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YouTube Video Converter and Download - Moviemaker. Make digital movies online. Formerly Dfilm. Make. Cloze test creator. Image Map Tool - On-line Image Map Creator - HTML & CSS.

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Learning Tools Webinar Series. Access your bookmarks anywhere. Resourcesbox.wikispaces. Dabbleboard - Online whiteboard for drawing & team collaboration - Interactive whiteboard software. Organiser Tools. Skip to main content Create interactive lessons using any digital content including wikis with our free sister product TES Teach.

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Get it on the web or iPad! Guest Join | Help | Sign In cooltoolsforschools Home guest| Join | Help | Sign In Home Presentation Tools Collaborative Tools Research Tools Video Tools Slideshow Tools Audio Tools Image Tools Drawing Tools Writing Tools Music Tools Organising Tools Converting Tools Mapping Tools Quiz and Poll Tools Graphing Tools Creativity Tools Widgets File Storage & Web Pages Other Helpful Sites Creative Commons Teacher Resources Apps for Mobile Devices (NEW - Under Construction) Tools index for this site A-Z email Lenva <a href=" Live Blog Stats</a> Actions Help · About · Blog · Pricing · Privacy · Terms · Support · Upgrade Contributions to are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike Non-Commercial 3.0 License.

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Online Diagram Software and Flowchart Software - Gliffy. EDMODO Professional learning materials. . . « Oh, the thinks I can think! 3 Mar I have been asked a few times to provide the various powerpoints, handouts etc that I have used to promote EDMODO, so, here they are ALL in one spot!

EDMODO Professional learning materials. . . « Oh, the thinks I can think!

WHY you should use EDMODO? Integrating online learning tools into your teaching – - – > Prezi hereHOW TO EDMODO! Comic life handout – - – -> how to edmodo V.2EdmodoCon 2011 presentation recording “Aussie showcase 1:1″ – - – -> video hereTeachMeet world record Sydney workshop presentation WITHOUT audio – - -> here TeachMeet world record Sydney workshop presentation WITH audio – - -> teach meet 15min There are SOOOOOOO many resources that Edmodo provide on both their BLOG and their HELP pages- See what rollout resources they have before you go and re-invent the wheel!

<a href=" Our Poll</a> Befuddlr! 90-Second Training: Quick Wizards. EvidenceChart by Bianca Hewes on Prezi. Copyrightfriendly - Avatar Makers.


The Graffiti Creator. Blackboard PowerPoint Template. Misc. Audio tools. Policies&rules. QR codes. Plagiarism Checker - the most accurate and absolutely FREE! Try now! Resources. Images. Video. Flashcards and games. Webauthoring. Evernote & Dropbox in Education. Evernote & Dropbox in Education As I talk to educators it is interesting to hear how they personally organise their digital lives.

Evernote & Dropbox in Education

Some put everything on their desktop, others scatter files across their computers, some rely just on having emailed a file to someone while others carry multiple drives around for their work. With the iPad being used in Australian schools more and more it is vital that teachers (and then their students) develop better file management. As a music educator I am in a unique position to say that all of my digital life revolves around my MacBook Pro, iTunes, iPad and iPhone. On top of this I utilise what is known as ‘the cloud,’ something I like to think is akin to ‘the force’ when it comes to organising my professional life. Evernote Web-based View of Notebooks What if you could: 1. From any device, mac/pc or iPad/iPhone/Android? Friday afternoons in our music department tend to turn into a philosophical discussion.

Imagine you sell an amazing product. The Warehouse. “Pinwords” Looks Good For Creating Visually Attractive Quotations. PDF to Word Online Converter — The Easiest to Edit — 100% Free. I had a pretty important personal tax form in PDF I needed to edit and zero resources (including money) to make it happen.

PDF to Word Online Converter — The Easiest to Edit — 100% Free

Your online PDF to Word service was a blessing!! Thank you very much for having this up and available! " - Neil Harris Best PDF to WORD Converter! It's a very good application - thank you very much for your product. " - Chafik Youceff Fantastic Product.I love the product! Best handling of tables. I can't speak for anyone else nor their needs, but PDF to Word Online did exactly what I thought was impossible: retain all formatting!!! 4 Simple Online Infographic Generators.