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Vlad Lopatin

Загранпаспорт РФ. Invading Holland. List of tree genera. Flowering plants (Magnoliophyta; angiosperms)[edit] For classification of flowering plants, see APG II system.

List of tree genera

Eudicots (together with magnoliids they are called broadleaf or hardwood trees)[edit] About 210 eudicot families include trees.[1][2] Dutchital.


Organisation Tools. Entertainment. Family. Technology. Inspiration. Money. Apple. YouTube. Google. Google Translate. Help. Natural Labyrinths. Yosemite HD. Fractals. Trees. August 2009. What follows are some random thoughts as I try and sort out what things I want to focus on in the coming days/weeks.

August 2009

If you don't want to see some wallowing and general procrastination, look away now. I see four main strands in what I've been up to in the last year or so: servicesmashupswikisphyloinformaticsLet's take these in turns. ServicesNot glamourous, but necessary. This is basically bioGUID (see also hdl:10101/npre.2009.3079.1). bioGUID provides OpenURL services for resolving articles (it has nearly 84,000 articles in it's cache), looking up journal names, resolving LSIDs, and RSS feeds. MashupsiSpecies is my now aging tool for mashing up data from diverse sources, such as Wikipedia, NCBI, GBIF, Yahoo, and Google Scholar. The other mashups I've been playing with focus on taking standardised RSS feeds (provided by bioGUID, see above) and mashing them up, sometimes with a nice front end (e.g., my e-Biosphere 09 challenge entry).