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Modellazione 3d

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EdMondo dell'INDIRE. Utilities per i mondi virtuali. Piccolo archivio sitografico dei software utili per creare su Second Life e Open Sim.

Utilities per i mondi virtuali

GIMP - Programma di grafica. Lo uso per realizzare textures semplici ma originali, come i coralli. SECONDTGA - Lo uso per rendere trasparente lo sfondo (che deve essere perfettamente bianco). BLENDER - Un software per la grafica tridimensionale. TERRAGEN - Per modellare il terreno... non l'ho mai usato ma l'ho scaricato. Cloudcraft – Draw AWS diagrams. Create 3D digital designs with online CAD. CoSpaces by Delightex. - Home of the Blender project - Free and Open 3D Creation Software. CreateAndShare - Build with Chrome. Minecraft. Scuola3D · 3dsemanticlearning. Craft World - Home. Scratch for Second Life. What is Scratch for Second Life (S4SL)?

Scratch for Second Life

S4SL is a new easy way to add behaviors and interactivity to your objects in Second Life. S4SL is based on Scratch, a graphical programming language that lets you construct programs by snapping together graphical blocks. With S4SL, you can snap together a few blocks to make your SL pet interact with you using chat commands, make your sculpture change size and color, or make your house respond to your presence. TutorialTry this tutorial to get started with S4SL. You can also check out a 3 minute tutorial video. DOWNLOAD S4SL (alpha version 0.1) BlogCheck out the official S4SL blog here. By Eric Rosenbaum Lifelong Kindergarten MIT Media Lab. Second Life Official Site. Sculpted Prims: 3d Software Guide. Stuff to do: Want to help out with this page?

Sculpted Prims: 3d Software Guide

Check out the To-do list. About 3D Modeling Software This page offers a list of 3D modeling software for use with sculpt maps for Sculpted Prims, along with a short explanation of popular 3D file formats. Each entry lists the software package's web site, operating system support, cost and trial versions if applicable, and the licence. Note: Resident-made sculpt map tools and offline previewers now have their own page. Important features Each software entry includes a rundown of features that are particularly useful for creating sculpt maps.

User Scripting: A script interface is one of the easiest and fastest ways to add functionality to a program or to automate tasks the program is already capable of. Which you use will ultimately come down to personal preference and what your exporter will handle best. Do I need a really powerful computer? For most Second Life users, this shouldn't be a major issue. There's no easy answer to that question. Plopp. City Creator. Art of Illusion. The BlockCAD. 2TGApage - SecondTGA. Copyright ©2003~10 imitidicthulhu® NOTA: I programmi seguenti, a causa della generale caduta di interesse per Second Life, non sono più supportati.

2TGApage - SecondTGA

[Due the Second Life low state, the following tools are no more supported.] SecondTGA Tutorials SecondTGA Menu Items Sculpted Prims in SecondTGA Gif animate di SL in SecondTGA Operare sulle textures col 3D OpenGL Download Editor: SecondTGA Setup Current Version 1.07.03 Add DXF 4x256pxl Sculpty support 3D Viewer: 3DLite-OpenGL Current Version 0.01.7a Add 4x256pxl Sculpty support Altri Tools: CAD2Sculpty Page CoOLLISON Page DxFACE 0.00.31 The last DxFACE version info. Frank Lloyd Wright Trust. 3D for Everyone. News - Articles - BlenderITALIA. Terragen - Download. Sculptypaint : Built with Processing. Thanks to / sponsored by Some changes in Sculptypaint v0.93 To LOAD !!

Sculptypaint : Built with Processing

A Sculpt-image/Reference-image/Texture in Sculptypaint 0.93 just drag and drop it onto the application You can Zoom in/out; or translate the model a bit using the arrow keys. 2 little trees, around 1.2(m) high, LandImpact: 1 (125 and 111 sub-meshes used, 5 textures) Created with Celzium#03'DNA' my inworld mesh creation tool Celzium on the SL-marketplace: celzium#00 (100L$) celzium#01 celzium#02'ShapeOne' celzium#03'DNA' I started working on Celfuuu on February 26, 2014. You can buy some of my 3D printed models in My shop on shapeways last update September 17, 2015 Sculptypaint-2 early alpha - sculptviewer in a browser, using webGL/javascript.

Last update September 14, 2015 Please, PLEASE help me! How To run Sculptypaint from Processing.