minutes and 3 secondsKAREN HORNBY: Welcome to Tim and Paul.


And we've got quite a few questions. There are some really interesting questions actually. And so we'll start with one that does come up quite often, which is about cognitive load. Presentation tips for teachers (Never give a boring lecture again!) TEDxOsaka. STEM Ambassadors. Professional Education Early Childhood Programs. Thinking Together, University of Cambridge » Resources for Teachers. This page has some resources for teachers and teacher-trainers to use to develop their own and their students' awareness of how talk is used in classrooms.

Thinking Together, University of Cambridge » Resources for Teachers

Many more useful resources can be found in the books for teachers listed on the publications web page! For Teachers To Use With Children Thinking Together Talk Tally This a simple observation sheet which a child can use to record the kind of talk they observe when a group of other children are working together. Ground rules for talk: traffic lights This worksheet can be used as the initial basis for an activity in which younger children (6-8) consider together how to make their talk in groups most effective.

Professional Education K-12 Programs by Professional Education HGSE. The Saul Zaentz Early Education Initiative. Школа английского языка - индивидуальное изучение английского в школе Skyeng. Ваша платформа — это тот же учебник, в чём её интерактивность?

Школа английского языка - индивидуальное изучение английского в школе Skyeng

Не совсем так. Мы несколько лет работали с ведущими англоязычными пособиями и отобрали самые лучшие упражнения. Затем адаптировали каждое таким образом, чтобы оно подходило для индивидуального обучения онлайн.

English in early childhood