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Vlad Lopatin

Загранпаспорт РФ. Invading Holland. List of tree genera. Flowering plants (Magnoliophyta; angiosperms)[edit] For classification of flowering plants, see APG II system.

List of tree genera

Eudicots (together with magnoliids they are called broadleaf or hardwood trees)[edit] About 210 eudicot families include trees.[1][2] Dutchital.


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What follows are some random thoughts as I try and sort out what things I want to focus on in the coming days/weeks.

August 2009

If you don't want to see some wallowing and general procrastination, look away now. I see four main strands in what I've been up to in the last year or so: servicesmashupswikisphyloinformaticsLet's take these in turns.

  1. vladlopatin Jul 6 2011
    Yeah :) That would take some time. I meant an option to fully expand the whole pearl tree with a single click though. Another feature that any sufficiently complex pearl tree would enjoy, is a filter that would expand and show the branches with pearls, matching the search criteria, together with other user's pearls (as it works at the moment, but it would be nice the search results on your own tree). Or at least to filter out something you are looking for in your own tree inside "My pearltree list". Its functionality is currently limited to visual representation only, but it would be way more useful if you could search or filter through your list. Maybe I am surpassing the intended use of the resource, but with any sufficiently complex network (with > 100-200 nodes) visual representation is just not enough - filters, search tools and different structuring techniques are necessary, otherwise... Pretty look is simply not enough.
  2. amsika Jul 6 2011
    You're right, why not? It's actually even possible ;) (with a few clicks) Just click on the + that is next to each pearltree and you're done :)
  3. vladlopatin Jul 6 2011
    Ohm that's a nice feature! Seems to do the job. Maybe some way to see not only the 'hyperlink' symbol and jump to location, when click (as it works now), but see a preview of the referenced contents? Maybe as a greyed-out outline of the referenced contets inside the duplicated pearl (maybe when hovered over with a cursor?)? I like it so far. Another interesting feature would be a possibility to fully expand the pearl tree to see all the nodes and branches. I know that's a bit crazy, but hey, why not? :) Good luck, Vlad
  4. amsika Jul 6 2011
    Hi, when you duplicate a pearl in different pearltrees, you cross linked them (even if the link is not visible) Just click on related to see the related pearltrees, and you those who have common pearls will be very close :) It's a good idea to have some preset avatars. We'll think about it :)
  5. vladlopatin Jul 6 2011
    Hey, Amsika Are you considering some sort of cross-linking of related topics (such as leaves on individual branches can be connected to each-other (hyperlinked))? Right now you can duplicate the leaf/branch, if it may belong to different branches, but why duplicating, if you can cross-link it? Think not of a tree, but of a neural-network, where individual neurons can link to any neighbour, rather than being limited to it's level of hierarchy. Another feature cool to have would be some preset of icons/pictures, that a user can choose custom illustrations for the pearls, rather than having to upload his/her own. Something stylish and general looking would be great - along the lines with the imagery that pearltrees already has. Like! Success! Vlad
  6. amsika Jul 5 2011
    Thanks for your suggestions, I take note of them! Here's a few tips : You can find an undo button if you put your mouse hover the trash (bottom left) To see the quantity of the pearls that there's in a pearltree you can have a look at the link that goes to this pearltrees : the thicker the more pearls. Kind regards
  7. vladlopatin Jul 4 2011
    Also nodes should be able to expand/collapse when run over by cursor - keep it simple and functional - clicking buttons all the time is not fun and a chore with complex networks. Multiple scales should be avalable too - why keeping all the icons the same size? Size, relative to the quantity of the content of the node maybem other options? Come on, guys, I know you can do better than that. Good luck and success with your ventures so far.
  8. vladlopatin Jul 4 2011
    I miss mouse wheel zoom in/out functionality (or pinching gesture on OSX) to quickly zoom in/out at various node-map areas. Radial node layout is not enough - please add other optional organization methods. It should be possible to make the node-map dimensionless - my pearl-tree does not fit into the max zoom-out already, and that's just 30 minutes of re-organizing my bookmarks as a pearl-tree. I miss 'Undo' button. I miss ability to drag-drop links directly from the browser pages or tabs (Chrome), or Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V to paste links. It's a nice toy so far, but you've got lot's of work to do to make it into propper tool, rather a semi-social network toy thingy. Do it, or else I will do it myself. Sincerely, Vlad.